Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Back!

It's our fave time of the year here at Panther's Place. I love all things fall/winter, especially the one hour we "trick" the body to having. Sure my circadian rhythms will be off until spring, but it's okay.
So, to be honest with ourselves we been a bit down. My birthday was the worst yet, things are really getting worse for mum and I can't seem to shake this funk we got ourselves into. I reckon I must take some serious time and reflect on what's got us feeling lethargic. I know I should be eating loads healthier and I have some underlying things beginning to fester. Not to mention, I can't seem to get my blog where I'd like it. Being new is a part of it. I've been new my whole life being an Air Force brat, now I have a new job, making new connections, new friends, etc. People here don't like you until you prove your are likeable.
Last night we took a drive to two of the Halloween shops. This time of year, I can really work a face and the icing is the amount of products out is wicked. I can get the most amazing lashes, creme bases and vibrant colours right now. I spent less than $50.00 USD on my new love. I knew of him and had his pots, but now I've got his pigments and they were only $7.98 each! Who is he? He is none other than Ben Nye. Yep, I'm having an affair with him and forsaking all others. The best thing about him, he never fails to deliver. What you see in the pot/container, is exactly what you get on your eyes. For the price, I cannot complain. This weekend Eli and I will have a brilliant time making eyeshadows from the stack of pigments. A pressing we shall go! Well, that's enough for today, beautiful one, please be safe this Halloween evening, and remember that candy is great, but always in moderation, unless it's makeup! :) Cheers love!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lemon-Aid good for the eyes?

I thought I might have a go at a product by Benefit called Lemon-Aid. It's described at a "miracle-working soft-yellow correcting cream that instantly hides redness and discoloration on your eyelids." Unfortunately, I'm addicted to tutorials on youtube tutorials and this has been a long standing cult fave of many a guru. After work I deposited a much awaited refund and went to Sephora to purchase this highly promoted product.
Well lovely, today was my first day of trying it on. Although the reviews gave it 4 out of 5 stars, it only gets one lippie from us. I did my usual wash and prep routine, applied a light layer and applied my eyeshadow and by 10.00 a.m. my perfectly cut crease had slid to my lash line. What's more, I could feel it as it began to crease. I think my error was in my expectation of a product to do what is was not intended for. Had I done full research, I would have queried those gurus to find out if they had dry skin or problems with their shadows creasing. Instead, I spent half a tank of gas money to learn a valuable lesson. I may try to swap it on makeupalley or use it over my regular crease proofing base. Just goes to show not all products work equally and it's better to try something first (they do have testers) before shelling out loads of money on something I cannot use. Maybe I can return, but the lesson has been learned.
Stay beautifulxx

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Extra, Extra!

I could not wait to tell you how awesome it will be to attend a makeup artist convention on the West Coast today I was browsing some of my fave sites and found this today!!! Time for me to start saving my pennies, which means no more hauls for this lovely! Hope to see you there!

