Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Individuality is a Lost Art

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It kind of depresses me when I see young women and older feel like they have to be like everyone else. What's more is that many are in denial about it. Right now, I cannot count on my fingers and toes how many vloggers are getting breast augmentation or rhinoplasty. It's similar to the "concealer brow" and the "how I contour" trends. Many will deny but contouring is an art which entails taking a one dimensional face into a three dimensional, but is not advised for everyday wear. The art is being able to exaggerate the good and suppress the bad. If vloggers show their audience how they, as amateurs, create their face; however, if not done correctly, it looks odd for day to day wear. If you can see the line of demarcation, it's not done well. The art is in the ability to highlight/contour without it being noticeable.  I saw a vlogger who has the most beautiful, augmented nose, and she did the same stripe down the bridge to narrow what has already been narrowed. Rather than do the skunk stripe down the nose, a better method is to work with the side and/or nostrils.
you have a wide forehead, if done properly, contouring can minimise the the size of that facial area. If one likes their cheekbones, there is a method of highlighting that can accentuate them. Each day hundreds of
Boobies are the new black. Sadly, some of the most beautiful vloggers are undergoing surgery for enhanced breasts. They tell themselves it's not about pleasing others but if there was never an emphasis on boobs, no one would be having this surgery. Just like bums. Years ago, having larger assets was something black women were gifted with, but with the help of Jennifer Lopez and Sir Mix A Lot, we began to look at our posterior and want a bit more perk. We can't forget Pippa Middleton at the Royal Wedding. Even I was a wee bit jealous. I recently saw this show Botched where a woman thought she was getting a Brazilian butt lift. The results were shocking. It left me with more questions than answers and sad for the client. Ahh...the quest for perfection.
I once considered breast implants, but having any sort of surgery is risky and I think the worst. I heard mixed reviews about them feeling natural, feeling too hard, and losing sensation. Plus, say at 25 they are installed, at 35 a good check up needs to be done, and pray no revision, encapsulation, etc. occurs. Then there is the idea of  something foreign in my body which my body will want to reject, and even if it's only saline, something busting internally can't be good. Add to it, after child birth, they will drop again and then my girls are saggy just as they would have been with no surgery. I find flat can be sexy. Most pear shaped women have small chests, and that's okay. They're just breasts. If it makes people feel better, that's psychological and out of my realm, but we should be more than what we look like. Is the visibility and criticism in social media to blame? The influx of online critics can probably contribute. Not to mention websites and forums, of every kind, who pick apart others on their appearance and make meme's and pass them on. That should be illegal. But I digress. Love yourself and your flaws. Easy to say, but when so many of the cool kids are doing it, it's difficult not to succumb. If you do succumb, take care of them, they can rupture, be lopsided, so many issues later on, so think about how much you want to invest in your chest.


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