Friday, May 29, 2009

Are you Gifted?

Hello Kittens,

I came up with this topic yesterday sitting in traffic on my way home from work. Lately, I'm really not feeling my job. For the past year, I have been counting my blessings thanking God I have a job to go to. This past week, not so much.
All my life, I have been one of those people who people feel telling their innermost secrets to. I am flattered yet curious at the same time about this. I find it really interesting many people have no problem opening up to me, inspite of me not being one to share my innermost with.
Well, in addition to being a good listener, for a long time I have been sensitive toward other people. That's not accurate. Here's an example. The other day, I had a feeling my co-worker was not happy even though she took a promotion. For some reason, I had a feeling she was going to quit. I mentioned this to another co-worker who told me I was wrong because the person in question had been wanting the promotion for a year. I never mentioned it again, but I still had this strange feeling our soon to be boss, was soon to be gone.
The next morning whilst touring our new location, the person in question notified us she was taking another position somewhere else. The rest of the staff was shocked, open mouthed and firing question after question. I didn't say anything. I felt sick about it. Naturally, my co-worker accused me of having information and holding out. I had no information other than a feeling.
This happens to me a lot. I will hear the phone ring and sense bad news. I can tell when people are happy, sad, depressed etc. What's more, their energy will tranfer to me. I'm not clairvoyant, don't follow witchcraft nor do I have any crystal balls.
In fact, I thought everyone had a sixth sense or had "hunches" but never spoke about them.
Now, I am known for this and though it's quite funny, it's very sad. People think it's a cool trick to say, "So and so is going to do x, y and z and it happens." On the other hand, having a hollow feeling in your stomach at night and not being able to sleep worrying about a friend only to call them and find out they just lost their job, had a row with their man, or is depressed gets really old.
While I go back and celebrate my colleagues departure, think about what "gifts" you have you may not know about. Are you good at guessing peoples age? Have you consistently won playing the lottery? Think about things you do other people think is "luck" and delve further. Are you lucky? Or are you simply gifted?

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Leave Susan Alone!!!

Hello Cherubs,

Today many of you, like me, heard about the recent rants from the lovely Susan Boyle. It appears celebrity is having its downside and now Susan is taking the piss in tabloids for outbursts due to her rise in publicity.
Are we really going to hold this woman's feet to the fire for having public outbursts? A few months ago we couldn't get enough of Octo mom and scrutinizing her every step, Jon and Kate was our latest and now we want to chastise Ms. Boyle for reaching her breaking point?
Before "Britain's Got Talent" no one heard from this lass from Scotland and the only reason people cared about her was due to her incredible voice. What's more, the fact that an everyday looking fourty eight year old woman could sing like the most beautiful cherub is the politically incorrect reason she shot to fame.
How dare a woman over forty, not a size two who could care less about looking like the woman on the cover of a lad rag, sing as brilliant as she does! She should be dieting to no end, injecting her body with Botox and working on those brows and that mane of hers. Has she not seen Lauren Luke on Youtube? For crying out loud, how dare an average woman have any sort of talent other than working as a low to middle income employee at a dead end job living in obscurity.
Instead of learning our lesson about judging a book by its cover, we now want to exploit the contents of the book for not "handling her overnight success like a lady." For f*cks sake, can you imagine going from being invisible to living in a fishbowl? Having the media follow you every where you go, looking into your past, scrutinizing your style and querying your next door neighbors about your personal business might get old after awhile.
What I find so infuriating is, if the story is true, these people set about to get on her wick in the first place. One can only endure so much provocation. Before we all get on our high horses, we may want to pony up and admit, we would be hard pressed to admit we could handle the stress of celebrity without dropping a few f-bombs. In the words of Chris Crocker, "Leave Susan Alone!"


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lime Crime: So Bright It's Illegal...?

