Monday, March 30, 2009

Crown Brush Review

Hello Beautiful,

I know that MAC have been the "go to" when it comes to makeup brushes for some time. I don't know if it is part of the hype or cult like following for this particular cosmetics brand, or if it's because their brushes are said to have the best quality.

I have watched hundreds of tutorials where people just say the number (i.e. 209, 239, 217, etc) and viewers know exactly what they are speaking of. They are talking about the number assigned to the MAC brush they are applying their makeup with.

For me, I am not loyal to any brand because I freelance and with that, I don't represent any one makeup company. What's more, I have found softer brushes in art supply stores, the only problem is that they are not ergonimically designed for long hours on a set and that poses a problem for me.

Let me introduce another alternative called crown brush If you take sometime and look through their catalog of brushes, you will find many of the same brushes at a fraction of the cost.

If you love your high end brushes, that's excellent! More power to you, and if you have MAC, take a clear matte nail varnish and paint over the numbers as they will fade in time. For those of you who are looking at cutting back or ways to pinch pennies, take a look at crown brush, you may find some items you like and save more $$ for your next haul :)

Meow for now,


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Katy Perry at the Brits!

Hey Lovely Ones,

You know, I kinda like Katy Perry. Her songs are catchy and music like that is sort of brain candy for me. It's simple, not angry, it leaves me feeling silly rather than angry, or depressed and I love some really intense tunes, but I find her and Lady Ga Ga to be quite fun. I don't think of them as icons when it comes to style, but I do like their ability to be daring and not take their look so serious. I went to Polyvore, and found they can match you up with an outfit similar to what your looking for.

I was feeling bored, and a bit tired and wondering what my summer look will be. I tend to stay in a comfort color (black) and only vary my hair for VERY special occassions, so I was surfing around for styles and came across the one of Katy Perry at the Brits. When I tried to get something similar online, I got matched with this:

Although it's not my style, it's great that there is a place to go if you want to channel your inner rock, hip-hop, or country music star. I think you should find a look outside of your standard style, and see what Polyvore comes up with for you. It's okay to unleash your inner fierceness, you can always return to your familiar.

Meow for now loves,


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hair Review

Hey Beautiful!

I know we all love product reviews, and I am a product junkie at heart but I don't want to review a product without using it thoroughly. I think it goes without saying we all want to save money and there are so many products on the market these days and I find it overwhelming and I've been doing this for a really, really long time.

I'll begin by saying I have relaxed, kinky textured African hair. I have posted a photo sometime back and my hair is almost to my waist. I preface by saying this because some people think it is not possible for Afro textured hair to grow beyond the shoulders. My hair didn't get to this length until I began researching products, and learning how to take care of my hair. Now that it's long, I'm not so concerned about my mane the way I was when I was younger as I am a lot my secure with myself and now my hair is just an extension of me. I'm blessed to have anything on my head after all I put it through. God really does have my back on this because I had bald spots from some of my "discoveries."

I have tried Terax Crema twice. The first time, I was using it in conjunction with a lot of other products so it was difficult to determine, which product worked.

Here's the skinny: Original Crema Ultra Moisturizing Daily Conditioner
What it is:
An ultra-moisturizing daily conditioner for all hair types.

What it is formulated to do:
Crema opens the cuticle to allow moisture to penetrate the hair, leaving it soft and silky. It also restores split ends, breakage, and dryness associated with chemical treatments and environmental damage and combats static electricity and frizziness.

What else you need to know:
Scented with rice flower, shea, bergamot, and juniper.

Here's what I found. It has a scent that is strong and not in a fragrancy, perfume type of way. It smells a bit rancid. You may even think of fish to be honest. I've read that the "animal fat" is what gives the aroma.

I cannot disagree with it's moisturizing abilities, as it does really seem to soften my hair and it does give the extra slip I need to detangle, without being heavy.

I bought this at here when they had their friend and family discount, and free shipping.

This is not quite my holy grail, or staple for deep conditioning, but it does work well and would get 3.5 of 5 paws. It's a bit pricey, but if your mane is brittle, it's a good product to give a go.

Stay lovely!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

L-word Lipstick

Hey Gorgeous!

Who killed Jenny Schecter? Well, I really did enjoy the L-word. I was in Long Beach, California the first time I had ever seen the show. I was visiting my best friend and going through a horrible breakup, and this show caught my eye and I was addicted from then on. I was rather pathetic come to think of it, lying around all day, crying in my tea wondering why he left, was I pretty? Blech!

