Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Earlier Post = FAIL

I completely forgot to include this week's feature's video. I am sorry for that, I was trying so hard to cram so much information in my head I should have kept one post specific to Gossmakeupartist. Please check out his channel, he's been a working makeup artist for over ten years, has tons of professional experience and incredible tips for both men and women.

I must say, he may seem as if he's been crying; however, he states his eyes are red due to filming first thing in the a.m.

The UK seems to be dominating in terms of Youtube makeup guru's all well deserved.

Meow for now!!


Happy New Year!

Beautiful Cherubs,

I was driving to work this morning listening to people in Australia ring in the New Year. I sat next to a woman on the train, and said "Have a Happy New Year!" to her in Russian. It wasn't to brag about my linguistic/language skill, but I knew how nice it would be to acknowledge the day in her language. So many people are guilty of the me, me and more me thinking. I reckon that's how the world is watching the economy crumble, we have all got so engulfed in our wants and things that please us we rarely think about others.

For today, I make no resolutions other than to be better, do better and live better regardless of what's going on in my life. People will be mean, selfish and even hateful, but let not your heart be troubled. Spend time living life the way felines do. Live a simple life.

In other news, it would be wise to expect MAC to raise their prices as they do every year. Please take note to a very intelligent YouTuber by name of Gossmakeupartist, he is really incredible.

Along with a few others, Urban Decay has launched their Spring 2009 collection, as expected, they keep us bright and daring for the future.

I must catch up on a few things, but I want you to remember today and everyday that you are beautiful, and there is a reason you are on earth, don't let another person steal your joy and like cream, always rise to the top!

Until next year :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Morning Quickie

Hello Felines!
I am hoping all of you lovelies had a wonderful Christmas. I am so sorry for my absence. I had quite the calm holiday, and should have blogged; however, I believe many people were spending time with their families. This year it was very quiet, I saw my parents and have a feeling this will be the last year I have both parents, so I made the trip to their house. Naturally, my father did not put a tree up. In his defense it would have been more trouble being my mother would have gotten into it as her condition is so rampant.
Nevertheless, I spent almost all of my time off surfing the internet trying to find tutorials online. I took pictures, but now I need the USB cable and I purchased a software package for videos only to find out I have movie maker. So between the Sony Vega and Windows Movie Maker, I have been watching tutorials on how to make videos.
I found it funny of the myriad of people I inquired about cameras, editing, etc. a kind person replied by telling me to get a "Canon HD camara." Of course I Googled that phrase with the correct spelling and gave me information overload as it does not indicate enough specifications.
I took solace in watching a random act of kindness on Youtube. A woman was promoting another gent and he said something that was so true, we have become so antisocial with our modern technology that we forget how to be human. He also mentioned that people don't want to help others as they feel it is revealing some "secret." He was spot on to how I feel I subscribed to him and found he was one of the most knowledgeable people who has remained so humble with his profession.
For now, what random acts of kindness do you practice?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Brunette? Blonde? or Redhead?

Beautiful You,

Here is yet another collection from MAC set for launch January 8th. I found this information on the beauty blog board and am really hoping it will meet all of your expectations. Fortunately, this panther has her felines set on slimming down and this doesn't mean just my waist, but my stash. I have reorganized my beauty buys in hopes of posting swatches, looks, comparisons, and was very embarassed to find I have repurchased so many items, not to mention the colors are so similar it is laughable.

On the plus side, I have seen stashes which make mine look anorectic at best :) I find myself using these lovelies as justification when I do want to make that compulsive buy. I think quality of the purchases I have made are rather impressive and the quantity may lessen, but that's a good thing. In addition, it's quite embarassing to have a makeup store in my home. The places I have found makeup is really quite embarassing. This morning I found lipliner in my freezer, a foundation in my refrigerator and now I have my camera in my glove box. Hmmm...

Stay beautiful and Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Christmas=^..^=

Hello Beautiful People!

I am taking this moment to say, "Thank you." No matter who you are you are important to me if you are reading these words.