Hello Lovers,

Last week I wrote about our Porcelian Beauties, or the sexy white tigers. I refered to the owner of an online blogazine who's work I really admire.
I was informed she carries her own line of cosmetics called "Lime Crime." I watched some reviews by some makeup artists whose work I admire on YouTube, so I ordered Nymph. I wanted a white that would be very stark and bright white. I have a few, but I heard her makeup was so finely milled it felt like silk going on and the reviews for the colors were brilliant.
While I agree the pigments are finely milled, there is an extraordinary amount of fallout. I don't know if I happened upon a bad piggie or if they all are prone to obscene fallout. I used it wet, but it still seemed to not want to stay on my eyelid, rather than my cheeks. The product runs $12.00 USD and holds about 2 grams, but I think I got roughly one gram. Nymph reminds me of MAC's Vanilla pigment, which in turn reminds me of L'Oreal HIP pigment in Exciting.
So, the price is a beat steep if you compare it to other mineral makeup lines on the market such as Everday Minerals, Aromaleigh and Fyrinnae. The colors are pigmented, but it's really not more pigmented than say, Pure Luxe.
Bottom line, I would only purchase this if you like the packaging and money is of no concern. Unfortunately, I won't repurchase, but I do think it's great she has her own line and a successful blog.

Meow for now!


Aspiring Makeup Artists, Models and Photographers

Hello Felines,
Smashbox is looking for some new faces to promote their line. If you are an aspiring makeup artist, model or photographer, you need to scurry over to their website smashbox cosmetics and enter to win.
Tell your friends, family and clients to vote for you, then the top twelve will proceed to the next round.

Good luck!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Halle stays Fab over 40!

Hey Felines,
I know I am not the only one who finds Halle Berry to be ridiculously beautiful. What's more, she has defied Hollywood by proving one does not lose her sex appeal after her 21st birthday.
Halle was recently spotted with long time lover Gabriel Aubrey and baby girl Nahla, sporting her trademark short, yet truly chic pixie. I find it refreshing to see her out and about enjoying the sun with her family. She proves that women can have it all after they turn 40. I really wish Hollywood would let go of the non-knicker wearing, boozed up, late night party going, plastic surgery overloaded celebs and show more celebrities who are living their lives. I reckon that wouldn't sell their publications.
I think I've gotten to the point where, I'm tired of seeing celebrities either airbrushed, claiming they haven't had any cosmetic alterations *cough,Nicole Kidman,cough* looking perfect on covers of magazines or lad rags and photos of Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Mary-Kate, et al. out partying every night at a different venue only to appear on Dr. Phil or Oprah, wanting sympathy for their addiction and to sell their story of how fame nearly destroyed them. In these tough economic times, it's really difficult for me to feel sorry for someone who blows what I make in a year on a night out on the town. It's terrible to judge but that's how I feel.
In looking at some of Halle's styles, I think the short hair suits her best, as it accentuate her bone structure perfectly. What do you think?

Friday, May 22, 2009

White Tigers

Hello Kittens!

Today I'm writing to encourage you to venture to a web zine I stumbled upon. doedeereblogazine while researching a topic. As a black woman, I admit I was not one of the Angela Davis, "Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud" little girls growing up. It's a shame to admit that but that was then, and I reckon it was because all of my Afrocentric features were things I got picked on as a kitten. We all overcome and learn from things in our past, but today I struggle with accepting mainstream society has a love affair with those same features. I won't go into the hair chronicles, but I do question, "Why is it called weaves for blacks and extensions for whites?" I digress.
My hips and bum were too big, my nose was too wide, my skin too dark, and my curves were "fat." When I ran upon the editor of this blog, it reminded me of how beautiful pale skin was to me as a little girl. Today, I see women who don't like being so pale or "transparent" as they are called. Why? It's just as wrong to be disturbed by very fair skin as it was darker skin. It seems that society has to find a way to make people not feel acceptable the way they are. All complexions are beautiful and that's how I feel. The black panther, the white tiger and all the gorgeous varieties in between are beautiful as they are created. Why must we change our skin to be lighter or darker?
I really resent myself but forgive myself for thinking I had to look like Barbie. I applaud all you felines who grew up believing and loving yourself, but it was difficult to love me, when the world around me didn't. I think at the most, even in university, there were three other blacks in my classes. I was always exposed to white communities. It may have been television, movies, magazines, my neighborhood, as well as church, but I was always the one minority girl and it felt horrible.
Now I'm speaking on behalf of my white tigers, the porcelain princesses out there. Love your beauty and accept your coloring. I relate to you in the quest for the "right" foundation and feeling like your complexion needs to be different than what it is.
I read that Dita Von Teese wears foundation lighter than her God given skin tone just to get that porcelain trademark she's famous for. I love seeing the contrast of black and white. I think it's beautiful; however, both have a bond even if it's unspoken.
In short felines, there is no "perfect" look, doll, style, body, or any of that. People are altering their bodies to have something you don't like about yourself. Look at her:

she's got the best of both worlds and I think she's perfect. We really need to start a movement of accepting ourselves and stop looking at our reflection and seeing the airbrushed images of celebrities, fashion models or whomever looking back at us. Raise your paw and say aloud, "I love myself the way I am, this is what makes me unique. I'm not like you, don't you wish you were like me? Too bad, God only made one of me, therefore I must represent on behalf of myself :)"

Keep your paw and head up!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Product Review: Moroccan Oil

Hey Felines and Tomcats,

If you are anything like moi, you have been reading so much about Moroccan oil. It's all over hair forums, beauty blogs, YouTube, etc. You may actually think this the answer to world peace at some point. I first heard of this product watching a Queen of Blending tutorial. Her hair is amazingly long, beautiful and healthy. I'm not daft, her hair grade and mine are completely different. My hair is more coiled and wiry, so I don't expect the same results she did. If you go to Beauty Choice it's out of stock usually because so many "gurus" are promoting their products, their videos are on their website. But, you might try cosmetic magic and get 3.4 oz bottle for $27.99.
This product claims it has the "unique" quality of instant absorption into the hair which creates a beautiful sheen sans oily residue. The reason this is so expensive is for it's properties, mainly the Argan oil. Argan oil comes from the kernels of Argan tree fruit which is only grown in a few regions, the main being Morocco. So much like a rare diamond is to gemstones, this is to hair oils. The Argan is good for every external agent on your body if you research.
Unfortunately, if you read the ingredients, you will find the truth. The first ingredient is water...yes, water in the oil. I digress. The next three ingredients are various forms of silicone and silicone agents. The next is fragrance. After the fragrance...drum roll...Argan oil followed by a few extracts. So, if you don't believe me, do as I always say when you are purchasing a product. Research!! You can get Argan oil for a lot cheaper than this, and what is the difference?
Glad you asked. I had Moroccan oil on half of my head and Jojoba on the other. I did not notice anything different in terms of health and appearance in my hair. The textures where different but I have 100% unrefined jojoba and the Moroccan oil has other agents.
Bottom line, unless you have money burning a hole in your hand, pass on this. For some reason, I think you already new this before reading, but now you can say Black Panther wasted her money so I don't have to. Then, if you're a skeptic, you can Google this product, look at the ingredients, scratch them down and research those, and tell me what you think.

Thanks for being you, God made you that way!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

YouTube Love

Hey Kittens,
I have had a love/unhappy (hate is not healthy)relationship with YouTube and was really, really not feeling some of these "gurus." Now don't get me wrong, anyone with a computer can register and become a guru and their is a skill level and market for every look but I get turned off when gurus forget that they once had half a dozen subscribers, seem to post videos for other gurus or the makeup art gets lost in whatever drama that seems to find it's way into the "community." There are a couple ladies I have stumbled upon, and their inner beauty is so transparent and they are so genuine, when I finish watching their videos, I feel good, or I am excited they post more. Vegas Diamond28 has been on of those ladies. She is extremely beautiful, she has a husband, two beautiful daughters, and whilst she is not catered to one look, style or approach, her channel will leave you feeling good about yourself. I am really happy for her happiness in life, and she reminds me that good things happen when you put good energy and love into the world. She's a real blessing and I hope you will check her out!