I was looking online for some items for my kit and voila, Three Custom Colors, had the L word lippies right here and you have to love the names and descriptions for each. My fave? Shane, "so neutral it's commitment free!" That is my girl right there! Go Shane, I am not mad at you, but I did take it personal when you left Carmen, but no worries love!

Primer vs. Base

Hello Kittens,

I wanted to have a beauty bite yesterday; however, I had my annual cold/flu and have not quite gotten back to 100% so rather than blog, I slept. I will be committed to this blog whether I have zero or a trillion subscribers because beauty is not about me, and knowledge really is power.

Lately a lot of people having been buzzing about ways to prevent their eyeshadow from creasing and how to make their eyeshadows "pop!" These two statements are not interchangeable. A base is not equal to a primer at all, so if you are priming your eyes, you will use something to prevent the eyeshadow from creasing. Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Primer Potion, L'Oreal De-crease, Artdeco, etc. are all primers. Once again, your goal in priming is to keep the oily eyelids at bay.

Bases are something you will use to primarily bring depth from your eyeshadow. You can have a mediocre eyeshadow and make the color pop (more vibrant) by using a good base. A base should be creamy enough for the eyeshadow or pigment to stick to, but not so much that it causes creasing. Almost every cosmetic line has the equivalent of a base, anything with a creamy or tacky texture will work. I have used eyeliners, cream color bases, kohl's, and jumbo pencils to base my eyes and the best part is that you can get them in so many colors. NYX's jumbo pencils are a softer alternative to MAC's shadesticks, but MAC carry creme color bases, paints and paint pots as well. The one thing to keep in mind is that you want to make sure you aren't heavy handed with your base or your eyeshadow will crease.

Good luck face painting!


Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hello Lovelies!

I got this in my e-mail today.

It's official, the recession is forcing marketing representatives to really come up with ideas in order to move their products. I am personally not motivated to run to the store and but this, "rocket in my pocket" but you never know what other felines and tom cats may think about this. I can't decide if it reminds me of the advertising used for catalogues, (think Hanes) or if it's that cheesy soft porn look in and on adult trade magazines. The ones with model looking like he doesn't know if he's supposed to be selling to men or women, so he's just sort of there? That's it!

You can choose from men of different styles, ethnicities and looks. How much will it cost you to have a sexy piece of man looking at you whilst prepping your pretty pucker? A mere $19.00 USD to have David, Eric, Jessie, Kirk, Doug, James, Julio and Timothy both dressed and in their undies for your viewing pleasure.

I am getting the visual of one of you sexy felines pulling out your new "rocket" from you "pocket" and purring at the photo of your stray cat and feeling like you are licking his ear and making him...I digress ;)

Good luck with that gorgeous!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring's Trends 2009

Hey Fancy Faces,
It's two days until Spring begins! I'm still sporting coats, jackets, and winter clothing, but according to the calendar, we will begin spring on Friday. So, I wanted to discuss the trend we've been watching and waiting for in the cosmetics industry.
Pastels it is! I knew this was going to happen when I saw the Bobbi Brown bright palette this season was to be about color. What else could make our get-it-in-your-head-we-wear-neutrals Bobbi to come out with a collection of bright colors?
By now you've all seen the lavendar, lilacs, and pinks in MAC's line as well as the Makeup Show and IMATS.
So, you're thinking to yourself, how do I not look like this

Not to worry you pretty little head. You can rock the pastels and still be in your own comfort zone. Not everyone looks good in bright colors, so it's up to you to know how intense the color should be. Warm cats may want to go with a peachy pink rather than a bright blue based pink. Here's a good example,

One the one hand you have Rihanna rocking a cool bright pink, but to the left, still in pastel, she's sporting a warmer pink.
Another thing to keep in mind is, to focus on one feature at a time. If you are going bright on the eyes, don't also go bright on the cheeks, and lips. If you want to rock the bright lips, go easy on bright eyes. If you are King or Queen of your jungle and you choose to go all out, do it in a way not to look clownish. Anything is possible, but it's better to err on the safe side.
If you still aren't ready or suited for brights, don't focus on your face. Substitute your clothes, shoes or accessories. You can even substitute nail varnish in place, yet still be fashionable. It's all in good fun, and it's a trend, so don't invest too much as what's hot for spring may be a "not" for summer.

Stay gorgeous,


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

25% off at BOBBI BROWN!!!

I know, too many posts in one day, and not enough money for all these sales, but if I didn't notify you, you would be spending a lot of hard earned disposable income without having enough left over for a manicure or pedicure. From March 17-19, 2009 and don't forget to enter INSTANT for free shipping at check out!

