Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wigs 4 Kids: Klaire de Lys

I was given permission to post this video in an effort to get the word out.  If you or anyone you know can help, if only by spreading the word, please share. 
I know my posts have been off track and not about beauty; however, sometimes I feel there are issues I think are more important and deserve to be acknowledged.  Not meant to be preachy or offencive. 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Powerlessness and Despair

I am not one of those "Big Named Bloggers" but I feel quite guilty for not posting for the few lovely people who do read this blog.  I get nothing from any company, never endorse anything I haven't used and truly like.  So, that said, I am in a huge funk.  I don't know if it's Mercury in retrograde, or just life.  This week has been wretched in so many ways.  I have stated I struggle with having a blog and posting about such superficial things.  But, I needed an outlet that was something I could a) have control over and b) communicate and share with others, and c) journal and account for myself and goals for myself.  I don't spam, ask for plugs, or try to gain anything for myself.  I don't like television, I don't have cable, and I'm a bit off on YouTube.  This is my little space where I don't have to adhere to any terms of service, rules about posting and no cliques. 
I have been sick with the news about Haiti and I cannot seem to shake it.  My way of dealing with negativity is to avoid it, but there is no way to avoid this and I shouldn't.  I admit I didn't know much about Haiti and that is my own fault.  I have been and seen life in third world countries and it doesn't go away.  Mission work is rarely a permanent solution to a serious problem, but it's something.  I always felt my life was good but nothing great. But I have never experienced the level of despair the people of Haiti, and other impoverished countries feel. My boss has been a nightmare to me this week and has made it clear she wants me gone.  I'm gutted, but I feel selfish for feeling so blue when I see the footage of Haiti.  I cannot stand to see anyone in physical, emotional or spiritual pain.  When I see, read, or observe the death toll, the stories and photos of the injured I feel powerless.  What can I do other than to donate?  Nothing.  I cannot offer comfort, a hug, or hold a child who's scared.  Prayer, money and wait until the next crisis somewhere in the world happens.  Fortunatley, my job enables me to be a part of the solution, but it's like putting out fires, you have another one waiting in the wings.  I don't know why things happen like this, and to a country who's historically disadvantaged is sad when here in the states, we are upset when we have to wait for coffee, or can't get our limited edition (fill in the blank).  I am so happy God has blessed me with what very little I have.  I don't deserve it but each day he has mercy on me, and the challenges I endure are nothing.  Sure, I may not be the "dime piece", have the luxury "ride", the best body, or any cyber celebrity, but I am compassionate beyond belief, and I care about others and try to be a better, more improved me each day.  I just needed to post what I've been feeling the past few days and apologize for my lack of consistency.  My mother is in the advanced stage of a terminal illness, my job has turned from a blessing to a nightmare, and I'm alone in the USA when it comes to friends or social outlets.  I'm quite blessed if this is all I have to worry about.  Pray for all those suffering here and a far.  Never feel like you are insignificant.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gro Afro Hair VERY Long!!!

It's too cold to do these pics, but there are so many unbelievers in the world.  Newsflash:  African girl grows her 4c hair (with chemicals) and defies her naysayers.  This is what I call my "trill talk" true and real.  I have never had long hair.  Yes, I went through a phase of wanting long hair.  But, I had it ingrained that "black hair doesn't grow."  Even white people believed black people hair grows to a certain length and stops.  Well, at that time, I hadn't known what I didn't know.  There were no forums, hair boards, and wealth of information like there is currently.  But, I promise you you can grow your hair to great "lengths" if you take care of your hair regardless of whether it is relaxed, natural, texlaxed, etc.  The rules:  You must be patient, you must be informed, you must learn YOUR hair, and you must have faith.  In the process of getting my hair to this length, I have been through many a sad day.  The last one was the day I took this photo, which was Sunday (wash day).  I wanted to shave it off and start over as a natural again. I miss having the fro, but what I remembered was, I didn't take the time for my hair in it's natural state.  It was a lot easier, but I got lazy.  There is a myth that natural hair is easier to care for than relaxed.  For me, that's false.  My natural hair may have been stronger, but it was a spiritual process and I had fewer people who supported my journey.  I could tell you how I had to wear a wig that looked like a hat on my head to my job and not one lawyer would take my case.  I could tell you I didn't get rude comments and the side eye at least twice a day.  People talked about me, my sexuality, my ... let's not give negative energy to the past and accept people are ignorant and when you don't know something, you use humor to hide your lack of understanding.  Well, the economy went on a free fall, I'd been terminated (there I said it) and needed a job so I texlaxed.  It was scary.  I felt bald, I thought I would open my eyes and have nothing on my head.  What's more, I had so much face!  Woah, who is that girl looking back at me.  Still have those days. 
So, here I am with my current waist length hair, and you know what?  I'm still the same me.  I don't get more dates, I don't feel more "black"  and I don't feel like I sold out either.  I feel like I learnt about my hair in one texture, and now know it in another.  I care for it, but there are still those days where I want to give up, but when those days happen, I post on the boards, write about makeup, watch something inspirational, THANK GOD for his mercy and continue to "do me."  I have had scalp burns, alopecia, psoriasis, burns from hot combs, flat irons, stress related hair loss and more, but let me encourage you to believe in yourself.  Hair is not who you are, but it's fun.  It's an accessory like everything else we don't need to survive, but I have learnt so much from so many strong women of ALL colors and I continue...that's my hairstory.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Before You Toss It!

