Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Oh Welcome Back

I am so glad I found you. Nothing worse than losing friends especially when you need to reflect on all of the changes here of late. Well today is your birthday and we are getting to that point in life where the aging process is on our minds.
Why are we so hard on ourselves? EVERYONE is going to get older. I think it resonates because of the things said to other women who were aging and the stigma or fear it created. Things like, "You old bag of bones," "You are past it!" and all the eye candy such as Pinterest, Instagram and other social media outlets all based on how you look, your friends look, the car you drive, the squad on a night in Las Vegas etc. All worldly all shallow and all encompassing.
This year is going to be about manifestation. The universe has so much to share and God wants us to love on each other, and he built a world for his children so, time to play!

Challenge is to write a list of things you fear and things you dream about. Each month we accomplish something from each list. This will be a place to record and discuss such challenges.

We are also going to get things sorted from all the makeup, clothes, skin care and shoes! Out with the excess. Start manifesting better jobs, the friends we see ourselves with and who do we share our intimacy with?