Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pores no More?

I think I'll pull my hair out strand by strand if I read, hear or watch another ill informed person tell people how to "eliminate their pores."  I've heard it all. 
Rinse with cold water to close your pores... Guess what? Pores aren't like doors, they don't open and close.
To seal your pores, use toner...Only if you have them painted on your face can you seal them.  That would take polyurethane not toner.
I could go on, but I like to get right to the point.  You cannot get rid of your pores without sandblasting your face!!!
There are things you can do to minimize the appearance, but stop buying products aimed at eliminating or reducing the size of your pores.  Your pores are part of your skin, and they can be less noticeable if you keep them unobstructed.  Your skin gets oily, dirty, etc. and your pores swell.  Toners, lemon, apple cider vinegar are ways to give the illusion of shrinking them, but they are still there.  There isn't any miracle over the counter product you can use to make them go away.
Don't cry, all hope is not lost.  You know the strawberry nose epidemic?  The blackheads that form on your nose giving you that strawberry like effect?  Those can be eliminated, albeit temporarily.  I don't recommend Biore strips.  I used to love them until I started buying things from Asia.  This is how it started.  Wow!  I didn't know there was stuff out there that existed, and good on Wendy for being brave enough to put her nose out there.  I'm not about to do the same.  Though I did try that product and loved it, it's a constant chore for me.  Upon speaking with a dermatologist, I need sandpaper at least 2% beta hydroxy acid, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide on a rotating basis.  I was told to avoid these:

(just say no)
Those tools, if not handled properly, will only wreak more havoc on your skin and may lead to scarring.  Great, pores, blackheads and scars.
I don't believe using those at home remedies will cause harm to your skin if used in moderation.  What I don't want is for anyone to get their hopes set up on spending money to obtain results which aren't possible without a visit to the derm.  It sucks, but oily skin is what it is.  We produce oil and others don't.  Instead of dry, flaky skin, we have a permanent shine and it increases which causes pores to adjust to the collection of sebum/oil.  It's life, we all have flaws, but thank God we have ways to photoshop minimize the appearance.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cherry Culture Discount!

Speak English for Crying Out Loud!

OMG! LOL! GTFOWTBS!  Really?  RLY? Yes, this is how many people communicate nowadays.  Can't blame them, you can only fit so many characters into a text or tweet.  It's only frustrating when you are trying to research something and cannot understand what is being said, what it means, and are too embarrassed to post questions.
Someone was kind enough to ask about some acronyms used on many hair boards.  I have been using them, hearing them for so long, I forgot they were still used.  By now, I reckoned there would be a new category of short cuts.  I must admit, I haven't been on too many hair forums since I found my holy grail products.  I am too vulnerable to relapse.  I still buy things to try and review, but it's nothing like it used to be. 
So, let's sort a few out and I'll attempt to explain each one:

  • Pre-poo:  Pre-shampoo, is the step you take prior to shampooing your hair.  In the past, a hot oil treatment would be the epitome of "pre-poo" but this can be anything.  People are doing a lot more "in depth" things to their hair than V05 could even fathom.
  • Poo:  Shampoo, is pretty self explanatory.  I guess the sham is a bit too much.  That would take two syllables.
  • Con:  Two definitions for this one.  It's either short for conditioner, or in some cases, it stands for Cream of Nature, a brand of hair products.
  • DC:  Deep Condition, and this is usually done with a moisturising or protein infused reconstructive agent.  There may be a bit of each but usually a "DC" is done no more than once a week.
  • BC:  Big Chop took a while for me to understand why everyone was doing a BC.  It's when you cut your hair to the root or shorter.  Some people vary, but the goal it to get rid of the damaged, chemically treated, split hair and start over. 
  • TWA:  Elmer Fudd must have created this.  Tiny whittle Afro is the result of a BC.  Yep, the big chop.  Many women going from relaxed to natural choose to BC creating the TWA rather than transition.

