Sunday, December 5, 2010

So, you want to be a "Ginger" eh?

red hair cool skin tone
I've been asked about my hair color many times.  Even though I color it often, my hair doesn't want to remain jet black. I now know it's because of my mum.  She's a ginger.  As a result, my hair has a lot of red hues which force themselves into an appearance far too soon.
I've never understood the disdain for redheads.  Gingers have no souls (CopperCab) aka and why are they always labeled "step child?" Blonds have fun, Brunettes are exotic, but if you have read hair you're somehow an outcast.  Personally, I find red hair to be gorgeous.  Natural redheads especially! In America there aren't a lot of natural redheads about, but in European countries as well as people of Celtic origin red hair is common.
If you are considering the transformation, read on...
Make sure you know your skin tones/undertones.  Nothing looks worse than a warm color on a cool face and vice versa.  It's not uncommon to fall into a neutral category or have surface redness, but don't get too caught up in the intricacies.  Speak to a licensed colorist.  Do your homework and read, research and ask questions.  Read reviews, contact the Better Business or licensing in your town before your appointment.  No changing your hair color should not be so difficult, but many people start having a long term hair war due to poor chemical processing.  Hair can become dry, brittle and dull.  Yelp is a great place as well. 
Even natural redheads lose their bright coppery locks to an auburn over time. 
I liked the original Victoria better but the hair is lovely!
Red hair is the hardest to maintain.  I don't know of any color that is resistant as red.  Each day it fades and with each wash, it loses it's initial pigmentation.  There are things you can do to prolong your color, but make no mistake, you will have to work to keep the intensity of the color.  Professionals also have access to better products to color your hair in addition to skill, knowledge and expertise (do your homework).
Should you choose to do so on your own, take some precautions:
  • Buy a good at home color kit, if you can go to Sally's
  • Ensure you really want to change your hair permanently or go with a demi
  • Know the condition of your hair prior to change if it's damaged work on that first!
  • Purchase products for deep conditioning chemically treated/colored hair 
  • Do a strand test before going all the way.  
red hair with warm skin tone

Have someone help you apply the hair, I've seen some go quite blotch (no bueno).  You want to ensure even and thorough coverage. The great thing about hair is it's always growing.  You can always start over, but once you've dyed it permanently, despite all the stories, the only way to undo it is by cutting the hair off.
Good luck!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Save some $$$

Not bad for 1st timer!
  It's so close to Christmas, and although I'm really not keen on the shopping and gift giving/receiving, I do enjoy festivities.  Unfortunately, times are quite tough and I find myself to be more skint (broke) than usual. Not good!
I find myself to be rather conservative with my spending but these bl**dy sales get me!  So, what I do is along the lines of "Robbing from Peter to pay Paul."  In other words, since I spent money on myself friends and family, I can't splurge on my eyebrows.  Oh sure, I lied and said I was growing them out, and did all the tricks to conceal them and considered waxing them myself.  I went to Sally's purchased the wax, but when I got home, I envisioned myself with no eyebrows and returned them. Twelve dollars isn't much for threading in California, but I tip in order to ensure there are no "accidents" so I did what I always do.
I have to admit I haven't been keeping up with makeup and hair online as much, but when in doubt, there are two places I count on in a pinch.  Google and YouTube always have an answer for me.  Soooo I watched some videos on threading.  Can't be that hard can it?  Well... I think I did well; however, I will definitely need more practice.  Threading seems cleaner than waxing, in my opinion; however, I'm quite new so time will tell.  Here is what I created:

Nothing a bit of brow powder can fix eh?
For a newbie, I reckon I did rather well.  I don't think there's a high level of difficulty, but the difficulty lies in the ability to control the "thread."  In my case, I grabbed a bit too much from the tail of my brow.  Because of it's natural curve, I had trouble separating the hairs.  Next time I'll either tweeze or keep working on my precision.

The lesson?  Never doubt yourself!  I wouldn't advise doing all your primping on your own, but there are ways to save money and have fun in the process.  I quite like pampering nights at home, but it may not be for everyone.  I don't think gel nails would be smart for me, but who knows given enough time and desperation. 
Let the holiday season begin.  More tips to come!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Healing a broken heart ♥

