Monday, August 31, 2009

Because she's worth it!

Cheryl Cole has landed a new gig working as a spokesperson for L'Oreal UK and her first product? Elvive Full Restore 5, and sales should be a hit because the girl has an amazing mane on her, not to mention how beautiful she is.

I'm not the type to hate on a girl who's got it going on for herself, h*ll sign me up for your next "How to seminar..." She has a gorgeous husband, she's young, and it all started when she auditioned for Pop stars: The Rivals, and became one of the Girls Aloud who are quite big across the pond. (May have changed since I came to the USA) She is also one of the judges on the X factor, a show quite similar to American Idol here in North America. What's more, she has, along with band mates, launched their own line of false lashes.

I love her smile, those dimples just make her so sweet looking. She could be the world's biggest b*tch and she could smile and make you forget she just cut your throat. Ah well, not all of us are supposed to be blessed with a footballer husband, singing career, panelist, spokes model, etc. I am sort of glad she beat out Megan Fox as the world's sexiest according to FHM magazine.

In other news, Amber Rose hasn't met a camera she doesn't like has she. She hosted a party at Tao in Las Vegas, and though all eyes may have been on her, what's up with her eyes? Come on Amber, you are built like a sh*t brick house, you have such a slammin body it doesn't matter that your boyfriends hair is longer than yours, nor that you color it blue, green, pink or whatever you feel, but must you take what you have been blessed with and sod it to h*ll? Seriously, I guess when you have it like that, it's easy to forget how hard she does NOT have to work to look good. I do admit I like the lipstick. It reminds me of Gladiola (Dame Edna) or Girl About Town from MAC.

To add insult to injury, the video dancer turned fashion model has secured a deal with Ford models. Wow! Not that she isn't pretty, but I recall a time when you couldn't get an appt. with Ford unless you were a five foot ten inch tall 108 lb 14 year old girl who was "discovered" in an orphanage whilst doing dishes. The pear shapes were not something Ford was looking to showcase on any runways. Go Amber! Is anyone else impressed with how no matter how bizarre, skimpy or nude she is, she looks good in pictures? I guess I'm odd in that, jet setting and partying as much as she and Mr. West seem to do would have me looking a hot mess and the only photos of me online would be under the caption: What not to Wear!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Does your Boss Drive you Insane?

I cannot say how happy I am today is Friday! I really thought I would lose my mind, my job or both.
This week I have been working like a Hebrew slave, seriously, I think I have done more in 72 hours than I have in the last 20 years. I don't mind the physical aspect; I wake up, take the dog out, get ready, go to work, go home, take the dog out, unwind, rinse repeat times three. I haven't eaten properly, I'm living off caffeine and little sleep and I look a hot mess. My colleagues think I'm going through a rough patch because I look so bad and I haven't responded to their e-mails, gone for walks during break time and they have offered me lunch and it sits. Whew!
The good in it, I have lost a bit of weight, and that's always a plus. The bad is, what good is weight loss if you look a mess? The boss is working on the one bit of sanity I have.
Imagine, if you will, having someone reminiscent of Cruela DeVille as a boss. In time you get used to the demands, the callousness, the curt statements, short deadlines, and can begin to read their thoughts about how insignificant, worthless and pathetic a subservient you are.
Just when you have that all sorted, they become friendly. What gives? Why the change? Seriously, I can deal with any personality, people truly are curious to me and studying their behavior is interesting to me. I figure out what motivates them and what p*sses them off and adjust accordingly and all remains good in my world. My co-worker is an example. She is blunt, direct and can be pushy; however, she is driven, focused and would never intentionally hurt someone. She is working to eventually get the position as head of the agency and she's focused. This means, I don't expect small talk, drag my feet with her needs so she can beat deadlines, and keep everything professional and work related. Another co-worker is a bit of a prankster, a tad insecure and needs praise. I let him think he knows more than me, laugh at his silly jokes and listen to him brag about his latest "conquest." Simple.
This week my boss has been extraordinarily mean to me. She has said maybe three sentences to me, and they were to tell me I should now, as ...I should be able to complete projects without her need to oversee, etc.
Today, she decided to play the "mom" role with me. WHAT?! I have been wound up all week ready to my a doll with her name on it and be quite unkind to it, and then she gives me the motherly "talk" about, "I hope you find love, you are such a kind, sweet, girl and as you get older you will...." I agreed and felt like I was supposed to hug her but this is the same woman who looks at my makeup, style and hair and thinks I need to look more "conservative." After all, she only shops at Anne Taylor and for casual attire J. Crew. for you, but I like setting my own style and I don't have trousers for work, I like skirts and dresses and it's not as if I am wearing club clothes or revealing anything. I love retro styles and when I checked the calendar it was 2009 and I think we have advanced as a society beyond perennially preppy.
I don't know friends, I feel dead guilty for not liking her, and wishing she would disappear since she said such warm things to me.
My colleague heard the chat and sent an e-mail giving me the piss about it, but I wrote back, "Is she going through her womanly changes?" Then it hit me, she's a Gemini! That's not a bad thing, it lets me know not to take her mood swings personal, she means no harm, she can't help herself. That was a well learned lesson, this evening calls for a spa/manicure/pampering time. I love learning but not at my own expense.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dior Jazzclub