(Solange with TWA) photosources
  •  Co-wash:  Conditioner Wash.  This is something along the line of Wen or At One hair but was years ahead.  Rather than shampoo your hair with the your regular ... well, shampoo, you use a conditioner instead.  The rationale is that the shampoo will dry or strip your hair, therefore, this is a better alternative for those with dry, coarse, thick hair and in order to clean the hair, say they work out and sweat a lot, a co-wash is an alternative.  Scary spice was the first person I heard of who did this.  Mel B had an article in Black Hair and she claimed to have stopped using shampoo.  To each their own *shrug*
  • Baggy method/Baggying:  This is a protective style where you wash, condition, etc. your hair and pull it all back into a pony tail, then apply massive moisturizer and wrap with cling wrap or a sandwich wrap, and make it into a bun.  Then you can place a fake bun on top.  Hard to explain, but it's really simple and can be easy to do if you are on a strict hair regimen.
  • Stretching:  This is the process of "stretching" the time between relaxer or BKT (Brazilian Keratin Treatment) processes.  If you normally touch up the new growth every six weeks, you "stretch" the time and either continue the process or you cut that hair off and keep the "virgin" hair to add length to your BC. 
I hope this has helped to clarify a lot of the jargon people are reading online.  I know it's overwhelming when you find all these acronyms whilst looking for how to save your hair as it's going doing the drain, "literally."  Relax, it's hair, it grows, and there are a lot of products that will help you get where you need to go.  Smile, it's not so bad.  I don't judge.

Labels, Identity and Boxes

So, why the hell am I laying on my desk?  I was thinking, and some of my best thoughts happen watching things I have no control over. 
It's 2010 and it seems to be, no matter what the intent is, people will always want to put each other in a box.  Seriously? This is something that gets me to no end.  A guy was talking to me about a serious issue at my work.  I don't mean serious as in, gossip or any of that, this is a potential adverse affect on one's career.  I kept watching him glance at me then my hair, then me.  I always wear my hair in some protective style during the heat, but this day, I had two ponytails.  I began to get self conscious that I looked ridiculous juvenile so I took them down.  We finished our chat and I returned to my office.  I heard him speaking to a co-worker and of course, she came to tell me what was said.  He apparently wanted to know what my ethnicity was since, "black women can't grow long hair..." Really?  Really!  If it weren't for black women on forums, I would still have hair to my ears (if that long). 
I don't fault him, but this is a grown man who what we were discussing had nothing to do with my hair.  It didn't look unkempt, and it was casual Friday.  Why are you in my business? 
So, I was watching a guru and people had left her the most ignorant comments because she is going from natural to relaxed again.  These people were BEGGING her to rethink her choice.  Why?  If chemicals on your head could penetrate your scalp and cause neuro developmental diseases, wouldn't she first need a scalp burn? Here are some of my favorites: *insert sarcasm*
  • light skin v. dark skin
  • relaxed v. natural
  • thin v. fat
  • pretty v. ugly
  • opinion v. hater
  • observation v. jealous
  • black v. white
  • mixed v. ???
  • guru v. subbie
  • fan v. follower v. friend v. commoner

(Can't fit in the box...must be too fat?)

I hate that we can't simply "be."  I get that we need to have labels to differentiate or describe things, people, etc., but do we have to use the label to make someone fit into our world?  Really, who gives a shit what anyone does with their hair?  Does it matter if someone dates the same gender, outside of their race or someone society finds not attractive?  How does that impact our day?
I understand we need to categorize to understand some things.  There are some girls who have really nice natural hairstyles that my hair cannot replicate, why? Because my texture is different.  In addition, my mother being a "Ginger" is the reason my hair won't stay jet black no matter how hard I try.  The color comes through and that's life.  But, don't think of me as your "fan" and therefore, you are better than me, and I must have permission to say "Hello" to you.  Or, if I like your blog don't accuse me of stalking you.  I'm just a simple girl, who is doing her best to enjoy life, one day at a time, in a world of mean spiritedness and self actualization. 
I truly hope people will think that no matter what we think of ourselves, people will try to label us based on THEIR issues. We don't need to live our life to please others, it's hard enough trying to be happy.  Reject the box cherubs!