So, each year we make plans to spend time with our family and loved ones when we get blindsided. "Thing's aren't working.  It's not you..."
Is cupid stupid or does he have a bad aim? Seriously!  I was researching and according to Facebook stats now is the time most people update their status to reflect a break up.  I have been through a few and whether it's an end of a relationship with a partner, or your best friend, it sucks.  It's hard to put into words the ache, the emptiness and lethargy that one feels.
I was so pathetic, I spent a week laying down looking at the telly box.  I didn't want to see or speak to anyone.  I kept researching how long it would take to go away.  I asked friends and all I got was "time, it takes time." That wasn't what I wanted to hear at all.  It felt condescending.  Especially if it came from someone in a relationship.  Relationships aren't easy but when things are "over" it feels like a part of you dies.  In one sense, it does. The hard part is starting over.  The worst thing you can do do yourself is to compare yourself or take it personal.  Just remember compare leads to despair.  It's very difficult not to compare ourselves to others when there are so many beautiful women in the world, but remember, all that glitters isn't gold.  Just because things look good doesn't mean they're good for you.
It's okay to cry.  Mourn if you have to but don't get stuck.  Your mind will play tricks on you.  Break ups happen and they never get easier, but remember it happens to the best of us.  Shall I give you examples:

Merry Christmas Tony!
Happened to America's Sweetheart

Beautiful but happened to her
 Obviously there are many, many more women who, for whatever reason, were blindsided by a breakup. I could add so many more men (and women) easily.  If you think it has to do with looks, you could not be more wrong.  I don't think anyone really knows why but sometimes people grow apart, sometimes infidelity happens, other times, it's simply happens and we don't know why.  Don't get stuck in the "Why?"  It will make you insane, depressed and there's not one answer.  I remember turning to books, psychics, clergymen, etc. to find out why men are able to change their mind and seemingly so easily.  So, what can I suggest?  Glad you asked.

  1. Make a routine and stick to it!  You may want to sleep. lay on the couch and avoid people, but it won't help you.  Get a schedule and write down everything you need to do and do it.  Including eating, if you are one who overeats, write a food plan and stick to it part of getting healthy is being happy.
  2. Reinvent yourself!  Look through some magazines and find a hairstyle or get a facial, makeover or a manicure and pedicure.  Try something new with your clothing, add accessories, have fun.
  3. Get a hobby!  It's good to journal and deal with your feelings, but what about volunteering, meetup, take a class, try yoga.
  4. Make new friends!  Of course you shouldn't have to find new friends, but do you really want to hear about what's going on with your ex?  It will prevent some awkwardness for both of you.  The friends you and your ex spent so much time with will appreciate the space as they too get past the initial shock. Plus, when they see you, imagine what they'll tell the ex factor?
  5. Take a trip!  It can be as simple as a road trip, lunch, and a camera or a flight to someplace you've always wanted to see. 
Of course none of this will make the pain go away, but breakups are something we all deal with, and I feel many people don't address it without bashing the ex factor.  Sure, you want to sock him/her or call and curse them about, but don't give them that much credit.  The best revenge is to live your life happy, even if it's without them.  You're strong, you can get through this, and they made room for the person you were meant to be with.

Sadly, the truth is, it takes time.  I hated hearing it, but looking back, one day the pain was less, then the ache was less intense, and before you know it, you feel the loss, but the pain is gone and you start to get back on your feet.  I know this doesn't fix anything, but give yourself a break.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rant: Makeup Forever

Dear Makeup Forever:

I'm so mad at MAKEUP FOREVER!  I feel like I've had a bad breakup...I haven't shut up about it, I bitched whined all week, and still no joy!
Back story:
I have been using Makeup Forever prior to the YouTube hype.  Back in early 2001, it was before the World Trade bombings though as I didn't have the same issues flying.  Anyway, I belonged to a plethora of makeup communities such as: livejournal, specktra, MUT, MM, myspace, MUA and more.  I heard about MUFE from them, but it was underground.  To be honest, I thought it to be a unicorn.  Remember when only a few people had Illamasqua.  Other artists were boycotting MAC, and this would be another alternative.  Like MAC, this was a line for artists in film, theatre and the like.  I couldn't get to MAC Pro often, Ben Nye took awhile to ship and the etailers came and went. forward to working a gig and using the products. *Rachel Zoe voice* I die! Since many of my clients had darker skin tones, it was difficult to find products as equal to MAC.  This product was amazing and I would have given my kit to start over and only use this line.  Imagine a candy store, but with makeup.  I researched the owner, and knew she was something when I found her to be from France. That's when I fell for this brand and have courted her ever since.
As years moved forward and I moved this was harder to get, but at that time, it was beginning to catch on and I'd find artists willing to CP for me.  Then came the YouTube community. Trade shows were no longer limited to artists, so loading up each year became a chore.
Fast forward to now.  Last year's IMATS was a mess! It was inundated with a different genre. People were getting into makeup due to videos and wanting to see, meet, idolize gurus.  As a result, I wasn't able to get my products but felt somewhat okay with what I had.  I accepted a gig about a month ago and was getting more clients.  I needed product, and had to have MUFE as I wasn't as confident with my Bobbi Brown as it can tend to get oily really fast.  I'm confident with MUFE because I've used it more.  Two weeks on I found where there was a method for Pros to get products.  I wasn't sold after reading their reviews on Yelp but hey, business is business so I place an order.  It took forever, as it sounded like the girl was distracted and the music was load.  Hmmm... I should have known when she hung up something was off.  I can't remember the last time I placed an order and never got any confirmation.  No e-mail, no invoice, no nothing!  I didn't even have the associates name.  I wait a week & call back it's ten to nine and no answer.  I call back the next day (yesterday) and find out my order had gone out the day before!  Are you fucking kidding me? How does that happen?  Seriously!
Next week is my dry run!  I always plan larger gigs down to
the second especially when I'm dealing with primadonnas.   I have no choice at this point but to go to MAC Pro.  Why didn't I follow my gut?  I could have ordered from Illamasqua, they have great service, but I wanted my first love.  We've been working together for a long time.  I had the cheek to call and see if it could be cancelled, but realized it was en route and would be up to 10 working days for $7.95 shipping! It gets worse better, the seemingly less daft sales assistant says I can order it again but pay for expedited shipping. Behold:

my thoughts too!

So, that's my pathetic story of how things ended between MUFE and I.  We had great times, I learned allot, but we have grown apart. I'm no longer choosing to remain loyal to one.  Variety is good in this industry, but in order to build trust and start and foster another lover, I must spend more time and get to know the product better.  I guess we both learned from this.  Morale of the story:  Sometimes you have to have a backup plan no matter how in you are. 

Stay Gorgeous,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The biggest lie men tell women right here!

Sexiest Woman 2010 Minka Kelly
I wish I had a coin for each time a male told me, "You look better without all that makeup on." *ding* Lie! STFU! I really hate this lie.  I can handle the "No you are prettier than..." or "You look fine, let's go!" but the makeup bit? LIARS!!
I don't fault them as they have convinced themselves they really, prefer women without makeup. 
So, I wanted to do some investigative work.  I looked at some of the names I cannot get away from in the past week.  They usually find themselves on the glossies at the market, have an album dropping or some sort of buzz in the media.  In addition, men love them (women too) or they wouldn't be in the headlines.  For example, Chris Cuomo reported when the media reports "real" news, their ratings plummet but when it's celebrities, royalty and so on, their ratings sky rocket.  Why?  Because as long as people are talking about them, they will be in our face and I don't mind, it's life, they all have their day, and then the next best thing comes along.  That's media and we minions get bored ..... I looked up the 2010 Sexiest Woman according to Esquire.  Kudos, as she's very natural looking and it was so hard to find a bad photo of her.  There was one of her on the beach but is that fair and impartial? I admire that.  Many of the others weren't as non Victoria Secret-Beyonce-J.Alba.  They're seen as icons!
I found some celebrities and, "Guess what?"  They look like you and I!  They do!  In the photos I post, I went to Google images and found photos by searching for celebrities out and about.  I know it would be easier to search "celebrities without makeup" but that is cruel.  Those are made to look awful, they get the ones where the person is half blinking, or frowning all the worst so, to be fair I found everyday images.  Let's proceed, shall we?
Still pretty, but what do you think? Honestly?
I chose to find one with same hair colouring

Can't you see passing her in the mall?
 I love makeup but not because I am afraid to be seen without it or I think it makes me me.  I like the art of putting it on.  For me, it's so much easier to put makeup on other people.  I can see the whole face, I can manipulate my fingers and see if the left eye's crease is like the right one.  I learned makeup by putting it on others, then I liked the way they gawked at themselves in the mirror.  That's what enabled me to make friends living in different countries.  Imagine being black in Russia? Yeah, you have to have a way of making yourself not threatening because you stand out wherever you go.  Different story for a different day.
What's more, I enjoy playing with makeup to transform myself.  For instance, I would not wear the same makeup for daytime as I would for a evening cocktail party.  I may want to make myself emulate a pinup girl or make my eyes "pop" or appear bigger.
Failed at finding one bad pic of her even at the beach!

Let's get back to the blokes.  What image do you think these men are drooling over when they go on about how "hot" or "fine" and the sexual things they would do to (insert female celeb here). In your dreams!   Speaking of that, what image of "her" are they erm "making love" to themselves with?  Lad rags of course, which have the women in sexual poses, loads of makeup even if they don't there is so much Photoshop that's been done the woman is made to be perfect.  Looking at the photos I researched I find that these "babes" look just like you and me.  They are people under all the press, movies, posters, albums etc.  I dare a man to find these women half as sexy as they do you.  All of them look like everyday people you would see.  Don't get me wrong I see people who I have to do a double take at all the time.  My point is, men don't know what they like.  Behold....

