Friday, January 30, 2009

Sculpting your face

Hello Beautiful,
Happy Friday, we made it *happy dance* to the weekend. I don't know about you lot; however, I have plans to simply relax, give myself a manicure, pedicure, facial the whole lot!
In watching many of my lovely Youtube Tutorials, I have found something which may confuse some. So many tutorials discuss certain catch phrases but they really don't go in to much depth on the meaning or ideaology. For example, when does one contour, highlight and blush and where? Seems like after applying foundation, concealer and blush one would have a right face. Well the truth is you apply what you need. I don't do all the highlighting, contouring and such unless it's for something quite special. The idea behind the contouring, highlighting and bronzer is usually for photos. The everday person does not need to take their face and make it three dimensional. You are already in that dimension so unless you want to add more color to your face or accentuate your features, you really don't need much more than bronzer or blusher. Too much product on anyone's face screams overkill and it doesn't look natural cos we know that with soap and water, you are in your natural state and we want to enhance that not disguise it.

Have a beautiful weekend cherubs,


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Naked Honey

Hello Kitties!

The week is almost over and I'm ready for the weekend. For some odd reason this week seems to have brought on more drama than expected. Overall, I won't complain, the economy is crap, the country is still at war and our President would like us to hold on to hope for change, so I shall.
I think I will spend more time recreating dupes of new collections rather than dropping loads of money to get coveted "new releases or limited editions" it's really not practical given the economy.
That said, I have seen swatches of the Naked Honey collection which MAC will release the second Thursday in June. The colors look perfect for summer and some of you fair skinned cats will look brilliant in the hues of gold and bronze.

Meow for now beautiful princess,


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Urban Decay's Deals

Hello Beautiful,

I was looking here and fell in lust with these Urban Decay Creme poor pocketbook. I tried them at ULTA and they are crease proof! But since they are coming out with a new primer potion in Sin which is the same thing as the UDPP but with a champagne satin finish, why not use the creme
eyeshadow as a base? The same application applies, a little goes a long way or prepare for creasing. I think I may discuss the different types of bases on my next tutorial. So far, I've been happy with the two I have done, but as a woman of color there just doesn't seem to be enough of us representing and we need to show not just women of color but people in general how beautiful colors and textures are on our hair, skin and nails.
I am going to do some research on these bases and discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

Stay Gorgeous,


Monday, January 26, 2009

Stila meet Barbie, Barbie meet Stila

Hello Gorgeous,
Bloggers and beauty afficiando's are all a buzz about Stila's launch of their own Barbie line. Unfortunatley, it pales in comparison to Barbie loves MAC, but much of that has to do with marketing of products. MAC has a cult like following due to the availability, target audience, variety of colors and hip and innovative marketing which have featured: Diana Ross, Eve, Fergie, Elton John, Pink, and the list goes on.
Stila is better in terms of eyeshadow quality, more hits than misses, but can't seem to get the diversity in color and don't cater to women of color for foundations. MAC wins hands down in that competition. A cat can't have everything.
The Barbies are the glamorous #1 Ponytail Doll, the girl next door Malibu Doll, the everyday girl Jewell Doll, and the token, African American Foxy Doll, all of which retail at $40.00 USD.
Stila has some amazing sales and you can always find discounts at beauty crunch. What I find really cool on their site is the "Girl of the Week." I love reading about what people like about makeup, how they wear it, and the age, colour and location of all the selected women is genious.
I think you should have a go at it Stila Girl. What have you got to lose? You are just as good as the others and if not, have a look at the past winners, selected on a weekly basis.

Meow for now kittens,


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Batting those Lashes

Well Felines,
I began a research project about one week ago and it's odd, but I am noticing a difference in the results already. If you recall, I purchased LiLash from observing statement from a wonderful YouTuber Lollipop26. Well, since I am very impressed by her research skills, insight, classiness and not to mention pure beauty, I decided to conduct my own research.
I am trying out two products, one on each eye and in six months, will post a video concluding the results about the project. I am using Enormous Lash on the right eye and LiLash on the left. I have been using LiLash for sometime and I must say in the short week I have used the Enormous Lash, I feel more impressed by the latter. I have to say my lashes are dead curly. One of my fears is my lashes will grow in a reverse curl and not outward. On the right side my lashes appear to be growing straighter and thicker, whereas the left is remaining so coiled I can't see signs of change. What's more I have been using the Enormous Lash less amount of time than I have LiLash. I am not starting with long lashes, my lashes are so short I don't have the zoom to capture what we're gauging. However, I am keeping a journal and by the six month time frame there should be some sort of fuzz where I blink. Happy Hump day Kittens, stay away from dirty Tom Cats out there.