I am supposed to be posting a response to a tag but, people can be @#&holes and not respond to my requests for information. I have no clue how to post and edit a video. I just learned how to operate a camera even though I purchased three. So, tonight, I am reading the directions and will learn trial and error. I will learn to edit, crop, zoom and eventually post a video. But, for some odd reason I don't have the gene that learns gadgets easily. Why is it so hard for me to figure out simple electronics? I'm not vapid or vacuous by any means but this sucks and it frustrates me more that I have to solicit help. But, what gets me, is people are not one to help. Out of 12 requests, one person offered to give me the small clue on how to take a photo, crop it and post it. It was simple, she did it in one sentence and ended with let me know and HTH. I could and would have given her my camera. Why? Because she ACKNOWLEDGED me. How desperate is that? I'm not one to ask, so cherubs, if I ever ask for anything, which I hope not to, please know there is a reason behind it. I have not accepted a dime from my parents since October 6, 1999! No presents, gifts, tuition, rent, nada! Why? It was thrown in my face once that XXX amount of dollars were spent on me and I may be many things but I am not a nuisance.

Having a bit of a rant feels good, but this is not the place for it, my other blog is catered to life, "as told by me" and this is and will remain your place for one stop inner and outer beauty. This is my gift back to all of you, and I will pinky swear to keep this blog all things beauty, updated, and informative and, "coming soon" loads of photos, swatches, comparison pics and more. Maybe even a tutorial or two.

Stay Beautiful and Paws just because,


Monday, December 22, 2008

B.P.'s Definition of Beauty...

Hello Cherubs!
How many more days until Christmas...? I know, "It's the most wonderful time of the year...." But I'm not feeling it felines, I really can't shake this.
I was prowling about this weekend and saw a woman in a craft store and haven't shaken the "experience" yet. The cashier was being indignant and decided to call for back up on my return. I have finally gotten strong enough to return things, I no longer fear the wrath, disdain or often misplaced frustration of the sales assistants; however, when back up came, I noticed she had the prettiest blue eyeshadow on. So, what's the big deal? The young lady was absolutely beautiful in an ever so innocent way. She was not the stereotypical beauty. Being that I think CONSTANTLY, I kept looking at her and her shadow was a bold blue, not blended and what's more, she had glasses quite thick so it was making the shimmer muted. I also noticed she had dark facial hair on her chin, but for some reason she had the most angelic face. I know it may sound smug to point out flaws but define her as beautiful, as if I am so perfect.
The point precious, is I see beauty in everyone and what society may see as a flaw, I can recognize it's there, but that does not have to mean a person is less beautiful. I've always thought the "beautiful people" were meh, but love the unconventional looks most women struggle with.
I really wonder how many of us want to change our appearance based on societal images, not realizing those "flaws" may be what make us unique? I have never been the "beautiful one" hence, my love for cosmetics. It was a way for me to change my appearance as well as a method of communicating. Since I tend to be extremely introverted and analytical, I found by turning the focus on someone else would take the pressure off me.
It is my hope people will finally get over the outside world and focus on how they contribute as a person. Makeup is absolutely fun, I love the skills I have learned, working with others, watching transformations, but it doesn't define anyone, it washes off and the real feline is still lovely.



Thursday, December 18, 2008

This week's Guest Guru!!

Oh my goodness...I love to laugh, but it happens rare. I am not one of those felines who laughs out loud. When I do, it's so refreshing, but this weeks guest made me lol. I can count on one hand how many times I laughed out loud this year. This was number three. The one before that was the shoe dodge by George W. Why does he always have the sh*t eating grin on his face? I digress.
Unless you have been living under a rock like I have, you have already subscribed to Leesha *aka xsparkage* on Youtube. She is one of the Lionesses of makeup gurus since the advent of doing makeup for others to watch and learn since day one.
Whilst I am not an avid follower, I did stumble across this clip and though it may not be intended to provide humor, I could not stop laughing at the disdain provoked at the thought of makeup junkies getting their fix with testers.
What's more, I have never used testers, not for sanitary purposes but I usually know what I want when I make a purchase, I swatch things on my paw first. Maybe in the back of my mind it's been ingrained that it is quite unsanitary, but the notion of it alone causes our frisky feline to almost break out in hives. Each time the thought of using a tester comes into her mind, she gets quite skeeved.
I must raise my paw to this lovely kitty, she's spot on with her advice; however, so many of you are still not going to heed the advice.

Purr on my purrfect felines,


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm Back!