They don't know what the fcuk they want!
They don't like women fat, skinny, smart, etc. heck do they know what they like?  Sure it varies, but ultimately, they just like us.  It may be our hair, scent, smile, laugh or the way they feel when we're with them. Of course they think you look beautiful without makeup.  Men don't understand makeup and most women they don't condone are people like Katie Price, Christina you get the idea.  All women look great fresh faced with their hair up or with that sexy bed head, but don't think for a minute men don't like makeup.  Sure it's a nuisance when it transfers, it's also not fun to have lip gloss all over, regardless of who you kiss, so I get their intent. But trust me when I say, you don't need to chuck your makeup over a man.  Don't change for anyone, but as many people who think we are "brainwashed" into hiding behind makeup, men are "brainwashed" into thinking they like "natural" women.  I found an interesting article here and even though the people look good before getting "shopped" you can clearly see the difference albeit slight, is what separates them from average Jane.
So glad to get that rant off my tiny flat chest.  I'm not hating on pretty people, nor do I think all men are dogs, but it had to be told.  I don't like men who dig in their pants, burp loudly or fart and laugh, but hey I'm not butt hurt
Stay Gorgeous,

Monday, November 15, 2010

Perfect Imperfections? Seriously?

So I'm in my "pontificating" mode.  I am an extremely deep thinker.  I think about everything.  I consider it a mixed blessing.  I can see both sides to an issue.  I don't strive to be right, rather seek first to understand.  I can admit when I'm wrong and mean it when I try to learn from it.  Unfortunately, if I'm thinking about something, it's not simple for me to have a yes or no, do or don't.  I've created the list of pros and cons, and even made visual aids to make simple decisions.  This post was one I feel passionate about, but fear the ramifications.  Lately, there's a tag on YouTube wherein people discuss their "perfect imperfections."  I know it's all in good fun, but part of me feels it's sort of crass.  The people doing these videos are gorgeous.  I know, "No one's perfect, we all have flaws, and it's good to know other people have insecurities." BLAH!  The initiator of the tag is absolutely gorgeous.  When I watched her video, I could not stop looking at how perfect she is.  What's more, the things she feels self conscious about (like 99.9% of the rest) aren't visible to the naked eye.  ONE guru I could relate to, sort of.  I felt like the ugly girl in primary school who overhears the "popular" girls going on about their "thunder thighs" whilst I stood there with obese tree trunks.  Again, the spirit of the tag is great, but I can't help but wonder what we simpletons should strive for?  I know the channels are from people whose primary purpose is beauty, fashion etc.  I could not help wondering how people who are dealing with depression, loss of a limb, or disfigurement would feel watching these girls.  Many would love to trade places with them in a heart beat.
I reckon the skeptic in me, didn't see this as fishing, but rather another cliquish think to generate "buzz" subs, and views.  As it is, I'm insignificant in their world.  Unless you have a channel, a blog with a huge following, or are bff's with someone in the "community" you're opinion isn't really respected.  They may view your response, but I would not hold my breathe expecting a reply.
"But...but... I have a billion subs, you can't expect..."  Really?  Those people are what got you there, but you have time to shop, vacation, tweet, blog, etc.  It's priorities!
No, let's not go there.  Now if you say, "Where's your channel?" I'll have more respect.  I don't have one because
  • It's all been done
  • I work, take care of my family, and go to university
  • I don't have a high def camera
  • I find it odd to talk at a camera
  • I'm not a upbeat, extrovert (go team) personality
  • I can't foresee an audience I would appeal to
Sure it's just the Internet, but I dunno.  It doesn't sit well with me.  I feel like something all in good fun may be seen as sensitive to some.  So, maybe not the disfigured, but the girl who is enduring puberty with the body changes, acne and growing teeth.  Her parents (ie Katy Perry) may not have the funds for Accutane and braces right now.  She has to make the best with what she has but..really? 
I don't mean to come across as judgmental, but I felt the need to say, "No one is perfect, but God."  We have flaws, and maybe their quirks.  I see them as character. 
Have a lovely day, believe in yourself! ♥

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Product Review: Chanel Mat Lumiere

I have to confess I've got loads of products due to "bandwagoning."*

Definition of BANDWAGON*
1: a usually ornate and high wagon for a band of musicians especially in a circus parade
2: a popular party, faction, or cause that attracts growing support —often used in such phrases as jump on the bandwagon
3: a current or fashionable trend 

after six hours of wear

I've stated I am just like you.  I read glossies, watch telly, peruse forums, blogs and am trying to avoid YouTube.  So, I'm avoiding product purchase by reviewing the items I did purchase for review.  The products I have I buy, even for my kit.  They may be discounted, but I don't obtain products from any outside sources.  I do get testers whilst shopping, but with the enormous amount of makeup I feel gluttonous if I accept anything as I cannot think of one brand I don't have at least one thing from.  Please don't judge.  I donate to the shelters, I've tried to do giveaways (no one responded) and I have no little sisters and my colleagues either don't fancy makeup or they are in the same predicament.
I purchased Chanel Mat Lumiere in Walnut.  I kept watching the Chapman sisters rave about Vital Lumiere and felt I wanted to try this brand and when I enquired about oily/combo skin, Sam was kind enough to respond in kind stating Chanel do one for oily skin. 