Paws for the Cause,

Beauty Reigns

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The CW's 90210

Hello Gorgeous,
Hope you had a brilliant weekend, it's been dead crazy here in the USA with the Presidental Inauguration, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s holiday/birthday all in the same 24 hour period. The frenzy is enough to make a purrfect kitten roar.
Well, while browsing one of my many trade catalougues I came across the O.P.I 90210 Collection. I don't find it to be anything incredibly amazing but, it is limited edition so if you are an avid collector, run to the nearest ULTA, Sephora or other nail shops about town. The colors are named after three of the female characters: Silver, "Queen of West Web-erly, Annie, "Sweet as Annie-thing!" and Naomi, "Pretty and Priveleged." To be honest, I thought this show was one of the ones walking a fine line as to rumors of cancellation. Gossip Girls, would have been an interesting feature; however since this is in honor of Valentine's day, the "I'm Chuck Bass," may not have been appropriate, maybe for April Fool's.

Meow for now felines,


Friday, January 16, 2009

Secret of the LBD!

Happy Friday and three day weekend for some felines. Well, today I had a consult with a woman wanting to go from Matron to Minx for a dinner party with her Tomcat hubby. I said my infamous broken record speech, "Beauty is only one part makeup, the rest is founded upon confidence, attitude and inner beauty..."
When you feel sexy you look sexy, there is not too much to add to the equation. The most important aspect is to wear something you feel good in. While a teeny, tiny lil black dress you starved all day to squeeze in to may look great initially, how are you going to feel after a drink? When you sit? Or, if you are to consume food and beverages? That look will transcend in your attitude for the evening, thus transcending into any picture taking, or conversations.
Also remember to wear something that is flattering for your body. What looks good on one doesn't work for the other. Don't be afraid to show off your assets and down play your flaws. If you have a nice waist show it off! If your legs are great but you have a bit of a tummy, wear a short dress with an umpire waist! You get the picture.
Lastly, you don't need to go bold on the makeup if you are selling the dress. Remember to keep the focal point the outfit and keep makeup to a minimum. Today I was working with a "cougar." She is married to a bloke 10 years her junior, but she kept thinking about the other kittens at the gathering. We settled on neutral face, and bold lips and her hair in a french twist to emphasize the lovely neck she has and if she works the dress properly, her husband will not leave her side all night, if they make it to the engagement. Wear your body well lovelies, you are beautiful and acceptable as you are.

Meow for now,


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad Kitty :(

Hello KitKats!

I apologize profusely for my absence. I have been slacking. But, I have loads of news. I may actually be well, no more talk, I'll just put my money where my fangs are.
Yesterday, after work I went to the "hood" to get a new product for my mane. I have tried so many cosmetic products in general, it seems our economy should have some sort of respite. I guess it's not enough to save or bail anyone let alone myself out. I bought something for the tangles I get when I wash my hair. I almost pulled a Britney and shaved off my mane. Long hair is bl**dy expensive to care for and when you detangle in the shower (lovely visual n'est-ce pas) it's better for the mane, but I need an effective apparatus to capture the hair. It's ridiculous how long and arduous a task it is to comb one's mane. So, I cut an inch off after tossing what seemed like a pawful of hair. I hate that! MEOW!!! I could use that to make a wig!!! I was so frustrated to tears. I really thought I would be bald, and took the scissors and now my hair isn't waist length, but it's not as choppy.
So, I scoured product reviews and found this product you can only find in the hood and the alley cats are not friendly, so I dash in and out.
On my way home, I was obsessing about this product I bought for my eyelashes. I love, love, love wearing falsies. It helps my obsession with mascara (I tell myself) but it can't be good for the real lashes. Upon being Narcissus and staring in a mirror for hours, I concluded I needed lashes that look like falsies. Thanks I purchased Enormous Lash. I am off the wagon on product "quick fixes" and $102.36 USD later, I have began another quest for natural lashes.
I took photos, and since I don't know how to do photoshop, those photos will never hit this site. I cannot believe how tired I look (wah!) I am talking hollows, not bags under the eyes and a boo boo face to boot! What is going on kittens? The Panther is looking wretched. With all the products I buy, I should be a knock out, but I'm looking haggard. Then again, I have on no makeup, but still. How do you all look so brill in your photos? Oh well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my eyes are rather tired :)