Hello Gorgeous,
I have missed you all so much. The CATharticness of writing about beauty is amazing. I dread to admit that beauty is something essential in my life; however, it's been a part of me and something I truly enjoy. I think what I do is an expression of one of many art forms. Whilst on my training, I found myself drawing often and experimenting with my designs when I got home.
This week I'm really impressed with the product resurrected from my stash I haven't reached for in years. It's my Jessie's Girl Eyedust, and it's really quite nice. It is finely milled, has a smooth consistency and I don't find it better than MAC; however I do think it's great quality.
On the downside, the packaging is not my favorite. I find it to be quite messy. Some people like sifters and others don't. For me sifters work better at keeping the residual from spilling to other areas. I waste product every time I open this as it falls onto my hand, the sink and because it is so finely milled it lands everywhere. This is not a huge deal as what can one expect from a loose shadow to be honest? But, I see myself looking like a scene in Scarface if I drop one of these jars on the floor! That is why I love sifters for loose powder.
I looked on the website and the only retailer is Rite Aid; however, I think you can make purchases online. In addition, there are several excellent reviews on Youtube which include swatches. I am wearing the blue/red on my lid and a purple in my crease and it looks brilliant. The pigmentation is really good on dark skin and it's not creased or faded.
In addition, I suggest the lip gloss for you felines who like to rock gloss, I find them to be similar to MAC's Dazzleglasses and only run $3.99 plus tax.
I know this is rather worthless without pictures; however, I leave at 6.30 a.m. and between the bus, train, and cubicle, I don't feel photogenic. I am working on that character flaw and soon you will be roaring for me to stop cam whoring *smiles*

Stay Beautiful,


Friday, December 12, 2008

It's *finally* Friday!

Dearest Beautiful,
I am very saddened this week, which is apparent by the lack of pizazz in my blog for frisky felines. Today, I was really sad in hearing of the passing of Bettie Page. I am not one who follows icons; however, I do like women of a certain era. I read about Ms. Page and her story was tragic in so many ways, yet at the time she was still alive. What a ferocious feline! She had endured and prospered and survived so much, the rest of us look like feral kittens in comparison. Even the lioness Angelina "Mother of All" Jolie, looks shy in comparison to the fierce B. Page.
Incidentally, I have been uninspired by today's fashion. Not that it takes someone too inspire me, I'm often inspired by nature (true panther)moreso than by replicating another's art. I think the state of the global economy has taken a bite out of my usual playful attitude. My heart is torn by the political, economic and seasonal climate.
Each day someone went missing, is found dead, has been caught in corruption and to my left, there is more foreclosing, requests for buyouts, job losses, and I see people struggling to feed their kid(s), pay their rent and utilities, pay for their tuition and even one of my favorite YouTubers was doing a video with layers and layers of clothes, in her cave with a fire and still could not stop her nose from running due to the temperature being so cold. It took my little joy away since YouTube is a huge part of my research for all things cosmetics, beauty, health and social networking.
Maybe I do need to have less compassion and thicker skin, but it's quite hard watching the world seem to be in an economic nosedive.
Don't forget to think of your fellow felines this holiday season. If you see someone and are tempted to diss, growl or bite back, give them a pass right now. We are all in this together, and if we want to see change we need to be change.

Meow for now,


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nailed It!

Hello Gorgeous,
I am still working through the bloomin winter woes, as I refer to them; however, I am dedicated to keeping you lot apprised of all things beautiful.
Recently, my obsession for makeup has branched off to another form of beauty. I have always been a diligent feline about my paws. I have cult faves for moisturising my skin which, this time of year, seems more necessary than usual. So, what's my addiction? Nail Art! I happened to be watching a lovely YouTube fave and noticed her nails. They were the most beautiful claws a cougar could want. The length was purrfect, the paws *cough hands cough* were long and slender and ever so purrfect.
In the course of purchasing my hair conditioner I noticed the brand China Glaze was next to O.P.I and the sales assistant stated she preferred the China Glaze over O.P.I. When I asked her if it was just the price she indicated the price was a factor; however, the base coat was more important to the longevity of natural claws as opposed to those with artificial coating of any sort (i.e. silk, acrylic, fiberglass, etc.) and if I had a good base I would be happy with China Glaze.
So...I purchased the China Glaze and they were buy two get one free and still less than a bottle of O.P.I. *YAHOO* I love a bargain!!!
Quite naturally, I wasn't satisfied and my constant thinking brain did not shut off for a moment. Less than a block away there was another beauty product store, and with my discount it would be a tad more, but I just had to do a comparison. So I got one of the French editions which is a dupe of the China Glaze. The result were correct! I got more mileage out of the China Glaze and it's still not chipped one week forward.
I still wasn't done though. I had to do more research and read tons of blogs and makeup boards and then watched a lovely gal, Iamgrape1119 on YouTube and I'm happy to report China Glaze is now a black panther approved product!