Cheap? Maybe.  Frugal? Abso*bl**dy*lutely!  have a habit of not just tossing out bottles of hair products.  If a conditioner doesn't suit my own hair, if it won't work for my dog (certain chemicals not compatible) then I will donate, swap, or use it on a weave, wig, whatever fake nest I choose to rock.  So this morning when I was slamming the bottle to get the last bits out, I decided to use my brain.  I took a pearing knife, and sliced the bottle in half and surprise!  No more banging, but enough product for two more uses.  Believe me when I say, I bang the bottles hard, in fact, I used to be so bad, I would add water and shake to ensure I got every penny out.  It's terrible that packaging for most cosmetics is so that we can't squeeze it out like toothpaste, but as you can see at the left, tons of product is still in tact even though I had shook what I could get out.  I can usually stick my finger and swirl it out, but this works better.  I suggest you use a knife you don't mind getting dull in time.  You can get one at the dollar stores or even a thrift store may have some nicer ones which won't go dull.  Good luck!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Long Healthy Relaxed Hair Challenge 2010!

Gah!  It was so freaking cold but how does one track their progress without a picture?  Ugh!  I guess my hair is ... waist length almost??? When it's dry it's to the lower part of the small of my back.  My hair is 4c, and it doesn't accept relaxers well.  I'd declare my hair as texlaxed because it's chemically altered but not straight.  For example, if I went to the hair dresser, she would not declare my hair relaxed because it isn't "bone" straight, but it's not natural.  *Note* This is not about the relaxed v. natural stuff that's going on in the black hair community.  Do and where your hair, but don't let it be who or what identifies you!  So, my goal for myself is to take care of my mind, body, and soul by eating better, getting some form of exercise, reducing stress, cutting back on sweets, adding more fun into my life and keeping a journal of my hair, weight, skin and overall well being.  Time to let of of toxic people, places and things.  If you would like to join me, I'm a great motivator and I've never had long hair in my life, my mother didn't know how to care for it, and neither did I.  If I'm honest, sometimes, I want to shave my head.  So, how did I grow it?  It wasn't easy, and protective styles will save you a lot of pain, frustration and get you through the tough times.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wet n Wild Coloricon photos

Goodies I have yet to review, swatch and use from the holidays!  I cannot resist trying little things I find in drugstores, especially when they are 40% off!  I don't feel the pressure to swatch since this isn't a blog people read on the daily or at all, but I am loving the idea of having something to take pictures of, and it lets me see what I have.  Soon, I plan on taking pictures of my FOTDs because I've found putting makeup on others is so much easier than applying it to myself.  When you are looking at another's face, it's so much easier to see any uneveness and ensure placement is accurate; however, when I apply it on myself, I can't step back and look at what I've done.  Can't explain it,but it's a goal of mine.  The idea behind this so cool.  On the left side, there are three matte shadows and on the right, are the corresponding shadows in shimmers.  From top left going clockwise: Vanity, Greed, Pride and Lust.  They claim to be highly pigmented.  I hope I'm not disappointed, but with Rite Aid, they will accept returns.  Gotta love that, especially since mattes are typically chalky.  Swatches to come!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stop the Hate! No, really stop with the "haters"!