Hello Beautiful Ones,
I hate Wednesdays...but I love makeup and I'm really trying to curb my enthusiasm for products, but bloomin h*ll, I go to Nordstrom's and they have this collection entitled, "Jazzclub" on display.
I must admit, I have never been into Christian Dior nor have I owned anything other than a few fragrances by this line *cough, price tag, cough* but I am all about the roaring 20's. I don't know if it's because of the style of dress, the elegance of the women and the mens Zoot suits but despite the depression, everything about that era appeals to me.
Granted, what I know has been via films, books and replicas and not all that shiny is glitter, but hey, a lot of women have expressed an era they wish they had experienced or one they feel suited their style best, and the 70s afros, bell bottoms and music didn't inspire me ever! I know a lot of kittens who can do the 80s Madonna, Flashdance, Neon, leggings, etc, but that era and I = epic fail. So, inspired by Josephine Backer and Dorothy Dandridge, I fell for the 20s and 3os and can rock a pin curl like no ones business. Yes, I bragged, what? I have to have something that I can rock, you all can't just floss and expect me to sit down can you? Don't answer, it's about this:Don't tell me you can't see yourself sporting this lovely number? A clutch inspired palette? Get the fack out of here! Come on now...what's a girl to do! Oh, you aren't the clutch type? That's sweet, they got you, here you go:

A palette with purples, buttery soft and no where near chalky. I understand why so many felines were pawing this little number. I got a swipe in, and it's so pigmented. I only tried the purple, as I try to maintain calm, cool and composed at Nordstrom because they don't play there. I have seen them "escort" women out for getting stupid over those monthly MAC releases and I'm not trying to lose favor with any sales assistance until Friday "cha-ching" so, yep it's on hold for me, and straight away after work, no cocktails, no chat over tea, it's about:
losing my virginity to Monsier Dior. We have a date and I'm going to be Anita Bryant and make sure I am "Giving him the best that I got" which is $25.00 nail varnish, $56.00 for the palette and $65.00 for the clutch, BUT it's my first, and your first time is supposed to be the best, and most memorable, so that dent in my check? I will remember it for 2 weeks to come. No credit cards=no lunches, cocktails, or movies. I guess I should make an account on for a dinner or movie *shrug* Besos!


source: Nordstrom

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prescriptives Friends and Family!

Yes, loves another one.
You know exactly what to do!

Click it now!


Stila Loves Barbie!

Hey Kittens,

I got another lovely e-mail from Stila, and this time they are launching the smudgepots. If you remember a few weeks back, they launched the Barbie loves Stila Lipglazes.

They have the cutest names: Cobalt Cluch, Purple Pumps, and my favorite piece, the Little Black Dress.

Sure the names are a bit campy, but so is my makeup obsession. After all, it's all about simple pleasures, n'est-ce pas?

The smudgepots retail for $20.00 USD and are waterproof, smudge proof and crease proof. This means you can use them for a base or alone as an eyeshadow. I might add these colors are shimmery so if you are thinking of using them on the waterline, or as a liner, it might be better to pass for said purpose, unless that's the look you are going for.