(Not taking myself serious feels good)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

NYC Review: Purple vs. MUFE #92

I give up!  I seriously cannot go to the chemist to get cough drops without checking out makeup.  I dunno what to do.  I try every challenge. Project 10 pan, Use it Up, No Buys, Low Buys, I'm done.  I'm going to do step one.  Admit that I am an addict.  Enough Said!
So NYC had this pretty display to the left of the line I was in.  I didn't want to buy from this line, as it doesn't appeal to me, but that bloomin purple.  It's a matte finish, and I am never satisfied with purples.  I always want to find the "next best thing."  Much like people with neutrals, they know there within a few shades of each other, but...
So, for packaging, it's simple, flip top, no mirror and a foam applicator.  A tiny one at that, but we use brushes anyway.  What's odd about these are, they have the light colour (pink) as "highlight" and the dark (purple) as contour.  Well, those of use who are familiar realize that there has to be a lid colour.  Maybe they don't know that highlight is different from lid placement, but if one were to follow the directions, they would look awkward walking around with a highlight and contour which means crease and nothing on the lid.  In addition, the combinations are odd.  For example, I like the pink and purple because I have other colours that can be incorporated.  The other palette was blue and green.  I think if one is going to combine two colors, they may want to think "balance."  Much like the quads with all shimmer shadows. *shrug*

One can NEVER do a post about matte purples without doing the obligatory comparison to Make Up For Ever #92.  They apply the same, I didn't use any base, no flash for the above photo and I don't Photoshop, too hard to learn, so what you see is exactly how it swatched.  They are both similar in texture, it's not smooth as butter, most mattes aren't but the NYC pulls more red and MUFE is more blue. 

Here we are with the same swatches but this is with flash.  The colors are quite true to life, and if I had used a base, I think this is a really good alternative for some of the high end brands out there.  The only downside is the packaging.  You cannot really depot these into most round palettes, and they aren't visually aesthetic, but they work.  If you are good with creating dupes, I'd pair this with blue base and create my own #92.

Friday, June 25, 2010

CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer

It's so interesting to me the way businesses operate.  For example, after work last night, I high tailed it to one of my two favorite salon professional stores.  I got there at 5:02 p.m. to discover this store, which carries all the lines the other doesn't have closes its doors at 5:00 p.m.  The sales girl was kind enough to mouth "we open at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow" and smiled as she closed the blinds. 
Maybe it's not just me but if most hairdressers work 8-5, wouldn't it be convenient to have one day out of the seven days to, I dunno, stay open until seven or even six?  Clients wait long enough as it is, and there are times, you have to get product for a service.  The girl who bleached her hair but wants you to perm it.  Great, but she didn't tell me her hair was no longer virgin.  I pride myself on asking pertinent questions and being prepared, but stuff happens. 
I noticed they had these:

The colors: (left to right)
Sunny Romance of Saint Tropez -Yellow
Picnik in Central Park - Peppermint
Salsalita y Margarita - Orange
Double Fisted Fuchsia - Fuchsia
My Secret Fetish - Rasberry
In Between the Sheets - Lilac
Passionate Kiss - Deep Purple
Midnight Rendezvous - Blue

They also had OPI Summer Flutter:

Flower to Flower
Flit a Bit
Wing It
Catch Me in Your Net

They aren't keen on allowing photos and swatches in these stores as they force you to prove eligibility to make purchases.  I didn't feel like buying them all just to make swatches when there are so many amazing bloggers out there with great photos.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Different View on Beauty: Albinism

Yesterday evening I went to an electronic store to purchase camera stuff.  I'm so tired of lousy photos and using the web to find photos, so if it means shelling out $$$ for stuff and the try, fail, try again I'm having with cameras, great!
There was the most interesting fellow who helped me.  I hate the store, will never go again, and all the employees have a good chance of being wardens at San Quentin.  I digress.  This man was so pale, and had the deepest blue eyes and silver hair.  I had never seen anyone with Albinism who looked like this guy.  The one's I've encountered, have had "distinctive traits" such as their eyes not focusing or may move sporadically.  Often times, it appears they have an issue with eyesight or they find me rude to the eye.  *shrugs*  I told him his hair reminded me of Sting and he smiled and said his name was "Zeke" short for Ezekiel.  He wore a grey suit which really complimented his appearance perfectly.
I noticed people looking at me while speaking with him.  I wasn't flirting, stealing or dressed provocatively, so I got a bit nervous.  When Zeke went to check on the item number, a man approached me and asked if the sales man, Zeke, could see me?  "Why? I'm not black enough," I said with an inquisitive look. "No," the stubby little man laughed.  "I thought that dude was blind," he said and went back to his nosey family.  I found myself so curious I went and researched more on the subject.  I found some interesting pictures:

(ivory and ebony brothers)

(how cool!)


