Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rose Romance is Here!

Hello Cherubs,
Hope life is treating everyone well. I knew it would be online today, but there were inconsistent reports about availability of some of the products, but you can go online at MAC and pick up the limited edition Rose Romance collection, or just browse and see if there are any looks or colors you can duplicate.

Happy Shopping!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aveeno's Hair Care Line

Happy Thursday,
I was running about doing my usual errands and the true beauty junkie I am, cannot get near any health products without sauntering to the cosmetics, hair or other beauty products.
I went to Walmart to get toiletries to clean my bathroom. List in hand, went directly to the cleaning agents.
Unfortunately for me, I found this stuff! Why? I don't understand myself at all. Why can't I go into a store and walk out with the items I went to purchase? I can go to any store and find myself in health, beauty, cosmetics, hair, you name it. It's way out of control. I have sworn off makeup sites, only to log on to find out what's new. Today, I wanted to find out if Rose Romance was on MAC so I could find out if it was released online a week early.
Fortunately, I have my tried and tested hair regimen down to a science and won't need to purchase anything for hair unless it's for conditioning washes. If anyone has tried this brand, let me know how you like it!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Apologies Cherubs

I didn't have anything about all things beauty today. Unfortunately, today was one of those lick your wounds in the forest days. I am really thinking a lot about some of the decisions I make, things, people, career, and other values I hold and wondering if they are, in fact, representative of my character.
I read a wonderful article in a beauty magazine and it was about the "New Narcissist" and it forced me to think about all the superficial things I engage in such as: beauty blogs, beauty forums, makeup, hair, Youtube makeup tutorials by so called "gurus" and the social networks of Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace and it all seems so fake. I want to encourage others to love themselves, but not at the price of exploitation. I am dedicated to this blog and it will always be about positive encouragement and inner beauty, but it's really true that the line between beauty in ugly is very, very fine.
In addition, I have been reading about social injustices, and it really left me with a bit of a challenge to post about beauty today, but not to worry, I will be back with more for my lovely felines and tom cats.


Monday, April 13, 2009

UANS Crema Plus Intensive Reconstructor

Hi Kittens,

Hope your Easter Sunday was well. I took off from blogging in preparation for Good Friday and the Resurrection. It didn't seem right to go on about how beauty obsessed I am when it's not about me?
Well, I wrote about my search for a replacement product for Emergencee by Nexxus (details on that to come) and Sebastian's Penetraitt did not impress me. The only product I have tried which can claim the same results has been Aphogee's. I was really disappointed in that the consistency is not comparable at all, one is a cream the other is a liquid gel type substance which leaves a film. The film is what work for my hair, as it has the "slip" my hair needs to detangle without breakage.
In my quest, I found more reviews on UAN's Crema Plus Intensive Reconstructor, UANS is Urban Attitude Natural Science and you can read about the product here. I ordered the 32oz size (stupid since it may not work) and even though I ordered it a week ago, it won't arrive until tomorrow :( I got sucked in by DR Brooklyn's review on YouTube initially, then I researched on three other forums and decided to take the next step. It's supposed to be a miracle comparable to voodoo when it comes to detangling hair and that is the only item missing from my arsenal. The longer the hair, the more it detangles. But for those of you who do have hair you have to wrestle with, shampoo in the shower and always lather from the top down. Don't shampoo like in commercials with all your hair on top of your head, that is too much manipulation and creates tangles. Use a shampoo that has a conditioning agent like Keracare or Creme of Nature. Detangle hair with conditioner applied and begin from the tips working up. Take your time, add more conditioner if necessary and use a wide tooth comb. After detangling, apply a deep conditioner from root to tip, put on a plastic shower cap and sit under a dryer and read a book, do your nails, or whatever. I usually leave my conditioner on for longer, but that's what my hair requires. When I'm done, I rinse in the shower and towel blot excess water and apply moisturizer and oil to seal and wrap it, and that's my routine.

Meow for now,


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Illamasqua Spring/Summer 2009

Hello Cherubs:

I didn't want to wait until tomorrow for this post. I'm on a roll with certain brands and I am loving Illamasqua and am awaiting a response to find out when and where they will be rolling out their line. They are currently under contract with Selfridges and only in the U.K. and Ireland I believe; however, they do have plans for coming to America in late 2009 :(

In true Illamsqua style, unlike the bright looks of other brands, they are going with a Siren theme with lots of golds, taupes, bronze and other sumptuous shades, they are, however including aquamarines which is consistent with the mainstream. I wish I could get my paws on these products, but don't worry the Black Panther will definitely work to make it happen and report back. In fact, before people were posting on YouTube I blogged about this line but....alas we wait. To see more of the collection, kindly click here to view and drool for yourselves.