It is supposed to offer 12 hour shine free medium coverage. While I did love the finish, and the look of my skin, I had oil within 4 hours.  I did blot my skin with a tissue twice, but I cannot say this worked for keeping my skin oil free.  I did experiment prior to posting the results.  I tried it one week without a primer.  Results? Still oily.  I tried one week with an oil free primer.  Still need for blotting.  I chose to double my water intake and use a mattifying suncream and was oily.  I don't think the product is to blame, rather the marketing.  Fortunately, Macy's will accept returns and I wrote my experience.  Do I feel it will work?  No, because marketing is what gets the company to sell products and most people won't take the time to give feedback, but instead not repurchase.

Overall, I won't recommend this for people expecting an oil free finish.  I do recommend this for the overall look of the product.  It goes on very smooth and it didn't feel heavy, nor was a nervous about touching my face and then having transference.  I wash my hands frequently, but nothing worse than giving a hug and having left makeup on the other person.  Additionally, it's steep in price and I find Revlon Color Stay equally good with more color options.  I hope this helps, and unfortunately, darker skinned lovelies outside of the US will have a harder time getting a good match. :(  Good luck!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reader Request: Sunscreen for DRY skin

Unfortunately, I forget this is an online blog and anyone can stumble across it.  I love that people read it; however, I don't promote this as I don't want to fail anyone.  That said, I received a response to my Sofina Lucent post about sun protection for oily skin. 
So, I did reflect on it and did some research on a few forums, I took that information to my dermatologist and she agreed on La Roche-Posay
Rather than stop there, I suckered a co-worker into trying this for six weeks.  I chose a woman of 23, with very dry, yet sensitive skin.  She was to apply this once in the morning because it claims "24 hour protection."
  • It's quite moisturising without being heavy or feeling greasy.
  • It does make the skin feel a bit more dewy and supple.
  • It's long lasting.
  • In evening photos there was a slight cast due to the SPF.
  • You will need an oil based cleanser to remove (may clog if not completely cleansed).
  • It's not readily available in all drugstores, this was in CVS.
Overall, I was very impressed with this and I would recommend this to those with dry skin who need sunscreen.  It doesn't have the awful scent that Shiseido has.  I like that it's not heavy and doesn't leave shine.  I used a blot sheet after application to test if there was traces of oil sitting on the top layer and the cream did penetrate the skin.  I feel the best method of application is right after cleansing.  The face is still moist and this can act as a moisturiser in place of one's regular; however, depending on skin type you may still need to add moisturizer first then apply this. 
I hope this helps, if not, I have a few others, but they didn't impress me in terms of how foundation applied afterwards.  Good luck!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Women: You are NEVER too old!

46 never looked better!
I am so frustrated with societal norms which generate the response, "She's too old to..."  It makes me cringe every time I hear that.  Seriously, why does it matter one's age when it comes to style?  When doing hair, it was the norm to tell women over thirty they should not let their hair grow past their shoulders.  It would "date" them and make them appear old.  WHAT?  I bought into it for awhile until I met a woman with long grey hair and she looked better than most women in their teens and twenties.  She was in her late sixties.  She brought a new and improved meaning to the phrase, "Silver Fox."
There are a lot of media forms where people are in the habit of posting people only to criticize them and tear them apart regardless of their age, race, etc.  It's gotten ridiculous how mean women have become to each other for no reason.  We see them on YouTube, television, or in magazines and become judge and jury over their every move.  I get that there are some b*tches and a$shholes out there but documenting one's every move and screen capping them for kicks?  I am reminded of a quote by whoever, "Those who anger you own you."  I'm not about to waste energy being bothered by another person's existence.  I'm selfish and life's too short.

I know, "Black don't crack"

50 & still hot!