In no way do I make light of anyone who feels they suffer from this affliction.  I guess my point is, we all have something unique about us.  I call it character.  Many will say it's dangerous to produce children with an Albino as the chance of passing the genetic mutation.  I don't find that an issue, but that could be due to selfishness and ignorance.  Not everyone thinks like me.  But we all have the chance of passing a gene for (insert illness here) to our kids.  My father has a trait for sickle cell and while I don't my brother's daughter (my niece) does.  Does this mean we try to only get involved with people with no genetic abnormalities?  What about Down Syndrome?  Or, the fact when I was young I didn't know what Asperger's let alone Autism Spectrum Disorder was.  We don't get to be perfect, but we should be able to live life to the best of our ability.  Or, like in some countries, do we ostracize people for their abnormalities (physical or mental) and consider them demonic? 
I can choose to consider myself blessed for not having the absent of pigment throughout my body.  Or, they may be a world (oh! slavery!) where having to much pigmentation is a CRIME!  Again, we all have things which make us "different" and may pose challenges, but that gives us no right to look down on another.  Everyone has the right to feel beautiful.  Just ask her.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Go from F*ck my Life! to Love my Life!

The past two weeks have been all sorts of bad.  I have, literally, wondered, "What's it all for?"  The light at the end of the tunnel was a train, and there was nothing I could do.  I didn't want to do anything.  I seriously applied for no less than ten jobs in several countries.  I could not get my aim right, if I stood in front of a dart board with the dart in my hand.  Sports?  My teams lost.  Romance? *laughs hysterically* Over it. Job? Covered that. I didn't even return calls to do bridal work and that's the easiest, most boring money.  I have not twittered, I'd see friends on Facebook and log off so I didn't have to interact.  I have never been so desperate and full of despair.  I think it was a combination of things, but I knew, it was coming.  Usually there is a certain week in the month where I know I will endure an "uncomfortable" (shitty) emotion.  Nothing is right, but nothing is really wrong.  I hope no one ever feels this way.  I did everything.  I called a therapist.  She can see me next month around the 12th.  I started exercising, only to stare at my flaws whilst breathing in and out.  I logged onto a dating site and immediately canceled.  Have you seen what's out there?  I'm glad I didn't succumb in that many aren't looking for a date they are looking for straight up sex. 
How did I shake it?  I hope this can help someone.  I know what didn't work.  Don't watch YouTube beauty tutorials.  That is the fastest most accurate way to feel left out (see above photo).  Don't rent any romantic comedy.  In the end, the girl gets the guy.  Do you really need that when you're down and feeling empty?  Don't Tweet unless it's to those people you are SURE are going to reply.  I honestly gave so many shout outs and heard more crickets than I would if I were in Texas heat at dusk.  Don't read a romance novel.  Do you really want all the intricacies of how a simple girl next door meets a wealthy billionaire to have kids and travel?  It doesn't happen that way, but it's good when your not "in that place."
What the F*CK did you do?
I cried a lot.  I really did.  I felt sorry for myself, and took everything personal in the world.  Then...I made a list of all the things I was sad, anxious, afraid, etc. of and then took a nap. 
I made a plan for each thing I wanted to change and had the ability to change.  Don't try to change people.
I called my father to talk about my mother's illness and ask how he copes.
I treated myself to Starbucks, and didn't feel guilty for it.  Sat outside and people watched.
I took a walk with my dog.  Fresh air and something that thinks everything simple is exciting.
Listened to music online from another country.  I love  that France doesn't edit the bad words, and that in Russia there are so many different types of House music.
I made friend requests on Facebook to people who have common interests as me as well as celebrities.  Will I really, be their friend fuck yeah of course not, it's probably fake, but it made me ☺ when they accepted.
I did absolutely nothing and watched cheesy shows like Jersey Shore and every cities Housewives.