Have fun gorgeous!

Back to Beauty = SALE!!!


I apologize for being a hypocrite. You know how I been going on and on about spending less, the economy and my passion for having my friends, which you are, look at some of their spending and the MAC launches? Well, I've been throwing sales and codes at you left and right but I figure, like every cubleader, if my pack of mates are going to spend, then get a bl**dy discount!
Becca Cosmetics is leaving another store. This has me dead curious as to what she's got planned as she left Sephora and now Neiman Marcus. Never mind. Their loss is your gain, so simply click here and shop for all the clearance items you can afford.
What I like about this line most would have to be the variety in shades, especially for women of color/darker skinned and the variety in general. As a makeup artist, I cannot stress enough about having a wide range of colors in your kit. There is nothing more embarassing then being sent to a shoot and not having the right colors and/or having to borrow from another artist. Never a good business practice, so think about that while you spend.

Happy Shopping!


Face Off

Hey Lovely Felines,

Hope you all are purrfect :) I am having a bit of fun with today's blog. I have yet to see the movie Twilight, nor have I read the book. I have seen the actor, aka The Lion (we felines love them) and he's...I can see what the attraction would be, so I have to confess. The Black Panther is really loving Mr. "I'm Chuck Bass" and last night after indulging in one of my guilty not taken serious show, Gossip Girls, I found that Chuck, or Ed Westick reminds me of a human version of Edward Cullen, or Robert Pattison. Maybe it's just me, but there's something between the two that remind me of one another aside from them being, young, white, English and fun to look at. So, what does the Panther do? Like all felines, I prowl (research) and find that they may be bff's in real life

Can we meow, purr or just blippin say, "Awww..." Who knew that these two might actually be friends. Doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Meow for now!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Sales, Sales and more Sales!


I am happy to tell you of any method of saving money as possible. So, let's get on with it shall we? First, NYX is having a sale on some of their cult faves and the above Item #3 retails for $43.00 USD which is one dollar per shadow, or you can see the other items here for items which may be more beneficial to your collection.

In addition, Prescriptives is having a Friends and Family 30% off and free shipping sale so if you are interested in trying out their line, or are looking to replace one of your current HG's you may want to jump in and get what you can afford while the sale is going on! For more information, shopping or details, simply click here!

Shhhh...I may have inside information about a Bobby Brown sale in the upcoming days, so stay tuned for that!

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grand Duo's

Hello Beauties,

MAC sent me yet another invitation to another launch called Grand Duos. For me they were not worth $22.00 USD. They state, "M.A.C makes the next move with Grand Duos - A mineralized blush that has a marbleized melange on one side, and a complementary mono shade on the other. It has a soft-shimmer, super-shine pearl in a pretty tri-colour veining that enhances cheekbones." Of course you will find swatches, and tutorials all over the net, but for me, they are not enough for me to run top speed to the nearest MAC. For you who love MSF's you will find these to be worth adding to your collection. I don't care for too much shimmer on my cheeks, as I like it on my eyes and I fear overkill. I really do think MAC's blushers are not their strong point, however, I feel the same about their foundation. Please don't take my word, always try it for yourself as you may find your holy grail item just do your research before you shell out your hard earned money and you can always take part in an online at here or just browse the sight and find looks you like and replicate them.

Love always,


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Iman Cosmetics

Hey Gorgeous Felines,

I had planned to do a review of a product; however,it has been the worst experience in customer service yet for me. I really am passionate about women, darker women especially, learning and harvesting all of the internal and external things to feel better about themselves. Makeup is just part of it, but being the primary source of this blog, I carry a responsibility to educate, motivate and participate in the wellness of those who take the time to read, whether that be zero or two million. So, when a product doesn't come coupled with the desire to want to give more, I get a little "tense" when I feel a company is blowing me off.

So, I was perusing my makeup bag and heard IMAN cosmetics was no longer around. Well, I did some research and found the website was still intact, and what's more there is so much information from makeovers, looks, and step by step instructions right here and learn tips and tricks to get the above looks! Have a go! I am going to try the Song look since it is subtle enough for my day job.

Meow for now!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello=Hell No!