Stay Beautiful!


Beauty Bites!

What's your pleasure?
Whatever you decide you cannot beat the deals at right now in terms of making a makeup purchase.
For example:

Jelly Pongs new and improved concealer crayon in bare is $25.00 USD normally, that's what I paid, and though it's not my color. I have used this in my kit and for personal use to: use as a concealer on light skin, as an eyeshadow base to neutralize eyes with redness or visible veins, in the tear ducts to brighten the eyes, under brows to highlight, and on the waterline to make eyes appear bigger without looking stark, and to base pigmented lips, the uses are endless, be creative, if not, pass this on to your friends.

Stay beautiful, and believe in yourself!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Max Factor

So I broke my no buy...the girls at makeupalley told me I would, especially if I logged on to the website. Well, I did, no harm no foul since, I'll be making a MAC purchase this week, details to come.
I had seen adverts for the Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor, but Gisele Bündchen's look didn't strike me as anything special, but I must admit to being intrigued. Then, I saw Katy Perry and was impressed and decided that since I found it for 50% off at Walgreen's I could justify cutting back a trip to Starbucks for a new lippie. They have a great color range, twenty so far and retail for $9.00 USD. I admit drugstores are moving up to department stores (MAC) when it comes to their pricing, but until MAC has 1/2 off, I can work with this.
The texture is quite comparable to MAC's amplified creme in that it goes on creamy and thicker than a sheer lipstick, and it doesn't drag. It doesn't wear all day, but I find 16 hour wear lippies to be VERY drying. If you're not ready to splurge just yet, I highly recommend visiting their website as I got some inspiration to do different makeup looks. Just click and enjoy!

Meow for now kittens!


L'oreal Telescopic Explosion...Familiar?

Hi Pretty,
I am such a sucker for eyelashes. I have been rotating lash lengthening mascaras, growth enhancing products, and now I'm acquiring more mascara than my short lashes can use.
To be honest, I never got the hang of Givenchy's version, but the idea behind it was good. But, I thought the longer bulb would be better so I ordered it and I cannot say it was the best bang for my buck since it's probably in customs, but from the revies I have read, it's not bad once you get the hang of it.

Good luck!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Beauty Bite for Pears

Fashionista Felines,
Are you worried about being summer ready for swimsuit season? Well, Black Panther has some tips for you. I think the bum and the belly are the two issues most women fear most when it comes to exposing themselves at the beach. Well, sarongs are here to help! You can go to Sassy Sarongs and find one for around $21.99 USD, you can get a sarong in the color, length and pattern of your choice.

Just look how well it works to keep Kim Kardashian's lovely assets covered. It keeps the paparazzi from featuring her on the cover of every glossy with the title "Kim's Cellulite Exposed" or "Kim packs on 15 pounds and scheduled for rehab after fight with Reggie!" Go Kimmy, way to make your body work for you!
It's time us bottom heavy girls embrace the skin we're in and love and accept the body the Lord gave us, what's wrong with a little extra cush in the tush?
Let's celebrate!

Bring on the barbeques, swimming pools, beaches, and sand volleyball, with our sarong, we can have work it out and still look fly.

Meow for now lovelies,


Coastal Scents Friday

Hello Kittens,

I received an e-mail and wanted to share it with you all.
Dear Coastal Scents Subscriber,

Armed Forces Day is Saturday May 16th, to honor our Troops at home, abroad, and their Families, we are throwing a huge sale for the weekend. Receive 16% off your entire order when you use the coupon code PEACE at checkout.

Thank you for shopping with Coastal Scents!

While I have not personally made a purchase from this company, I have seen many of the items and feel you can get basic essentials at an affordable price. Happy Shopping!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bare Escentuals Oil Control Primer

Hey Gorgeous!