Remember, feelings aren't facts and they aren't permanent.  Every so often, we need to have some down time in order to assess where we are and where we want to go.  The worst thing to do is to suppress the emotions, they will only surface in another form.  It's okay to feel bad.  In spite of all the positive psycho pop out there, people are human and we have feelings, and like a liver filters the body, our mind will filter our soul.
If need be, write to me, I love it and I care.

Monday, June 14, 2010

How to bounce back from a bad day!

Have you ever had one of those days you just wanted to go to sleep and wake up in a month?  Where the only call you can make is to 1-800-NOW-WHAT.  That was me today.  Ctrl+Alt+Dlt = EPIC FAIL!! It started when I got to work, and hasn't ended yet.  Thank God for blogs! I am not going to write what went wrong, we all have bad days, and I'm about solutions.  I have co-workers who will "fish."  Rather than go directly to the source of  butt hurt  feelings, they go to everyone else and tell the story of how they were "wronged."  *shakes fist in the air* 
In my experience, 80% of problems were a result of miscommunication.  Whether it was direct, indirect, or non verbal, it happens.  I loath confrontation, I've taken courses but still don't like it, but it's healthier to say, "Hey, what's going on..." and know you put in an honest effort than to carry a grudge.  Holding on to people over time gets heavy and unhealthy.  Let them go!  So, what to do?
*insert couch, lay down, and let's begin*

Identify the source of the bad feelings?  Are you depressed? Argument? Boss on your back?

  1. Write your feelings out.  Talking helps, but acknowledge your hurt and put the writing away.
  2. Do something!  Take a walk, read a book or gossip mag, rent a comedy, anything to distract you.
  3. Go back to what you wrote and determine if there is anything you can do.  You cannot control people, places or things, but you are entitled to defend yourself against mean spiritedness.
  4. Let it go!  Imagine how that person feels.  Hurt people, hurt people.  If their life was so good, they would need to bring you down.  I've been on both sides and outgrew being jealous. 
  5. Write a list of things that are good in your life, things if they were gone tomorrow you'd miss. 
  6. Make a list of your dream life down to the place you live, your appearance, the atmosphere etc.
  7. Plan a way to make your dreams real.  Even if you don't try, I guarantee you will not regret not trying years on from now.
  8. Cry, hug someone, play with a child or animal, take photos of things around you.
  9. Indulge!  Give in to something decadent.  Book a trip, get in the car and drive, order sushi and listen to a foreign radio station and pretend you're in that country.
Just keep in mind:  This is not forever.  Nothing lasts forever in terms of emotions.  Feelings aren't facts, they are fluid and change.  Underneath your unhappiness there is a story of pain and it wants out.  Talking, writing, and having a trusted person to talk to is good if it's something personal.  People are human and don't trust everyone with your personals, they may mean well but...yep, so protect yourself.  Prevention is key to keeping a good friend.  The last thing you want is to have a row and that "incident" get thrown in your face, that's what family's for.

(If you don't treat/love you who will? Me!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alice+Olivia=Payless Buy one get one 50% off!

Remember my rant to Target re: Cynthia Vincent?  Umm yeah, I didn't take that so well.  I told them to suck it how I was not pleased with their limited availability. So, I took it on the chin and found two pairs of smart heels at Payless !  I think each pair were $39.99 so I think when I finished with stacking coupons, I paid shy of $50.  This pair was a mistake.  Oops! I thought I selected the gladiator platforms Dulce has and the clogs, but these were what I chose.  They were meant to be a dusty pink, but they appear more of a bone color in actuality.  They are comfortable, and true to size.  The only con is the straps.  I don't know how I feel about the bow.  I may switch it forward to the front or remove it and attach some clips to jazz them up.  I know they are trendy, not suited for long hours of wear, nor do I expect them to be "classics" I will wear for seasons to come, but they're fun for the summer.