Meow for now felines,


Shu Uemura Summer 2009

Hey Gorgeous Ones,

I can't claim to be the Shu Expert, but I do love their Summer 2009 Pink Collection! I am sick with love for all things pink. I don't know if I was dropped on my head or got struck by pink lightning but it's a sickness. I wear black so often people think I'm in mourning, and I can't not select the color black when picking out clothes or shoes, but items such as trinkets, packaging, containers, etc. I gravitate to pink. Even my tooth brush and razor is pink by choice. I was happy when I saw Shu Uemura's site and saw all the pink! I know they get a lot of love on makeupalley but to be honest, Shu is a bit too steep for my pink wallet, but as an artist, it's nice to know what brand is "recommending" for the season. Do I follow trends? Sometimes, but I like to look at face charts or tips and tricks so that I keep my game up and it's good when your in the industry to know how certain looks were achieved for all skin tones.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Urban Decay on Sale

Hello Cherubs,

I apologize for missing Monday. My mother is quite ill and my weekends are dedicated to caretaking and yesterday was pants!
So, we have a sale at Urban Decay. I also believe there is free shipping after $50.00, which is brilliant because most of the shipping costs for me lately haven't been worth the purchase. Seriously, between tax and/or shipping it better be a really good product. It's all good though because it really makes me thing about my spending and curbs my enthusiasm about all of the makeup collecting dust. I really want to host a contest, but I haven't got but a handful of subbies. Maybe each of you will just get something :)

If you missed it, I believe the Book of Shadows is back, in addition, they really do have some nice matte eyeshadows and you can always pair them with the frosts/shimmers out there. It's also a great time to stock up for those who love Urban Decay Primer potion. Here you are Urban Decay have a lovely time!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Conditioner Face Off

Hey Lovers,

I am really excited to try out Sebastian's Penetraitt reconstructor. I have been using Nexxus' Emergencee for as long as I can remember and I think that's more than 15 years. I tried and still use Aphogee, but something about Emergencee has me addicted and I would say it's my holy grail, since it has repaired so many of the disasters I have put it through (relaxers, balding, shedding, breakage, coloring, bleaching, etc.) and it ALWAYS whips my hair back in shape. I can honestly say my hair would not be waist length if Emergencee was not in my rotation.

Unfortunately Nexxus is no longer considered a professional line, per my research and calls to many salons and retailers. I have been given a host of products to use in lieu of Emergencee and if tonight does not bode well, I will try them.

I looked at a few forums, read reviews and decided to go with Sebastian's Penetraitt. It's supposed to be comparable, meaning some like it more than Emergencee and others less, but tonight will tell. I'm doing a touch up and I always follow that with Emergencee. I don't relax as often as I used to, but I have stretched my hair until the point I know is demarcation. Shout out to Ateya for being able to go beyond 16 weeks. Check her out at here and you'll see what healthy hair looks like. Not that my hair is not healthy, but I don't have a video. You can look at my post with my hair straight out of the shower for reference :)

I am aware Emergencee still exists under a new formulation and name, but it has more water in it, and to be honest, I don't like that it's not considered professional. Why start professional and then not? I understand not all professional products are good and that many drugstore/beauty supply store products work as well or better, but something is not making sense to me. I go with my gut when it comes to my hair. If you are legit and go unlegit, are you absolving yourself of responsibility of your products reputation? Because I'm not natural, I know I have to up my game that much more to have healthy hair, and as a result, I have to be cautious about what goes on my head as much as what's in it.

I will report back my initial findings and post my time tested, B.P. approved products next week. This weekend? A few makeovers and an audition, plus the quest for a new church...will it ever end.

Stay beautiful and thank you so much for subscribing. If you want a contest, please leave me a comment.



Thursday, April 2, 2009

NARS Summer 2009

Hey Kit Kats!

I'm liking what Mr. Fran├žois Nars is doing for his summer collection, he states, "The look for Summer 2009 Collection is, sophisticated, but colorful." I really like that, color and sophistication. I love that we are all embracing color, but I've stated time and again I fear looking clown or dragish. I'm not able to pull that off and stay in my comfort zone.

What's really interesting to me is that he has forgone those sexual overtones in the names of this collection. You can actually ask for "Outsider" lipstick and not blush. This is one of the many looks he's debuting on his site.

It is sophisticated and colorful without being so over the top, and you can get step by step instructions right here to recreate on your own. I had a festive time looking around his site and I hope you will do the same.

You first in life!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dupe Alert! MAC Peppermint Patty = OPI Hey! Get in Lime!

Hello again,

I have to remember to post dupe alerts as soon as it hits my brain, otherwise I will forget or think I posted it, and forgot.

I know many of us were terribly disappointed we were not able to get the nail lacquer from the Sugarsweet Collection in Peppermint Patti. The mint green color is really nice for the spring and though it's a bit on the opaque blue/green, it's a muted color so it's not too common. A few people have compared it to China Glaze's For Audrey, but there's a bit more blue in the China Glaze.

I went to Cosmprof and looked at a few colors and think O.P.I.'s Hey! Get in Lime! is the closest match I have seen thus far. You can Google, the two and look for images and compare for yourself, but it's close enough and I believe you will save a few dollars in the process.

Have a beautiful day!


Are you Ready for Color Ready?

Hey Love,

Well it's not due in stores until tomorrow, April 2nd, but it's available here now!

As far as this collection goes, I think you can skip it. The line is really not about colour, but as it states, "Colour ready" is exactly what it's for. This launch is more for those who are aiming to get flawless applications by way of preparing the skin via primer. I did test the line filler and it's a great smooth primer, but it's nothing that a majority of the other face primers are doing, which is using silicone based products to even the skin. They have also launched, a Prep + Prime finishing powder and a refined zone for those of us with oily skin. I think this is why a lot of people break out. Too much product on any skin is a recipe for a break out. Just think, you wash, tone and moisturize your skin, add some sunscreene, then a primer, then foundation, a setting powder and then a silica to finish it off. I don't know about you, but that's enough to make me want to go back to bed.

The one thing you may want to check out from this collection is the Penultimate liner. It's not my favorite, but it does create a very slim line if you are aiming for that look. Happy shopping!