Yesterday, after work, I went to Sephora to find something to combat oil for the summer. To be honest, I'm oily year round, so I was on a mission. I told the sales assistant I had tried: Peter Thomas Roth, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Avon, Medi-Matte, Dermalogica and a list of others. I use Milk of Magnesia, but I really don't like the smell. It has started to make me quite miserable.
I have done research, but since I don't have acne, most of the suggestions from my dermatologist are not going to be effective. I have seen Accutane really do an about face for loads of felines, but it will not combat my oily skin.
I thought I would give Bare Escentuals Oil Control Primer a go since I have heard many wonderful things about this line. I did mention I am also one with sensitive skin, so the bismuth doesn't work so no need to try me with the foundations. She tried anyway, and I started to leave as I get the economy and need for sales, but why sell me something I told you doesn't work for me? Then she stated if I used a barrier (another product) it would work fine. So, in order to get one product to work, I need another product from a different line? Seriously.
So, after some negotiation and patience on both of our parts, I got good sample of this. Usually, I will try a product for six weeks to give it a full review, but I am at the point that I can tell in one day, how my skin will take. It's a primer said to absorb oil, it either works or doesn't, six weeks will not make a difference.
Here is the claim:
Prime Time Foundation Primer Oil Control
What it is:
An oil-free foundation primer for a shine-free complexion.

What it does:
Bare Escentuals Prime Time Oil Control is a water-based primer developed for oily, sensitive, or problem-prone skin to instantly smooth the complexion prior to bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation. The oil-, fragrance-, and silicone–free formula is clinically proven to control shine throughout the day, as well as to regulate oil and refine pores with minerals and natural plant extracts. The lightweight primer glides on seamlessly—leaving the skin matte, refreshed, and ready for foundation.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Phthalates

So, did it work? No, it did not much to my regret. I really wanted to love this product and say it would be a good product for us oily cats, but it isn't. I am near surrender to my skin and will continue using tissues as blot absorbers until I can figure something out. I cannot stress how important, no matter your skin tone, sunscreen is. No matter how oily, please use sunscreen until you are bathing in it as skin cancer is affecting people in their teens now. I have had good results with MAC's Prep and Prime SPF 50 and Shiseido's SPF 55.

Thanks for being you!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Favorite Shampoo and Why

Happy Wednesday,

Don't you love to learn about products before you decide to buy them? I have spent far too much than I wish to admit on hair products in this long journey to hair health and length.
I don't want my hair just to be long, I want my mane to be healthy. What good is long hair if the ends are sparse, ragged and unhealthy looking? When I say healthy I must define that in my terms. The hair closest to my scalp should be the same density as my ends. If my hair is thick at the roots and frayed on the ends, I need a cut because there is obviously some breakage. I want my hair to shed a reasonable amount otherwise I have to look at what is going on with my body and health physiologically. Caffeine, stress, medications, can all contribute to hair loss, scalp massage and a balanced diet with supplements when necessary is essential to hair health. Products can make or break one's hair literally. For me, the beginning of my regimen begins with a good shampoo. I have used shampoo for kids, blondes, chemically treated, thinning, and horses by more lines than I can count. At one time Creme of Nature was the only shampoo I would use. I had beauticians and friends get me to buy every "new and improved" product and things you would swear was made from acient egyptians during rare eclipses, as well as products used by Native American and/or women from Sri Lanka and other countries known for long, silky hair and none of them worked.
I bought Keracare's shampoo for dry, itchy scalp a few months ago and was impressed, but of course the more browsing I did on other forums, I was lured into other brands and wound up with sub par results.
What I like about this shampoo is that when I'm in the shower, I can feel it tingling and the cooling sensation is euphoric if you have the itchies as I refer to them. My scalp constantly itches to the point of embarassment. I also have dry hair, so I can't wash it everyday but I want my scalp to feel clean. I have tried co washing, but it's like I'm adding product on top of my hair for the sake of conditioning my hair. For me, I need to have a clean scalp and the occasional clarifying of my hair for any conditioner to work effectively. As a result, I am limited to weekly intensive regimens.
When I use this shampoo, I am able to comb it through to the ends. Yes, you are supposed to start with the ends, but this shampoo gave me what I expected UAN's to do, which was melt through the tangles. Unfortunately, it's quite costly but I have decided I will spend the money to have a small set of items that truly work for my hair than to nickle and dime myself until I find things that work with my hair. It makes sense, and I wish I had come to this conclusion years ago while I was buying things from health food stores, pet stores and every beauty supply store in the heart of the ghetto and wasting money down the drain.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to Maxie your Moxi