Stay strong, fierce and beautiful,


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thought for today...

The Tongue Can Be Your Worst Enemy!

> > Your words, your dreams, and your thoughts have power to
> > create conditions in your life.

> > What you speak about, you can bring about.

> > If you keep saying you can't stand your job,
> > you might lose your job.

> > If you keep saying you can't stand your body,
> > your body can become sick.

> > If you keep saying you can't stand your car, your car
> > could be stolen or just stop operating.

> > If you keep saying you're broke, guess what?
> > You'll always be broke.

> > If you keep saying you can't trust a man or trust a
> > woman, you will always find someone in your life to hurt
> > and betray you.

> > If you keep saying you can't find a job, you will
> > remain unemployed.

> > If you keep saying you can't find someone to love you
> > or believe in you, your very thought will attract more
> > experiences to confirm your beliefs.

> > If you keep talking about a divorce or break up in a
> > relationship, then you might end up with it.

> > Turn your thoughts and conversations around to be more
> > positive and power packed with faith, hope, love and
> > action.

> > Don't be afraid to believe that you can have what you
> > want and deserve.

> > Watch your Thoughts, they become words.

> > Watch your Words, they become actions.

> > Watch your Actions, they become habits.

> > Watch your Habits, they become character.

> > Watch your Character, for it becomes your Destiny.

> > The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get
> > even less than you settle for.

> > In the search for Me, I discovered Truth.

> > In the search for Truth, I discovered Love.

> > In the search for Love, I discovered GOD.

> > And in God, I have found Everything.
> >
> > Watch how your circumstances and situations begin to change
> > when you change the way you speak.

> > "Life is like melted butter... once things cool
> > down, it can be reshaped

Unfortunately, I am a little under the weather today, which has me retreating in my domain. Please forgive my lack of creativity, but it's quite hard to focus with this bl**dy migraine which makes the computer screen feel as if I am looking directly into the sun.

Monday, December 8, 2008

This week's featured guru is....

I have been watching this foxy feline for several months now. She is Eastern European and I state that because both she and the lovely Nireyna (also Eastern European) have an amazing style of using a pencil eyeliner technique to cut or create the crease of many of their looks.
I first learned about this from Nireyna who referred to it on her YouTube channel as the banana method.
I have watched this video no less than ten times. I enjoy the music, the technique and, of course, the results.
I know this is not my work, however, I truly love to showcase and share the love of so many of you panthers, cougars, kittens, lions, tigers and others who are prowling around and publishing your skills on the web.
I have been contemplating what to do with my own channel and it's, quite honestly, stressing me out. Reason? How many gurus do we have? I see so much talent on a daily basis, it's sort of like being in California and becoming an actress. Who isn't? I want to say there are no dark felines; however, that's not true. In addition, what do people like in videos? Talking? Not talking? Brief? Lengthy? Then there's the whole lot about copywrites and music, w

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Move over Mac?

I learned about a new (to me) line of cosmetics from the makers of Kryolan and am more than happy to say, "I cannot wait for it to fly from the shelves of a department store near you!" At the time, it's only available at Selfridge's and the line is called Illamasqua and is very promising. How it compares to MAC is yet to be determined since only our felines in Blighty have access. I tried the link, and it was a no go. In the event it was a bad connection find it go to my favorite place. Where you ask? YouTube frisky, where else? They have their own channel and you will be as mesmerised as I was. I am sharpening my nails just itching to get my paws on those lovely pigments.
In related news, the beautiful Russian feline Xenia launched her own line of cosmetics limecrime and the reviews and purr has been quite impressive.

Meow for now!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Makeup, Makeup and more Makeup!!!

Dearest Cherubs!