I have a small percentage of Stila in my stash; however, it is growing largely due in part to the discount offered at stores like Marshall's and Nordstrom Rack. I'm loving the pigmentation of the eyeshadows, and I really can't wait until they launch the lip glaze in Giggle this fall. It's an in your face bubblegum pink, but looks quite pretty on.

If any of you reading this enjoy Stila, why not apply to be a Stila girl of the week? You only live once, why not? Click here for more details. Give it a go, let me know if you are selected. Good luck!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Going Nude

Hello Lovers,
Happy Monday.....urgh! I always oversleep and have to hustle to the train to get to work, when I become a (insert today's dream job here) I will sleep all day and work all night. I'm a perennial night owl and I really need a gig that affords me to sleep. Oprah Winfrey said, "Do what you love, and you'll never work again." So...who's going to pay me to sleep? I also like food but not to cook, to eat? Let me know who's hiring.
Today's post is for my girls on the media. Entice was raving about Maybelline's lipstick in Nearly There. Unfortunately, our lovely advertisers at Maybelline neglected to consult with the makeup artist since the color on the model, Jessica White (gorgeous) is not the color you get when you apply it.
The color is more of a pink brown than a warm/soft brown. I think the gloss over it is also a factor. For those familiar with lipstick finishes, Nearly There is frost, and the match is nearly not.
The good news is, I have some other swatches which may be appropriate depending on the look you are going for.

The Nudes:

the proof:I hope this was helpful and as always, if there is a color you are looking for and want some swatches, leave me a message and we'll get it sorted. Team Beauty FTW!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good Hair Trailer!

Hello Beauties,
Hope you had a great Saturday evening and Sunday is going to be filled with fun, pampering and preparing for the week ahead.
I was apprehensive to discuss this upcoming movie since the web has been buzzing about it in anticipation of its release. Well, after speaking with my girlfriend a few nights back about my hair woes and Tyra's challenge for "Natural Hair Day" I mentioned the Chris Rock documentary and she had no clue. Which was good for me, not everyone is a slave to the internet.
I am going to join Tyra, and figure out some way to wear my hair au naturel. I will use natural products and not color it until that day.
Here is what I'm working with. Note: I am wearing a hair tie and this is it natural, no product, no heat, no nothing. I will look a hot mess, but I love a challenge.
So...I don't know how or what I'll do as I am vain about my hair, admittedly. My partner will have to sign a contract, (no tugging, no pulling, no fussing about my product obsession, etc.) I care less about a prenup, but my hair? Too much money, time, and work and hopefully this film will enlighten me and help me to remember that I am not my hair. Who's with me? Can you let go of your hair obsession?

credit youtube

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Twilight Beauty plays Volturi vs. Luna

According to an article in Woman's Wear Daily, Lambus Partners, who are known for lines such as Lola, DuWop, Too Faced and Hard Candy, will be launching two sets of Twilight series cosmetics lines.
Volturi Twilight, aptly named for the ruling vampire clan in "Twilight," and Luna Twilight, which will be featuring moon themes from "Twilight." Volturi, will be available in mid-September at Hot Topic, Torrid and ULTA; however the Luna line, also available mid-September will be exclusive to Dillard's and Nordstrom's stores. Additionally, you can currently find the DuWop lip stain "Twilight Venom" at Sephora for $16.00 USD.





Twilight Luna Lipgloss:

Twilight Body Shimmer:

Twilight Blushing Creme:

Prices for the Volturi line will retail from $9.00 to $19.00 USD and the Luna line will range from $18.00 to $34.00. Good news for those anticipating the New Moon movie, something to add to your "Twilight" memorabilia.