Real Essence of Beauty

As a freelance makeup artist, the one thing I have not been able to drive home enough is today's topic. I have those commonly asked questions each time I do a makeover/under. "What is the best...?" Or, "What foundation do you prefer?" The one that is a guarantee, "How can I make my face...?"
Well, it all starts with your own essence of beauty and not any brand or tool to apply makeup. Your essence is what makes you beautiful. Cliche' as it may sound, we do create our own unique "look" or have some phenotype that makes us different. I don't like my nose, long for sultry lashes, and wish my pores were smaller. My nose is a gift from my grandmother who went to be with God. My lashes may not be long, but they have a wicked curl and I can always add falsies, my skin is something that brings me to the crux of this post.
Beautiful, it is your responsibility to take good care of your body, but you really want to put your best face first. Our face tells people more than we think. It's the first thing we notice. It tells our story and holds people attention during conversation. Yes, beauty is skin deep and it's not all about appearance, but no matter what our circumstances it's always important to do things that will keep your skin it's best. You don't have to give up soda, chocolate, etc., but you do need to include more water in your diet. Start small, include a glass with whatever you snack on and if you still want a soda have one.
I absolutely loathe drinking water. So, I made a list of ways I could incorporate it into my day. I even spiked the water with lemon, lime and other things to trick myself into liking it. I still don't like it. I have no sugar based drinks in my home. This forces me to drink water because I don't like being thirsty and I can only drink so much soy milk, tea and coffee without getting sick and/or thirsty. I have relapsed and driven to the store many a night for a fix, but I make it a point to have a bottle of water on my desk each morning. Pretty soon I will drink it all, but it has yet to happen.
Cleansers! Keep your canvas clean love. I am blessed with great skin, but the down side is...oil. My organic moisturiser could give Rudolph's nose a run for the money during the worst snow storm. I keep napkins with me at all times. I did try blotting sheets, but they didn't feel clean. They stuck to my face and I had to use no less than ten at a time then I still found a napkin or paper towel so, I am sticking with the napkins. When I am in a store or washing my hands I grab a few extra and keep them in my car, purse, desk and touch up throughout the day.
As for makeup, I cannot express how important washing off your makeup is. It's not just hygienic, but it's really good for your skin. Even those who have dry skin should do this, and no matter how late, tired, or lazy you are, you can stop in the loo and take a few minutes to clean your face and get that old mascara off.
While on the subject of makeup, clean your brushes, or throw out some of those dirty sponges. How many times have you seen a woman take out a compact and put that puff on her oily nose and back into the compact? Nice! Don't do that, and don't touch up the oilies without removing it first. Remember to blot next time. A client who was preparing for her sister's wedding wanted me to do her makeup. I asked her the essentials and inquired about what she uses for foundation. She then proceeded to tell me about her "awful breakouts." I asked her to bring the products and when she did, I immediately looked at her kabuki brush. "How often do you clean this?," I asked knowing her answer already. "Oh, I don't clean it, my makeup is mineral." Huh... So let's just say, we did an overview on brush cleaning and she was mortified by the colour of the water and the length it took to clean. I didn't follow up on her skin, but I drove the message home about the effects of dirty tools.
Please remember, if there is a way you can do so, money is rather tight these days, see a dermatologist. I don't mean to take the joy away from makeup, I'm a junkie too. But, there are so many things a dermatologist can do to help you to look your best. Whether it's your skin's moisture level being too high (oily) or too low (dry), acne or rosacea, they can best determine the method for you. Plus, no matter your ethnicity, you can get skin cancer and early detection is the best for a speedy recovery. That concludes today's tips!
Stay beautiful!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beauty Bargain

I found something of interest for you. I noticed a similarity between two products and thought I might share. I noticed
at from the Red, She Said Holiday Collection. They are a mineralized eyeshadow limited edition. But I also saw
at The MAC brand runs approximately $14.50 depending on your location and the one from Avon is $4.99, but also for a limited time. I just purchased Danger Zone and find the payoff to be less than I anticipated, but I do want to compare so I plan on trying the Avon duo as well. I shall report my findings as soon I receive it. Stay beautiful!

New Girl on the Block

Black Panther? Are you sure? Yes, I am sure it's 2008. That was the conversation in my head when I was deciding on the name for this blog. Even though there was a foiled assassination attempt on presidential hopeful Barack Obama today.

Well, not that anyone is reading this blog, but I have long thought black panthers are the epitome of sexy. As a black woman, I cannot think of a better mascot to emulate all things sexy, sleek, fierce and beautiful for this blog.

This blog is designed for a target population. I want women in their 30s, 40s and beyond to be represented somewhere regardless of their color. I have been enjoying the blocks, tutorials and assistance of many who have helped me with makeup technique, tricks, applications and the like for years. Kudos to you all and I can only hope to accomplish what many of you ladies and gentleman have done.

The thing which I found to be difficult and often times extremely embarassing is I can be their mother. I love watching tutorials on of many talented makeup gurus. I wish I had the same opportunity at their age. I can't cange my past so as I embrace middle age, I find I cannot use the same techniques and/or style of makeup. I look absolutely ridiculous trying to duplicate some of the looks that I am inspired by. This blog will hopefully help another woman find a way to balance the needs of maturing sking and look beautiful at any age.