I was really angry to read statements by WOMEN along the lines of "(Celebrity) is too old for that look!" or "(Celebrity) needs to wear age appropriate clothes, she looks ridiculous."
Ladies, we have it hard enough as it is.  Men seem to get a pass on their juvenile antics, but when women do something similar (Demi Moore ie Cougar) it becomes a negative. 
Don't get me wrong, a hideous outfit on a woman of ANY age is still hideous.  *marinate in that for a sec*  When you see someone "mature" in a mini skirt, Lucite shoes and a tube top, would it matter her age?  Of course not!
What's more, why the need to impart your belief on another's individuality?  You don't like tricolored hair?  Don't dye it.  Think tattoos are gross and piercings are trash? Yep, same thing.  But why would you want a world where everyone is the same?  I would hate to live with anyone else like me let alone dresses, acts, and thinks like me.  I love to be challenged, I like when people look different, and I'm inspired by many of the things I see other women wear.
Women have it bad enough as it is.  Unlike the majority of men, we are highly critical of ourselves.  We see something completely different in the world than what others see.  We cannot even accept a compliment without feeling arrogant. 
Please don't let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do because you're not 18-21 like many media cutoffs.  That's simply ageism and that's bloody ridiculous!  People who feel they are too old to change their:  occupation, have a child, travel, go back to college etc. have bought that notion and it's time to rethink and refocus on what you want in life. 
No words...
In closing, don't give me the excuse, "If I had that kind of money..."  I've seen women of various income levels preserve their beauty, and I'm not talking about the plastic, duck lips all over the telly.  I really don't see Helen Mirren spending hours on end in a gym or fitness center.  Whilst I do see a lot more fakery in society, *cough, wonder why, cough* not everyone is caving, there are still some of us who are natural but now we have to defend our God given traits because so many people are choosing to get a little bit of "work done."  Stop worrying about how others are living, live your best life!



Sunday, September 26, 2010

Transitioning v. Stretching

So, my cameras are en route as I went away and left them.  I miss writing here, it seems to alleviate the need to speak to a physical person.  I decided to create my photo for this post. 
Whilst visiting my friend in California, we got into the natural v. fake topic.  She's been relaxed, her sister natural.  Fortunately for her, she's not obsessed with beauty, fashion, makeup all of my downfalls.  She posed a question and I never realized some people don't know the difference between "transitioning" and "stretching."
Transitioning, simply put, is the process one takes before their "big chop" which begins the journey to going natural.  The term natural should be used with caution as there are few who agree on what defines natural (i.e. colouring, products, protective styles) so let's stick with the topic at hand.
Most people transition to avoid the shock of shaving all their hair off.  By allowing the hair to grow awhile, it's easier to accept the tiny Afro, than the shaved head.  To be honest, any drastic change is an initial shock, and I think there is a period after of mourning, fear, anxiety and regret.  For others, they are so happy to have healthy hair, it feels liberating. 
Stretching is the process of extending a relaxer for a prolonged period of time with the intent to decrease overlapping between touch ups.  By "stretching" the time between relaxers it also allows the length of the hair to be a bit more pronounced.  If you wait five months between relaxer touch ups, versus 4-6 weeks, the difference is impressive.
The downfall to the two is that the line of demarcation will literally make or break the results. The line of demarcation is the point where the hair's natural texture and the chemically treated area meet.  Because of the difference in texture, the hair can easily snap and break.  During the process of transitioning or stretching, many opt to wear their hair in protective styles.  It's also important to ensure hair is not manipulated without plenty of patience, care and gentleness.  The hair is very, VERY vulnerable so make sure if you are washing and conditioning you allow plenty of time to complete your regimen.  I also recommend researching hair forums, books, and any information pertaining to your hair's texture.  What works for some, will not work for others.  Make sure the hair has PLENTY of slip.  That coating will alleviate tangling and prevent that dreaded "snap" breaking the hair.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Boys!! Can't live with em Can't fathom life without em!

Getting Past Rejection:

operation 6 pack activated
So, rejection...happens to the best of us, I've learnt there are some it never happens to.  Well, this post is dedicated to anyone who's ever been rejected.
So, there's a bloke I had my set on.  To be honest, there are a few.  But one decided to chirpse out of nowhere.  He's an attractive lad.  Tall, dark and handsome but I wasn't smitten at all.  He begins to e-mail me sweet comments.  This led to him asking me a plethora of questions, and giving me his "mobile since I don't have friends in the States."  Well, I am horrible at calling men, so I gave him mine thinking okay we never chat at work (I know, I know) have lunch or take breaks together, he's bored and I'm as well.  So, I get a sweet text, and over time they get progressively flirtatious.  Well, I'm no fool, I've been around boys all my life, I have all older brothers and my dad is the leader of the pack when it comes to dogs.  I don't take compliments literally, I read Steve Harvey's book at the request of my father.  So, what happened?  I fucked slipped up.  In my defense, the boy is sexy as hell and his imagination would make Jodeci blush.  WOW!
So, I raised his sexy and added my own twist.  The boy fell back hard.  WTF?  He talked a good game but when I called his bluff, he choked?!!!! I give him credit, he spoke a good game, pursued me (never happens) and seemed like a freak :)  I didn't want to be his girlfriend, friend with benefits, I was bold and said we couldn't be friends because I don't fuck my friends.  He changed at that point and things went south.  He was so up/down, black/white, hot/cold etc. So, I asked him if he was bipolar a Gemini.  I really wondered if he gave his phone/computer to someone and the person at work was him.  I'm laughing as I type, so this is good.  I never even asked him questions about himself, his situation, nothing.  I don't really care as I'm not into a boyfriend right now, too much going on and he knew this, as well as that I won't be in the USA long.  So what young 27 year old "Leo with Virgo Rising" <~whatever that means, doesn't want to shag?  This guy!
I know a lot of ladies would be grief stricken, but guess what?  It's a dude!  There are plenty more, and now I have some ideas on seducing the next guy as a result.  I'm flattered he felt he couldn't play me.  Maybe he's gay and thought, "I find her cute maybe...Oh no, she's way too much I thought she'd be easier."  He does have a lot of men who like to "train" him on assignments.  I am not hiding my head in shame, stuffing my face and watching chick flicks, I'm upping my game! My body is my date and it needs likes a lot of attention.  If I stay on track, I'll be fit by summer, six pack, toned and ready for fun!  It's no big deal.  I would have died a year ago, but since I've made a decision to live a little, I look at the positive.  I didn't die, I have his texts so he can't file a charge, he's not alpha enough and it was fun to have a distraction.  Dude might be married or catching feelings, it's all good. 
Your homework:  If you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend, find someone you fancy and simply smile.  If you're bold say, "Hello."  You're not asking them for a date, marriage or their first born. (maybe dude had a kid???) It will make you feel good about yourself, I promise.  You must remember eye contact also.  If you have someone, read this I promise you won't regret it.

Stay sexy!

Product Review: Sofina Perfect UV Lucent Sunscreen SPF 50

great finish right?

I have been experimenting with some of the products I ordered for my skin.  I have heard about this Sofina Perfect; however, it was "Sofina Lucent" I was searching for and didn't realize there had been a name change.  I wanted a sunscreen that wouldn't add to the oil situation I already endure.  I can't stop my quest for the product that will help mattify my skin.  I had been using Shiseido, but I can't find it and am not sure if it's discontinued.
I ordered online from bobodave because he offered free shipping and since he's in Hong Kong, I thought that was brilliant as international shipping can get quite costly.  To be blunt, shipping can make or break my decision to order online.  I was quite impressed at how fast the shipping was.  It sailed through customs and although I had done research, I envisioned a larger bottle. 
I prefer this packaging over Shiseido's as it has a dropper type tip.  That's a good thing because this stuff is like water.  I applied it directly to my face thinking it would be similar to lotion.  It slid down my face faster than I could retrieve it and didn't stop until it rested on my shirt.  No worries, I get ready in my pyjamas.  It has a ball which helps mix the product when you shake it.  Everything about the product is in Chinese so I didn't read the directions, this was a decision based on reviews of the product on a skin board.  It retails for $17.20, which is much less than MAC SPF 50 Prep and Prime and Shiseido SPF 55.  With the Shiseido, I find when you wash it off, there is this wretched scent that hits you like a baseball bat, but this doesn't which surprises me as they seem to be identical products.  It goes on really well, I put it on after my moisturizer and my skin looks matte, smooth and foundation (for oily skin) didn't skip when I applied it. Many times oil free foundations tend to dry as you're applying it but this went well.  As far as keeping the oil away?  Sorry but while it's better than many, I still had to blot by 9:00 a.m. just 3 hours after applying.  Is it the product or me?  Probably me, but that was sort of a let down since I read about people who are oily as well not needing to blot until after lunch when they touched up their makeup.  Lucky girls, no joy for me. 
Overall, I don't regret the purchase, but I can't say it's going to keep the oils at bay since that wasn't my experience.  Again, the transaction was very smooth, this company has a Facebook, blog, and maybe a twitter, they have other products as well, which confused me as not only is there a name change but there are tons of other which might cause problems so I've included the one you want to pick if you decide to give this a go.  I would recommend this product for girls who aren't very oily, and it can be used as a primer, but don't expect it to act as a virtual sponge in preventing oil production.  Stay gorgeous!

This is the one recommended for oily skin


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Self Sabotage!!!