Will you purchase anything? Come on, I won't tell. We all have a secret crush on one of the casts of Twilight.

source: wwd

Friday, August 21, 2009

Essie Fall Collection

Hello Beautiful,

Essie lovers will be happy to know Essie will launch their highly coveted Fall colors September 1st. on their website
Unlike most collections which are focused on the deep, rich and dark hues, Essie's is a combination of both brights and darks to work with any trends from A/W 2009 collections.
At first, I wasn't sure about having bright colors for a fall collection. In retrospect, I know many people who get the winter blues and what better way to banish those blues than to give yourself a bright mani or pedi. Darks can work quite well with darks. I thought I'd give it a go with the Bright Tights:

You have no idea what I looked like taking a photo of my feet whilst waiting for the train, but it's all about fun and after all, if my life revolved around what people thought of me, i'd be living in a cave :)

Bright Tights looks really good against darker skin tones, and it only took two coats to obtain the full coverage (i.e. the same color as the bottle) which I really am pleased about. I highly recommend you check out Essie if you have not done so, this is my first go at Essie and though I am hard pressed to break up with O.P.I, this brand is surprisingly good. I only say surprisingly as I'm a bit more daring with color and their line seemed to be a bit "subdued" and what I would recommend for brides. Go Essie!

The colors in the collection above from left to right are:
Chinchilly (sleek grey), Angora Cardi (dusty rose), Mink Muffs (smoky Taupe), Midnight Cami (twilight blue), Bright Tights (electric orange) and Pink Parka (piping Hot Pink).

Essie photo courtesy of essie

Thursday, August 20, 2009

MAC DSquared

Hello Beautiful Friends,
I read online about the collaboration between MAC Cosmetics and brothers Dean and Dan Cantena from Toronto set to be launched in October as part of the A/W 2009 season. The brothers describe their creation as "courage, volatile character, dramatic gestures and wild nature." The product is inspired by "Hollywood's New Generation of Stars" such as Mary Kate Olsen and Lindsey Lohan. The launch will bring back the coveted Feline Kohl Power as well as introduce three Greasepaint sticks, as well as a re promote of the Sculpt and Shape Powders, a tinted lip conditioner a lip erase, the 165 brush and two lipsticks. I think the thing that makes this unique is only the packaging aside from the collaboration. I may just be burnt out on monthly MAC launches :/
If you want to read their interview log on to Grozki and hopefully you have a lovely colleague fluent in Polish :) Now if I could just get her interested in makeup.

On to the images:

Greasepaint Sticks


MAC 165 Brush

Feline Kohl Power:

Sculpt and Shape Powders

Dim Lip Erase

Fuschia Fix Tinted Lip Condition with SPF15


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gossip Girl, I know I love it!

I am really impressed with the way the CB amps up the season for it's shows. I really must confess to having an addiction to the whole lot of them. Yes, Gossip Girls is one, but America's Next Top Model, The Supernatural, 90210, Melrose, et al. I love the ads with WTF? My mind goes straight to ....ah ya, there. But they incorporated Watch This Fall and it starts September 14th. I don't know why I love this show, I'm nothing like any of the characters but I find myself consumed with not only the storyline, but the clothes, the makeup and the hairstyles. Blair rocked a wicked red lip last year and I still haven't figured out a dupe.
This photo signifies everything this couple represents, dark, dirty and mysterious:

Lest we not forget this year Jenny Humphrey will be back at Constance and will be the reigning queen. I have a feeling she will make Blair look shy. She's been having fun during her off time, she had a lot of press about her partying ways in People magazine and the clothes she wears are trendy rocker meets chic style. Observe the hair:

I read on there was a casting call for Vanessa's mum. Hmm...this should be interesting. Jessica Szohr is rumoured to be dating our love-to-hate Chuck Bass (Mother Chucker)in real life. I think she's absolutely gorgeous, so good luck finding someone to fill the role.

I can't wait to see what's in store for them now that they are in college. Will this be the end of Chuck and Blair (Chair)? Will Serena have enough of Blair's jealousy? What do you think about Rufus and Lilly? We know we love it!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Benefit's Creaseless Eyeshadows

Hello Beautiful,
I was going through some of my stash in an attempt to "out with the old, make room for new" as I love fall and some of the collections are tempting me, and I'd like to keep my stash small. I find the more makeup I have the more guilt/anxiety I have each time I lust for another product (Style Black).
I found I had a few of Benefit's Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner I had bought from ULTA when they began carrying Benefit.
I was expecting them to be like paintpots. I was right, they are very similar to paintpots and I use them as a paintpot rather than an eyeshadow. Not because they crease, rather I don't like using cream eyeshadows for anything other than a base and since I do have oily eyes, I like these to prime my eyes and base them for shadow pigment maximization. For some reason, if I apply a base, a mediocre eyeshadow will look much more pigmented.
I have included swatches of a few; however, there are 15 colors to be exact. If you'd like more swatches, feel free to let me know. As I stated, I am working on improving my photography skills, thanks for your patience.