The fiercest of them all has come to an acceptance. I am an addict. I am powerless over my addiction and only God can remove the obsession.
Duly noted I was absent yesterday, but internally I had a struggle of which I am not proud. The addict had a slip and substituted heroin for morphine. I cheated on makeup with....wait for it...NAIL POLISH!!!!! I am so ashamed. I can't believe I bought one color three times. I was out of control, out of my mind and feel a twinge of remorse.
PSA Sally's carries China Glaze nail polish for a fraction of the cost of O.P.I. and many a nail fiend has indicated the results are equal if not better of the likes of both Essie and OPI.
Back to my misery. I had my fix two nights in a row, thanks to Youtube once again, and found some quite attractive designs for my natural nails. My poor pooch felt so neglected he was mounting "Wanda" the kitten again. What has Ms. Black Panther done to her fierce fastidious fancy for frugalness? She has given in to the evil of all things beauty once again. What's more, one received this:

The softest, smoothest way to sharpen your graphic edge. Highly pigmented. Vibrantly rich. Combined with the right tools it provides the precise gel-based medium you need for body painting, or the simplest, most colourful line.

A waterproof gel/cream liner that provides all the smooth graphic benefits of a liquid liner. Creates precise, long-lasting lines of intense colour with dense matte coverage. Versatile palette offers both vibrantly bright and...More
Click on a swatch for details.
Landscape Green
Marine Ultra
Rich Purple
Basic Red
Genuine Orange
Primary Yellow
Black Black
Pure White
in one's mail box today! I love creme bases and does anyone understand what it's like to feel an uncontrollable urge pulsate throughout their body? I am in such despair. Alas, I must go. As all felines do, we hide out, lick our wounds and arise again.

Pray for me!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Madness and sales galore

Hello Gorgeous!
Thankfully, I had family in town and being they are a tad bit older, I did not, I repeat did not do any hauling for makeup during my absence. I did, however, make a tiny purchase on Sephora because they were kind enough to send me a $15.00 gift card and I used a code for free shipping. See, I am a smart shopper these days. I have figured out how to search for codes and to stack them. In my opinion, getting a $15.00 or 20% is the nothing since shipping costs are dead high. So, if I can find a code for shipping, I can get a discount as long as it is for something I need.
Granted there was not one bloomin thing I needed at Sephora nor will I for the several years to come, I did find that there was a hair conditioner I had had success with in the past, so I ordered it.
In other beauty news, Coastal Scents is having their version of Cyber Monday, yet again, I am not really keen on their palettes *gasp* and the only justifiable haul will be that of my lovely Make Up Forever. I love that line and you lot know how I feel about their lack of availability. That was a rant which needed to be released.
In other news, I am really working on my makeup an photography skills in hopes of posting some really gorgeous FOTDs. As it is, I'm not good with the camera, I'm just figuring out how to set the timer and trying to look "sexy" in the process is a joke. How do you beautiful cherubs do it?

In other beauty news, I was watching a morning television show and the host was discussing how to get access to discount designer gear and low and behold, I have been invited to Rue La La. This is an "alleged" invitation only website which features discounts on very high end labels for a fraction. Unfortunately, once I got past the login, secret password, etc. I found none of the items appealed to me. I felt horrible since I was practically liking the television set while watching the display of garments, shoes and bags which were featured. Oh well...there are still sales to be had, and why spend money on something for the sake of a discount, if I am not keen on the item any way?
Lastly, my lovely lions, tigers, panthers and kittens, I will be doing weekly features. I haven't sorted out the details, but, this will be something of interest on a beauty, fashion, Youtube, product, designer or featured guest.