Sometimes mirrors play tricks on me.  I leave the house thinking, "Meh, you're alright."  Then something happens.  Like today, a tall, blonde with long straight hair passes me, and I'm carrying my esteem with me to the train.  I thought this was over.  Seriously, I don't believe in comparing myself to other people.  It's too much energy on something I have no control over.  I will never be them, no surgery, hair/skin/eye color will make me them.  I was done with it and it happened.  
On top of it, a really handsome bloke asked me out for drinks after work.  I made an excuse and didn't offer another time.  I thought, "He's too pretty, his teeth are white and big like piano keys, and his hair is wicked."  This translates to:  I'm not good enough he must just be a player and see if I'll put out.  He's a man, they love sex and they are wired to hunt. 
I hurt two people that way.  I judge him and put him with the likes of a dog just because he does what I do.  Gets up and tries to look his best.  I know "Straight men don't..." Wrong!  Men have the same insecurities we do.  It takes courage and balls nerve to ask a co-worker girl out.  Some of us need to recognize that men are subject to scrutiny like women.  For every dog there's a bitch right?  He can't be a player if there's no one to play with so let's keep it 100 and admit we find fault with men to make ourselves feel better or worse.
I noticed I do it all the time.  I immediately look at guys as friends.  I don't even consider them as options.  I told myself that it was because they were "friends" but aren't friends the step before relationships?  I have let my insecurities extend to those who are kind and undeserving.  Why?  I reckon it's a form of self sabotage.  A wall keeps people away, but it also keeps us locked in. 
So, what am I going to do?  I'm going to be kind and considerate to people more than I have.  It's just spending time together, I wouldn't stress if a friend asked, so why jump to conclusions.  He may not have anything on his mind like that.  Maybe he wants to know how to satisfy his girlfriend.  Or, maybe he's coming out of the closet and wants some advice?  What if he thinks my hair is fake and wants to confront me when no one's around?  See... who really knows what people are thinking.  I don't think society needs to give us subliminal tones that we are inadequate, we do it to ourselves.  So, let's stop comparing apples to oranges and our insides with others' outsides.  Love yourself, or I will until you can!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Product Review: Nature's Garden & FOTD

Excellent packing nothing spilled!
I'm finally accepting that the economy simply sucks!  I have endured more in the last year, than I have in the last ten.  There's been nothing but change!  Even my forums are reloaded and I am an avid lurker.  *Some forums are best left for seasoned participants* I am a self confessed nose.  Not nosey, nose.  I sniff EVERYTHING!!! If I grab something, whether or not its' edible, I take a whiff.  If it pongs, it's tossed.  Nothing that smells rank is kept.  I don't play roulette with my stomach, if something doesn't smell fresh, it's tossed.  Same with anything on my face.  I went to The Body Shop  to purchase more Satsuma oil to keep in my burner.  The staff told me they know longer had it, and to check back around the holidays.  Right... I'd been watching beauty vlogs about soap making so I deduced there must be somewhere people are able to get fragrances, oils, scents, flavours, etc. to make all these body treats.  I was right.  I found Nature's Garden and though it's called Nature's Garden Candles it's so much more than candles. 
Buttercream Cupcake, French Vanilla, Strawberry Passion & Satsuma
 I loved this transaction!  This was an arbitrary transaction, I was searching for Satsuma and they were one of the e-tailers who carried it.  I didn't know what to expect, but I browsed through the site and it was so informative, I felt like I wanted to make soy candles.  I learnt a lot, but this was meant for the home.  I like having fragrances in the restroom, kitchen, auto, etc. for various reasons.  Sometimes I need it to relax, think of a cold winter night, sipping tea, burning sweet fragrance and reading a book, watching telly, or time with your partner.  That's me.  The staff was so kind, I inadvertently left out numbers on my debit card and the owner called me straight away, and sent me confirmation.  Today, I came home to my package and this is after UPS missed me by one day.  It hasn't been a full week!  What I didn't know was there is a ratio of how much scent is used for various material compounds, as well as the true level of fragrance.  I've bought those .33 oz vials at drugstores and they have no scent, this site let's you know how strong the scent is.  Mine were (medium and strong) I am so happy with my purchase.  Part of me wants to make crafts and order more stuff, but I don't really have people who are interested, but I can donate them to a shelter so who knows.  If you are into bath and body type things, this is a great item to get for way less than you get at department stores.  I wish I could tell the former places (the ones we all go to) to suck it! But I am a believer in karma.

I almost tossed this out I was so happy!
I don't know if it's sad or pathetic, but I get so excited to get things in the mail.  Even though I ordered and pay for things myself, it feels like a present!  I have more bad experiences so when something good happens, it feels like God is showing me a sign to hang on.  Corny? Yes!  But it gets me through the tough times.  
Look at that mug! I NEED Photo editing software!!!

I felt the need to include a picture, I have to get over myself.  Many people see blogs with the writer's photos as narcissistic, but guess what? How can I show anything if it's not utilized?  Like the shadow for this day, look!
Green shadow, brown skin, dark brown sad eyes