(side view of the platform)

(sorry bout the cord, here's the jewel I may attach)

Over all, I like these shoes.  My feet are in dire need of assistance, but I am not used to this new camera, and haven't figured out how to get the best out of it.  I prefer the cheap one I had, it took better photos.  I'd recommend these shoes for summer dinner parties, maybe dancing and definitely weddings.  They have potential, but I don't see me "loving" these as much as the other pair.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Tuesday

Okay...this is more difficult than it looks.  I used a different camera and cannot seem to get it right.  I completely envy those ladies with the SLR cameras and/or friends to take their outfits of the day next to these amazing backgrounds and lovely scenery.  Whereas, there's me with a point and shoot in the loo, hoping no one catches me.  Last thing I need is "She's so obsessed with herself she can't just look at herself in the mirror, she needs to take a picture too!"  Yes, I do work with cows ladies like that.  Hence, my reason for blogging.  No one else to talk to but the stratosphere, so a year on I can laugh at me self and think, "Girl, look how far you have come."

Face of the Day:  Hot Mess!
Foundation: None it's 90
Lips: Chap stick
Eyes: Urban Decay's Baked Palette sans the teal & Fiber wig

Outfit of the Day:  Keeping Cool!
Dress: Marshall's Nicole Miller: $24.99 + tax
Shoes: Ross CL $14.99
Making it through a hot day in the Capital:  Priceless ♥


The Bachelor/Bachelorette: Musings...

So...whilst ventilating last night, I sat and watched/listened to this show and, yet again a show with promise, disgusted me.  I resent the idea there is a formula to which one can ascertain who is "spouse" material over cocktails and conversation.  Seriously?  It's quite embarrassing if it's authentic, but if it's scripted made for shits and giggles, I get it, but there seem to be great acting or real emotions involved. 
Can you really "know" someone, in a few weeks, from meeting on a reality show?  Well enough to take a vow and mean it?

(cattle call looking for "love" seen her?)
So I'm watching these guys, mostly good looking if I'm honest, and they all remind me of "that guy" you know the one in school who just had to be cool? They usually massage their ego by insulting girls in front of their friends or saying/making obscene gestures to the "it girls" on campus.  I loathed walking past them. *sits in corner and rocks* They were the people who made my life hell and now want to add me on Facebook
So, these guys watch each other try to impress one (1) female. That's odd right there.  It's like an orgy or something I would feel uncomfortable watching live.  They lust over her, tell her all these compliments, and then tell the producer "audience" why guy "x" is wrong, but he is the "man for the job."  I felt like I was watching animals in the wild.  Even I would be uncomfortable with all of that ass kissing attention from so many blokes in one place.  What's more, she kisses them!  Seriously?  In front of the other pursuers?  Then goes on another date?  Come on son, this isn't really happening in 2010 is it?  I can see the conversation with their grand kids, better yet, they end up on the Real Losers Housewives of _________ in a few years.  Nice!

(no panel just instincts)
At least with the singing shows there is perspective of some sort.  Even drunk, you can always count on that one friend that says, "Gee...I dunno..." but here is this one girl and her herd of Prince Charming's who are ALL telling her what it takes to get her panties to hand them a rose.  Seriously, are they going to admit they have bad credit, a DUI, or abused their last girlfriend.  So you say, "They do background screenings and check all that."  Well, tell that to the family of the woman found dead by a contestant for the VH-1 show Megan wants a Millionaire.  Exactly!  It's one thing to meet someone online, which I've heard more good than bad, but a contestant on a reality show who's goal is to win?  Why would anyone need to go that route if they weren't daft or sick in the head?  Marriage is hard enough, but a time frame, some dates, kissing, etc?  Are you kidding me?  There have been some hits, but more misses.  I don't know if I like what this says about us as a society.  It's quite disturbing that we seem so desperate we will audition for a marital partner and the GLBT community cannot even get Proposition 8 passed.  One group is fighting for the right to marry and the other takes it for granted almost mockingly.

