Sunday, June 29, 2014

What you need to know about Product Reviews!

 I don't get products sent to me for obviously reasons; however, I am a very good judge of products due to the fact I am spending hard earned money and with the economic situation as it is the only person I have to blame for my poor choices is myself.
I didn't know until the Federal Trade Commission started mandating full disclosure of sponsorship, paid reviews, product placement, etc. that bloggers may be a bit biased in their review of a product. I trusted reviews for purchasing cars, electronics, skin care and other things in an attempt to stretch my dollar. When I paid off all debts, I started to see purchases as investments. Kind of takes the thrill out of retail therapy but one can't have everything. There are many sites I trust for reviews; however, when I do find the handful of people I trust for reviews, I take things into consideration. I had to get to know me and that made a big difference. Having someone give me their experience with a product for oily skin, which I have, will be informative; however, it won't have the same experience if their skin is normal, combination or dry. This is also the case for hair products. I've had to practically obtain a PhD in chemistry to make better choices when making purchases. I know there is a large push against sulfates, silicone, dairy and gluten. I learnt the hard way that I need silicone in my hair. I have long, natural hair that tangles easily. It's been a trial and error to find products that support my attempt to obtain relaxer free and healthy hair. I say "relaxer free" because I am not natural. I don't put 100% organic things in my body or on it. I'm sure there are chemicals in my shampoo conditioner, fruits and more. I won't tell that lie.
I encourage anyone who wants results from their products to look at several sources before deciding on a purchase. In addition, find out the return policy prior to making any purchases. I was recently  cat fished at a cosmetics counter. I failed to do what I would normally do because I was nervous. I bought a foundation that appeared to be a match when it was applied to my face in the store, but by the time I reached my flat, I realised it was not a match and the receipt stated "No Returns or Exchanges" so I can either put it in my poor purchase cemetery, or use it with another product to neutralise the difference. Looking back, I was too worried about being indecisive and the sales assistant seemed annoyed. In the store, there is fluorescent lighting, and because of my oils it oxidized to a burnt orange. I don't know why I even felt the need to buy foundation. I have yet to be satisfied. I can't find one that looks good indoors, outdoors, with and without flash that doesn't transfer to articles of clothing. If you know of any, please let me know.
So, when I make a purchase I will check a few forums. People on forums are usually really enthused about whatever the subject is and they don't get paid. There may be shameless plugs but that's rare. I also will look at Yelp, or Amazon. When it comes to vehicles, it's never 100% and it's taken me longer to decide on my next used car than any of my college majors. I'm concerned.
For cosmetic reviews, I used to trust videos and blogs, but even if the person has disclosed if it is a pr item, it may not suit me. I saw a review for a hair product that EVERYONE loves, and I hated it. But, I don't live in an area that is humid, so that could be a factor, it's quite dry and it's either hot or cold and my hair responds different to hard water and moist climates.
So, before jumping on the "next best thing" think about a few things, and do some research. The eyeshadow may swatch well with fingers, but will a brush perform the same?

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