Hello Beautiful,

I received an e-mail, rather two from MAC Cosmetics regarding the Hello Kitty Kouture, I saw most of the items but what I did not see was the price tag. Come on MAC, the world is in an economic crisis and you want how much for a sheer mystery powder?
I don't fault them as their are plenty of MAC lovelies who are lining up to take advantage of the limited edition "exclusive" and then post 2342708091 videos on Youtube about how "pretty" it is. It better be SPECTACULAR for $90 USD!!!
It states, "Exclusively for the Hello Kitty Kouture collection: a polished silver Sheer Mystery Powder compact featuring Hello Kitty outlined in white Swarovski crystals with a pink crystal bow.
10g / 0.35 US OZ
US $90.00
It comes in three colors light medium, medium plus and dark secret. How do you divide the complexions of women on only three color spectrums? Is that part of the elusive mystery? To learn more feel free to read here and maybe you can tell me why I should pay a day's salary for a beauty powder. Bear in mind I can find loads of Hello Kitty at Sanrio, Claire's and other gift stores.

Stay sexy!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Coastal Scents 20% Off

Hey Gorgeous,

Have you told yourself you are wonderful, amazingly talented and beautiful today? Remember cherubs, the world is rather self obsorbed, we tend to forget to treat people with kindness, compassion and/or sincerity. Please don't forget to tell yourself what a wonderful being you are, if you wait for affirmation from others, or rely on others' approval you won't feel good about yourself as people are fleeting and what's in is out in a blink of an eye.

So, my news for you is that you can go to coastal scents and received 20% off the highly coveted palette a vast majority of guru's on Youtube praise. Sure, it's available on eBay, but why not use the discount and save on shipping?

Have a beautiful weekend,


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Summer 2009 Guerlain

Hey Gorgeous,
Behold the Guerlain 'Gloss Cashmere' Lip Gloss. The product states "Discover the new Gloss Cashmere and its light, soft texture, which coats your lips with deep, matte and velvety color. Decorated with an Indian-inspired motif, Gloss Cashmere is part of this year's limited-edition Terracotta collection and covers lips with a color that is as matte and intense as the traditional lip powders used by the most spellbinding beauties of India. " See more of the collection here. I think for $28.00 this stuff should clean my carpets, but if you are really wanting to floss and love your labels, Guerlain ranks among the elite along with Chanel, Givenchy and Dior. I don't manage to keep anything on my lips past my firt cup in the a.m. so, high end for this fat cat=MAC.

Meow for now sexy!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MAC Style Warriors set to launch May 14th

Hello Beautiful Ones,

According to Temptalia MAC is set to release Style Warriors in time for the competitive summer line up. This collection is warm to my heart for packaging purpose, I love the colors and the jungle themes with animal print packaging. Again, as I repeat time and time again, MAC is notorious for hype and the "leaks" to certain forums, bloggers and websites, adds to the appeal in luring one in. That said, will I purchase anything? Not before seeing the collection in person and at least one week after the release. Hint: How many lovelies were less thrilled about Hello Kitty? How many of you all returned your Studio Sculpt due to break outs or oxidization? That is my point!

I do love advance insider trading though, as it does help in the event I want to ration my funds and allocate by robbing from Peter to purchase Paul.

Good day lovelies!


Monday, March 2, 2009

The Silica Soap opera

Hello Gorgeous,
As always, I take a laid back approach to much of the hype online as it pertains to beauty. It's really curious that people will praise something one week and the next week it's down the drain. It's a wise decision to remember that the majority of the time, haste does equal waste.
While keeping up to date is part of my decision as a beautician and journalist, I have to remember that there are cycles. For example, the Hello Kitty hype. MAC has this way of "leaking" product release information and huge blogs such as Temptalia or Specktra, obtain information and publish it and all of a sudden the buzz gets going. Great for press, sales, etc., but to consumers we need to be more wise with our choices. Are the colors that different than what is already available or dupeable? Is this something that I cannot live without and will not be similar to another release or item already in your collection? Will this product work with me, or will I have to "tweak" it to make it work?
For me, if I am making a purchase, I don't want to purchase three other items to make the color work for me, *cough, Lavender Whip, cough, cough*?
Another thing I think given the current economy is, "Is this a good investment?" Ever since I began asking myself if my purchase was a worthwhile investment, my impulse buying has decreased almost 50%. When you begin to think of your money as an investment, you will spend it differently.
I digress. About a year ago all the buzz was about Makeup Forever's HD silica face finishing powder. Not long after, Coastal Scents launched their version. Recently, there has been an ongoing debate as to the damage silica does in terms of one's health. I have not done research, but I guarantee if I were to do an inventory of all the items I interact with, breathe, eat, drink, wear, I may as well start planning my funeral. Please don't get caught up in any hype as if you wait long enough, like many of the "cult" favorite foundations which broke people out, or you have scene Youtubers promote a brand and in their daily routine they don't use it, you are better off saving your money and finding your own routine.