(til death do us part)

Don't get me wrong, I totally get it! We all want someone to grow old with.  Someone to share our good and bad, and be our best friend for life.  Who doesn't feel a bit sick when we see a couple that seems to compliment each other so well they make our teeth hurt?  It's sad how many lonely people there are in the world.  (Post to come) I don't know...this whole thing really upsets me.  There are so many amazing people in the world who are alone.  I, for one, can attest to how lonely the single life can be.  I manage to counter it buy making a list of all the things I can do without a partner (no one asking me where I am, fussing over my hair, weight, etc.) but I truly believe if God meant for us to be alone, he would not have take so much care into creating Eve for us to die alone.
I wish this show wasn't so generic, but I guess that's what we as a society are interested in...*Kanye shrug*


Monday, June 7, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Monday and Bloated...

I have to admit I feel a bit of a git posting this.  I don't have an editing software here so, I'm stuck posting raw images.  In addition, I don't know how to use editing stuff, it intimidates me when the vernaculars like layers, brushes, contrast, etc. get involved.  What's more, I don't have the best camera, nor do I have someone to take photos of me. 
In my defense: I'm living somewhere I have no friends, no family, nothing but work and my dog.  If anyone wants to offer suggestions on how to take great photos of myself aside from a tripod and an SLR I would
that a lot.  To be honest, other than a few changes, I'm sort of glad I don't have all that fancy stuff.  I'd probably morph myself into someone who doesn't exist.  I've noticed that a lot on blogs.  No pores, no character, no flaws and they are magazine cover worthy.  *shrugs* Oh well. To the explanation.

Sad face~>

So I'm wearing and Umpire Waist cotton dress I purchased at Ross for about $9.99 and $15.99 shoes also Ross.  I'm not keen on the dress, but I'm bloated, very hot and not sleeping well.  I have a pear shape, so I wasn't sure how this would suit me.  I realize they aren't every one's taste; however, I like the fact they can be dressed up with accessories.  I wore a simple pashmina wrap, a necklace I made myself, with matching earrings and my AK watch and bangles.  I realize it's not Oscar worthy, but this is an option for those of us who have hips/bum and want to wear something in the summer during the extreme heat days. 

(such a deal!)

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Camera Ready Cosmetics Rave!

Good morning!  Don't you love when you place an order with a company and they seem to take pride in the manner to which they treat their customers?  Shit like that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  I had watched an overview of yaby several times online.  The slam dunk was Goss' most recent one.  Why?  He has integrity, his reviews are quite thorough and he's had experience with enough products to give a fair and unbiased opinion.  I used to buy every item a guru raved about.  Now, I'm making gift baskets, donations and basically sending off all of those products since they either didn't work to my expectation, or I've found something better. 
I've ordered from CRC before.  She's been round for a good long time.  She's experienced in the industry, knows the products and if you ask a question, she will respond within a reasonable time.  I also like the fact she is a makeup artist, a female business owner, offers GREAT prices, and the shipping is fucking ridiculous!  I always get my stuff within the time specified.  I placed this on Friday, and it's Monday at half 10 in the morning! 
For those wondering, No! I don't get paid for my reviews. No! I have NEVER received a product to review.  No! I don't write nice things in order to eventually get FREE products. 
I apologize for the shouting but, I feel it's so important to be honest.  I've been blogging here for two years nearly and have not changed.  I curse in my writing, but that's because it's what I think and would not say.  In life, I'm quite classy and refined.  Here is where I feel I can be real as it should be. 
I am not able to swatch since I'm at work and this is my "break."  I am blessed to have a job and don't want to be on the dole any time soon in this economy, but they are forthcoming.  I feel like I won something!
Ordering online has always been hit and miss and lately, my orders have really gone down hill.  I don't know if it's the economy, businesses being forced to do more with less staff, or if it's a sign.  Cherry Culture felt like they smacked me in the face when I got my last package.  The personal niceties were noticeably absent.
This is my happiest purchase.  It's not cheap at $109.99 plus tax for the world of paints palette but I'm expecting the pigmentation to be stellar *fingers and toes crossed* so I won't have to carry so many products from gig to gig.  If not, expect an emo post tomorrow and swatches in the form of slits on my writs *wink*

(she's so gorgeous)