The Good:
These are a wee bit smaller than paintpots and retail for $14.00 USD. A little less expensive and a little goes a long way, you probably won't use the whole shadow any more than you would a paintpot. It didn't crease and I washed my car and this survived!

The Bad:
The color range is not comparable to MAC, but it's as good a product.

The Result:
I highly recommend purchasing this as a base if you want something for your pigments or shadows to adhere to or to simply make a dull eyeshadow pop!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Essie's "Yes We Can" 2009 Limited Edition

I got a glimpse of Essie's Breast Cancer Awareness limited edition for 2009's Cancer Awareness whilst perusing Amazon. In keeping with the political climate this color is named "Yes We Can!" not that President Obama had anything to do with this line, it's moreso keeping with the, fight to eradicate breast cancer, one of the top leading causes of death for women which is sadly occuring at a younger age each year.
Product Description:
Essie Cosmetics, supports Breast Cancer Awareness with yes we can, pink! - soft, sheer pink specially created to commemorate 2009 Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A portion of sales will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer whose mission is to empower all women affected by breast cancer to have the best quality of life.
It retails for $8.00 USD and since part of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Awareness, I don't mind making the purchase. Besides, one can never have enough pink ;)
The product will be available on October 1, 2009.

Milani Review

I have been shopping my stash in an effort to curb my spending. I have more lipsticks than I can use so this week I am rotating the following lipsticks this week.
I encourage any of you who are really feeling stuck in a rut with your lipstick to do the same. It's so tempting to grab that new shade of red, you know the one Kiera Knightley wore in The Edge of Love, you remember? Or the one I saw... I think in order to do this not only will I have to shop my stash, I am going to limit my time engaging forums, tutorials and videos online.
For some odd reason, I don't see this as working because I'm inspired by magazines, television and my imagination. As I type I'm looking at a commercial and I've already color matched and focused on a nice bold lip to bring out her lovely high cheekbones. I truly think we are all beautiful and sometimes we can just have a touch of sprucing up and go from simple, to simply fab with the stroke of a :)

From left to right:
black cherry
bing cherry
rose hip (love)
cocoa butta
sierra spice
caramel (nice nude)
These are great quality for less than $4.00 USD at Walgreen's. I am not a connoisseur of lipstick. As long as it goes on smooth, is not drying and is not sheer, I'm content. So, for me, I recommend Milani's lipsticks. The one thing I noticed however, they are true to time when it comes to expiry. They go rancid in the 6-12 month time frame depending on the season. Summer has been hard on my Milanis I would not suggest these for storing unless it's in the freezer.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beverly Knight to Launch Own Cosmetics Line

Hello Gorgeous!!!
I am really excited for British soul songstress Beverly Knight's decision to give it a go and take on the cosmetics industry. Due to frustrations with the limitation in foundations for darker skinned women, she took the problems into her own hands and thus became her signature line. Her line launches into Selfridges on September 17 followed by other retailers and online from October. She told Hello! magazine, “There’s always been a schism in the cosmetics industry when it comes to meeting the needs of darker skinned women,” she said.

“If you were black, your choice was Bobbi Brown, MAC or Iman - and even that’s almost impossible to get hold of now. You’d end up having to mix up your own from what’s out there or having to go to companies who do custom-made make-up. Whichever way you do it, it’s expensive. So you make do.”

“As a black woman, you feel like you’re outside of the beauty loop,” Beverley continued. “Before Naomi Campbell, the only black models were very light-skinned so you never felt part of it.”

Hopefully her line will be a huge success and we in the US will be able to try it out for ourselves. Granted, Sephora has made enough room on their shelves for other "new" lines, so maybe ULTA would be willing to give it a go. The industry is so saturated but I am really *taps wood* hoping this line is well received.

To read more go here and find out more.