Stay tuned, but stay even more beautiful!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Beautiful Cherubs,
If there was any reason to slow my makeup addiction to a dull roar, it would be the service associates. I am really not into slagging people for simply doing their job; however, I really don't like some of the makeup artist or sales assistants can be quite rude at times. For example, the other night I made a record breaking haul. I felt badly enough for doing so, but what's more is having the sales assistant (SA) give me attitude. I know exactly what I wanted. Trust me, when this feline sets her sight on a purchase of said size, I have done loads of investigative research, poured over many swatches and read many reviews. I find it good form to know what I want and allow the SA to make a sale whilst still having time to work the rest of their prospects. I have even been known to stand to the side and wait for a transaction/sale to complete before asking for my items. I am a well versed shopper. In fact, I determine where and when my purchase will be, where I will park and how to navigate to enter and exit any mall area between the months of October through January.
What's more, I have, on more than one occasion, had to "enlighten" the SA about a product. Maybe me, Jane Q. Blogger, has the time to research beauty boards, get the buzz on latest launches, learn about ways to combat common cosmetic related issues such as mascara clumps, eyeshadow color payoff, brushes or not et al. Call me boring, or maybe I have too much time on my hand. However, I am interested in cosmetics as a non spectator which would behoove me to put in some research before I claim to be any sort of makeup guru. If being an SA pays the bills, get your hustle and keep it moving. BUT! I must say, if you haven't hit a computer, read an article or logged on to one of the thousands of makeup forums, don't argue with me as to whether or not an eyeshadow is a re promote, when I bloomin have last year's version in my arsenal!!! I cannot believe I allowed her to play me like that.
Another thing that irritates me to no end. "Why do some cosmetic companies choose one store to carry their product in?" *cough* Makeup forever *cough, cough* Where I live there is one Sephora in a one hundred mile radius. The employees in that store are not very friendly and the manager takes it personal when you return a product. By the way, excuse me if I can get 100% silica for 1/5 of the price you charge for a high end product that works the same but is more finely milled. What was I thinking?
As a result, it is my choice to not shop there and to make purchases online. Unfortunately, as I keep saying, I try before I buy. I went to have a go at the testers with the lovely (read sarcasm) SA right on my hip. I had a sheet of paper and pen to write down the products I would later buy online. Quite naturally, I am a thief. Let's talk in our ears and make sure there is an all points bulletin so no "live" product is stolen. While doing some swatching, I would jot down some thoughts on the products. No less than three associates asked me if I was a mystery shopper, writing a paper, or experimenting and new to makeup. I had it, so I calmly stated I had had a few bad experiences in their store and the manager told me, "You don't have to shop here and we have the right to refuse anyone from ALL of our stores." I didn't catch a case that night, I just refuse to give them my service.
The point? If you are a cosmetic company (Makeup Forever) please understand not everyone is a) close to a Sephora or, b) likes to shop there and that leaves a certain demographic who cannot purchase your products. Now, if you are not interested in selling to the average consumer at large, you are doing business at a less than optimum level, but that is your right as an owner. Rant over.

Be blessed, encouraged and most of all BE-YOU-tiful


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's your Monogram?

What are my lovely cherub faces selecting for their monogram? Haven't decided? Give us a few clicks to MAC and let us know what you decide. I am the first to growl about how much I loathe the monthly limited edition/product launch and in the case of Metal Urge/X re-launch, but this style somewhat suits me. I find it an overexpensive Kimmora Lee Simmons packaging, but I do think Posh Life and Monodromatic are quite lovely. Can someone tell me why the price has been raised to $22.00 USD for this?
THAT'S WHAT I SAY!!! Alas, I know my feline friends will be purring in their milk once they prey these packages. They will be pawing them faster than they can put them on the shelves. Well, after a nice lunch, the B.P. is feeling too sick to rant about MAC for the nth time. As long as there is a demand, the MAC/Crack addicts will do whatever it takes for their continual fix.

Be strong, stay beautiful

Monday, November 24, 2008


Welcome back and happy Monday! This is our first Monday of our First Thanksgiving together!!!

Black Panther is doing some research in the lab, and thus far, the results are good. I have a *slight* confession. I have the world's oiliest skin. I am not meaning the type of skin where at noon you "powder" or touch up, I am talking crazy oily! I have even gone to the derm, as I suggest anyone to do first, to do something about this. He prescribed me some products, but they slid right of *smiles*

Whilst researching a plethora of skin care boards, I heard that Milk of Magnesia aka MOM, worked wonders for oily skin. At first I thought nothing of it. I didn't know the demographics of the people who had tried this, and one must remember, anyone has access to the internet. Knowing their age, skin type, ethnicity, etc. all come in to account when trying to ascertain if something that works for one will work for the majority. On the other hand, what's another $3.99 plus tax compared to the Rolls Royce I spent on products already?

Right! The first time, I applied a very sparing amount and, as usual, by the time I got to work I was searching for a Kleenex to pat and blot. I considered taking it back; however, I was embarassed to purchase it in the first place. What would my reason be for returning it?? Exactly!

Last Friday, I tried it again, using a square cotton pad and used a liberal amount. I let it dry and dabbed my foundation on over it. It worked! I did have the oil production still, but nothing like I had previously experienced. Again, when I say oil, I mean oil. If I could create a mechanism for transferring the oil from my face into a container, gas prices would never reach above $.50 beyond the second coming. This is real talk. I could really help the environment and make a difference in the world but I don't know how to notify OPEC or Obama, so for now, I'll keep using MOM.