Today I want to write about the style I rocked yesterday and give my view on it. We have all seen the Maxi dress but most women aren't sure how to wear it. I received loads of compliments from women of various ages and styles and it was completely unexpected.
I bought mine for $15.99 USD at Ross and wore it with a short waisted cardigan. I planned to wear open toe mary jane's but due to timing, I wore I two inch sandal which sort of matched the color of the dress.
Maxi dresses are not suited for women who are petite and heavier set. The reason is it will look like a pajama dress rather than a stylish summer dress. If you have very heavy arms, you may want to also think twice because the dress is covers over 90% of your body thus placing emphasis on the remaining area that is visible. If you have very large breasts, tread with caution as it will make you look heavier than you are because your breasts will protrude causing the dress to pull out almost as if you are hiding a baby bump. These dresses can be mistaken for old school maternity dresses and that is why I emphasize the need to be cautious with wearing this style. Similarly, it's counterpart, the Baby Doll dress can look really juvenile if you're petite but brilliant if you have long slim legs.
While the maxi may not be for everyone, I have finally found something that works with my long thin arms without reminding me of a monkey. I know that fashion is fickle, and it comes and goes faster than you can say meow, but I'm really feeling this for the summer. It is inexpensive, requires little to accessorize and can make women appear taller and slimmer if worn properly.

Have a wonderful day!


Monday, May 11, 2009

UAN Crema Plus Intensive Reconstructor Review

Hello Kittens,
I'm back from my mini break and want to give and update on the UANS Crema Plus Intensive Reconstructor.
Some time ago I watched a YouTube tutorial from DRBrooklyn who was raving about this product. Being the junkie I am, I got on every hair forum regardless of the type, Longhaircare, BlackHairMedia, Makeupalley, Specktra, the whole lot and began investigating and searching for reviews. Well, I could not come up with anything conclusive, mixed reviews so I took the plunge. Not only did I take the plunge, I went for the biggest size they had. My mane is a hot mess to handle and I want to have an arsenal I can call tried and true and stop throwing good money after bad. So, I bought the 32 oz pump jar for $107.95!!!! Yes, I went big, but if this stuff was really going to have "voodo" capabilities at detangling MY hair, it was worth every cent. " Intensive reconstructor for dry, damaged or processed hair

See also Thérapi Reconstructor

CREMA PLUS, designed to penetrate the outer cuticle layer of your hair, delivers exceptional manageability, silken softness and sheen. CREMA PLUS contains Hydrogranein®, a natural wheat protein to help build hair strength and thickness. Use as needed to treat dry, damaged & chemically treated hair.

intense protein reconstructor
does not weigh down the hair
repairs dry, damaged or processed hair – instantly
equalizes the porosity of the hair shaft and protects it prior to chemical treatments
unique self neutralizing alkaline formula designed to open the outer cuticle layer of the hair in order to penetrate – then closes it
use once a week or twice if hair is extremely damaged
contains Hydrogranein®, a natural wheat protein that bonds permanently to hair to help build strength and thickness
How to: Apply after shampoo on damp hair. Leave 2 to 5 min. and rinse. For an even deeper treatment, cover with a plastic cap, leave for 15 minutes and rinse. It is not necessary to use heat.