I think the first time I heard the word "hater" was in the mid to late 90s.  It was later used often in conversations.  I even sang along with 3LW "Haters gone hate, playas gone play, and ballas gonna ball..." Now, it's 2010 and a piece of me screams internally when I hear the word "hater."   Last night, I heard Sean Hannity say he was troubled by all of his haters due to Hannity's disdain toward President Obama.'s not Hannity v. Obama that disturbs me.  But, when someone like Hannity says the term, it's time to hang it up and move on.  Seriously, since the term went from the urban to the suburban crowd the word has lost the meaning and use altogether.  Let it be known, "When a word gets used by the likes of anyone on the Hills, politics, or anyone who lives in the suburbs, the word is played out."  There I said it.  It's ran its course, and we need to surrender it and let it go. 
Additionally, if you're going to use the word, use it properly.  You can't disagree or give constructive criticism without being called or accused of hatin.  Seriously, let me give an example. 
A:  Halle Berry is ugly (hater)
B:  I don't like the dress Halle Berry is wearing, it's not flattering (NOT hating)
The difference?  Although beauty is subjective, it's really far fetched to say Halle is ugly.  Some may not find her the most attractive or find her plain, but she's alot of things, but not ugly.  In the second example, we have a statement followed by an observation.  That's not hating, it's an opinion.  I see so many examples where people have cried "HATER!" and it's not accurate.  Can we not have opinions without sending people to pasture?
There are so many words that have come and gone, and come back again i.e. sick, sweet, tight, etc.  I heard Tara Reid call something "sick" and it made me feel sick to be honest.  Why?  That's a sign the word has been killed.  If I hear Hillary say I'm hating on her because I think her hairstyle is played out, I am going to call Dr. Kevorkian that same day. 
So, today's lesson?  When you are tempted to say someone's hating on you, just remember, sometimes haters tell the truth, even if they ARE hating.  Check yourself, that dress may make you look fat, your eyeshadow may be too heavy, your hair may need a trim, but it's not that serious.  It's just an observation, we need to be able to call a spade a spade.  *Kanye shrug* Just sayin...


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow Review

Revlon has been really impressive with their products of late; however, I have never been a huge fan of creme shadows.  I don't use them for anything other than a base.  I saw the new palettes when I purchased PhotoReady about a month ago.  They were $6.50 plus tax.  I always do the buy one get one free, seriously, this is drugstore, and we're in a recession.  So, I got both and didn't get round to swatching them until today.  I rarely swatch; however, I intend to so I can account for this huge mess of cosmetics which are taking over my house, it's gotta stop!
So, the colors are quite pigmented and not as greasy as their first bits.  I wouldn't dare wear them without a primer to prevent creasing and I would probably set with a powder shadow the same shade.  For .12 oz, I think you may hit pan on these.   I really love them!  The left is the Black Magic palette and the right is called Electric Pop.  I love the lime from Electric Pop, it's quite bright.  I thought the shade next to it would be white, but it's gold, and the blue is bright as well, but I'm not a blue person, and the black is lush! The other palette has a slate black, but I love the pink and the silver from that palette.  These were a great find, I'd recommend these if you don't have these colors.  The price is brilliant, and the color and payoff is great.  I think I'll reach for these a lot more than my others. 


Friday, January 1, 2010

HairOne Product Review

So, hanging around Sally's looking for acetone to get the New Year's Eve glitter off my nails (the only stuff that works) I saw this display for HairOne.  I thought it was for bikini wax or something because a) the display was near there and, b) the packaging.  The sales person came up and told me how great it was, blah, blah, blah.  I don't usually pay them any mind, as they are primarily useless, but they are just doing their job in trying to sell something for the day.  So, I listened to her mention something about this being a shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner all in one.  It was also on sale for $10.99 plus tax.  So, I picked the one for dry & damaged hair because it usually has more moisturizing properties.  It come's in a 12 oz bottle with a pump which is normally convenient.  The amount of pumps is listed and is based on the length of your hair.  I used this in the shower and started by wetting my hair first.  I applied the seven pumps evenly through my hair and didn't really notice any sort of change.  It wasn't as silky as my regular shampoo, but this didn't lather, and is quite a thick product.  That's sort of a drawback of the pump, the product is thick; therefore, it would be better if it had a cap or came in a tub.  HairOne is sulfate free and doesn't have any detergents or harsh chemicals.  At $10.99 for a 12-ounce pump bottle, HairOne is much more affordable. A 16-ounce bottle of Wen sells for about $28 on QVC and on Wen's estore.  If you've wanted to try Wen Cleansing Conditioners but are put off by the high price, try HairOne.  It's a great alternative and for those people who are into doing the pre-poo's between their regular hair regimen, this product is great.  I will repurchase this and also recommend this to others.