Meow for now kitties,


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For Kittens


Is it Wednesday? I can't keep track of days lately. For some odd reason, I am signing forms dated for the 9th which is Friday and I don't know what's going on with us, but this is not good.
I am focusing on something for beginners, so you kittens don't make the mistakes of many cougars (not dating wise):) but the addiction to buy more makeup becomes insidious. First of all the main colors are red, yellow, and blue. Any, color you grab is a combination of those core colors. The colors not included in the wheel are black and white, so realistically there are five. Do not be sucked into buying every newly released eyeshadow, rouge, lippie, et al. You WILL go bankrupt and you will have loads of makeup that you really don't need.
Always begin with knowing everything about your skin, your face shape, your style, and think of what you are going for. Do you want to emphasize one feature or are you going for the bold, eye catching and in your face look? It's all personal preference; however, start with a basic skin routine. Your skin is the foundation for every look you want to go for. I can't tell you how many times I see guru's pack on loads of makeup in an effort to cover their acne. I don't fault them, rather I want anyone who follows my suggestions, to know that your skin is with you always. Take care of it, and in my other posts I've stated ways to get your skin in order. Don't blame yourself for having temperamental or even cystic acne. It is a devil to deal with, save your money and find a dermatologist. Some products can make things worse, and your skin has it's own ph balance, level of irritation and can't be painted into a broad category. What works for some may not work for you and breakouts, like breakups are a part of life.
I posted an example of the Wales palette. Currently, people are buying from Coastal Scents or Beauties Factory on eBay. I was one of the first round YouTube subbies who bought the then popular Wales palettes. Currently, there is a 120 eyeshadow palette on eBay guru's and subbies alike are buying. Coastal Scents has been out of stock so, search eBay for 120 eyeshadow palette and "boom" you'll be inundated.
This is all you need to be on your journey to recreating the looks you see on YouTube, in magazines, etc.
I don't want to say what lipstick or foundations as those are a bit more hard to find all inclusive and non irritating based on skin and label preferences. Some prefer high end, some can go for drugstore, it's a matter of taste.
I hope this helps, but again, it's a guide and without knowing any of you cats personally, I cannot make a proper recommendation.

Happy Hunting,


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Packaging Tips

Hello Gorgeous,
Did you remember to tell yourself how lovely you are? Well, you are! Today, I am plowing through my makeup organization, and I found these lovely containers at one of those franchise dollar or 99 cents stores, but they came in a pack for less than a dollar and look what it does!
Whilst preparing to have one of my friends over, I was looking in the restroom (loo) and found that some of the products in the vanity were suspect. I am not intimate with anyone, but I do feel a twinge at the above products being on my counter. Granted, panthers are above that rubbish and all, but who wants to explain that milk of magnesia works as a mattifier/primer and anti-chaf is the equivalent of Smashbox's Photofinish primer? Not me, not today!
It's actually more pleasing to the eye for both parties and keeps conversations from turning awkward if you are, in fact, entertaining (ahem) someone you may be keen on from thinking your internal body is amuck. ;)
Today, I used a MAC shadestick for a base and the colors look dead sexy, but if only there was something to mask this wart/cyst from my monthly breakout. MEOW!!

Stay Beautiful,


Monday, January 5, 2009

Roaring good time...

Okay, yesterday afternoon was a fail and defeat. I failed at saving money, but defeated a fear. I think you felines will allow me a "pass" for achieving something I have struggled with for a few years now. I drove to the crux of the Bay Area!!!
I have told myself a thousand times, when I make a friend here we can go shopping at the Pier. Or, once I have a boyfriend, he can take me to the Embarcadero. So many sentences starting with, "When..."
Yesterday, I got the courage to take myself on a date. My little pooch was with me, and he was wonderful UNTIL the MAC Pro store. I was dead scared and excited at the same time. I got past a CCO and told myself, if I stop halfway, I won't beat myself up. The potholes were insane. As I was bouncing along, I thought, "I'm spending more to go to MAC Pro, than I would had I made an online order." The ability to beat one of my fears=PRICELESS! How could I not try and keep waiting for life to happen? Panthers are not supposed to be frail, I want to be like the cougar, cheetah or the like, but I'm acting like a cowardly lion.
I went, and spent money I had not planned but I did it!
The puppy got a little rambunctious in the store, he saw another pooch and he would not stop barking. He barks like Mariah Carey sings, it is the highest pitch for a four pound dog. By then I was embarrassed, and wanted to disappear but the staff was kind, even offered water but I didn't accept. He and I got our packages took a stroll and found a freeway home FINALLY! I didn't have a map, I was on a mission without proper preparation. Which caused me about a tank of gas and a lot of driving in circles, leading to anxiety but it passed, I picked up the Unicorn at Target and all under $100 USD.
Cherubs, please don't feel terrible about fear, as a person with anxiety, it's not something to beat yourself up about, but make tiny goals. I wish the dates didn't always show up, but I'm still getting used to technology. I'm an analog old school cat, I rely on you kittens with cherub faces to help me and be patient.

Go treat yourself,