The science behind the beauty

Unlike many conditioning treatments, UAN’S® Treatments are water-based, and will not adversely affect or alter any chemical treatment. Crema and Crema Plus’ formulation gives it an initially alkaline pH, thus allowing it to open the cuticle and penetrate into the cortex. While the hair is drying, the treatment’s formula neutralizes itself to a normal pH. The now more acidic composition closes the cuticle, locking-in emollients."
That's what the product claims. I have used this for over a month and I have not found it to be impressive. In fact, I compared it to a few other products and found two products to be better at a smaller price tag. Terax Crema is similar to UAN's, and left my hair softer. Africa's Best Just for Kids Deep Penetrating treatment, beat them both as, like it's counter part the leave in lotion, it detangles very well and has a thicker consistency.
I will continue to use this product as part of my leave in mixture; however, I would not recommend this if you have long, 4a/b hair texture and your hair easily tangles. Overall, I give this product only 2 out of five paws.

Meow for now gorgeous!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brow Envy


Lately I've been hearing alot of talk about eyebrows. To wax, pluck, or thread? Are fuller brows "in" this season? Do eyebrows really matter if your face is fierce?
I am one who has not been blessed with a high arch, and they grow like the following:

Unfortunately, I don't have a natural arch and while they are not thin, they grow sparse in certain areas. I have to "trick" my eyebrows to create an arch. It could be my hypersensitivity about my brows that has me longing for the "perfect" brow, or it could be that I am more aware of the importance of eyebrows now that I am in makeup arenas all day.
Truth be told, you have to feel comfortable to rock any look. If you have the most beautiful shaped brows with a natural arch but you don't feel sexy, you won't look sexy. I see it all the time, women with really beautiful features unaware of their God given beauty.
If you are just starting with shaping your eyebrows, I HIGHLY recommend going to a salon or esthetician first. In many stores (ULTA, Macy's, etc.)there are brow bars where you can get them shaped for free. In my location, the makeup artists at Benefit will shape your brows for free!
The downside of brow control is maintenance. If you're a hairy beast like me, your brows grow as you tweeze them. Morning and night, after cleansing my face I pluck the strays.
I will create a post solely on how to arch and maintain eyebrows, and what supplies I recommend. I have an arsenal and they have been keeping my eyebrows groomed and in place without melting down my face by noon.

Ciao gorgeous!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

N.Y.X. 10th Anniversary Sale

Hello Kittens,

By now you have all heard about the NYX 10th Anniversary Sale. In honor of their success, you can get 50% off all products at the NYX Website.
Now I'll give you some product suggestions. I think if you want a great mascara, the Doll Eye Mascara gets great reviews. In terms of eyeshadows, NYX is said, and I agree, to be comparable to MAC. I love the payoff of the most of the singles, the Ultimate Pearls, the Loose Pearls and I'm not very fond of the trios at all. As with most eyeshadows, they can be hit or miss, but if you are just starting to build your collection and you want quality eyeshadows at an affordable price, you can't go wrong.
My wishlist? Definitely the Doll Eye Mascara, the concealer pots (great for contouring eyebrows), I have not heard anything good about their foundations, but for the price, it's a great time to "experiment" and add more diversity to your already large collection.

Meow for now!


Monday, May 4, 2009

O.P.I Bright Pair

Hello Felines,
As summer approaches quite rapidly, it's high time we get our mani's and pedi's sorted. If your a fan of bright colours, you may find the collection by O.P.I called "Bright Pair" to be for you.
Here is the color story:
No room for the blues-This is a vivid blue in denim-ite!
On the Same Paige-You'll agree this orange-red is jean-ious!
Over the Taupe-An outrageously appealing shad of "lush"-room.
Shorts Story-Hot pink. The end.
A Grape Fit-This rich purple was made for you.
In my Back Pocket-A bright orange you won't want to tuck away.

Each lacquer is .5 oz and depending on your location, runs about $9.00 USD.

Have a lovely start of the week!