Be advised this stuff must dry and when it does, it will leave a white cast. In addition, please be very confident in your foundation color. I don't know that this is a forgiving enough process where you can go a shade lighter or darker with hopes your finishing powder will counter act the difference. I realize it's worthless without photos, but as a new blogger and having zero followers, I figured what was the point. This way when I do convince someone to have a look at this, they'll have plenty of catching up to do, and by then I may even have a youtube account, eh?

Be true and stay beautiful,


Friday, November 21, 2008

Temptalia is the Lioness at the gate!!!

Beautiful you!
I am so excited to have finally sniffed out a trail which provided all things confirmed regarding the speculation about Hello Kitty and MAC teaming up for a collaboration. I was on a forum about all things beautiful so I could read reviews about an item I plan to purchase to supplement my hair story disaster. Fast forward to the photo and after searching the MAC website, still nothing. So I sniffed a few lions, tigers and bears then oh my! Temptalia does it again. I went to her website Temptalia. I found this among other things and am preparing to explain to my supervisor why I am getting all poltergeist with my computer. Please cherubs, I encourage you to devour her website as it is an all inclusive beauty portal. I'll still be here when you get back.

Purrs and kisses,


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nano did not work for us

Nanoworks by Pureology is a hair masque I had read about and it appeared to be somewhat of a cult favorite on many beauty boards I followed. They had it at Ulta and I finally got the nerve to grab it. It was about three weeks ago, I had just given myself a touch up. I still had my holy grail products and since I'm being prudent, I refrained from my product junkie ways. I cannot count how many half used hair products are under my bathroom sink.
Well, last Friday night, whilst beginning my usual hair regimen I decided to break out this product. In my mind I envisioned myself having locks transformed equivalent to Rapunzel. See below:

But instead I looked like the following:

I was devastated! My hair was in dreadlocks. I had gone from smooth silky hair, to hard hair with so many snarls and tangles I thought I was going to have to shave it off. I don't think my hair is my life; however, it's sad when you can't donate it to Locks of love because of the condition the hair is in.
What was the Panther to do? I sucked it up like a true feline and cried. I grabbed my go to holy grail products and attempted to detangle. For an hour I slowly detangled the hair working from the bottom on up. It was horrifying to see how much damage I did to my hair. I'm surprised the hair could be salvaged, but it was. I do need to have a proper trim though. I fear the ends may spontaneously combust and catch fire if I don't.
Let this be a lesson to you all, if it isn't broken don't try fixing it. That's money I could have saved for something that does need work, like bills, car repairs, text books and shoes :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dame Edna Everage


Whilst perusing the net to find out about the Hello Kitty! and MAC collaboration, I did find out more about Dame Edna and her collaboration with our favorite cosmetic line. Although I have yet to get the color stories and product information, I am sure if you visit Specktra, you can get all the information about MAC your beautiful heart can find. Have fun with your addiction to all things beautiful, but remember, it's an addiction and you have been warned :)

Stay beautiful,


Metal Urge

Hiya Cherubs,
Today is the day you can go online and order your Metal Urge products and have them hopefully before you spend time with your family one week from today for Thanksgiving!
Don't forget to type METAL for free shipping :)
B.P. will try to pass on this due to the heat still exuding from my last haul. Ouch! I can say that I wasn't as strong when Metal-X came out last year and caved on all the colours. I didn't have as much trouble with creasing as some and I do have very oily lids. Have fun beautiful and remember to be wise with impulse buys.



Monday, November 17, 2008

Luxe for Less

I am so happy to have a great steal. Cosmetics are hurting my pocket book; however, what good is a beauty column, if I can't share tips, tricks, techniques and the like? I had a major haul at MAC and this one needs to keep my going for quite a long time. I am beginning to think there is something quite addictive in the packaging or something. I spent the most I have ever spent on anything short of car repairs and still want more.
Nevertheless, I love the #35 lashes by MAC, but they are quite expensive. So, I have been on a hunt for a comparable pair and came across a no-name brand at the beauty supply store where I get odds and ends I can't find at Sally's. I found these and they come quite close. The greatest thing about them is they sell for $.99each!!! I can taper them to be just like the #35; however, I think I'm going to take them (#35's) back and compare them to the brand with the word Cherry in it and see what they have.
Stay tuned,


Here is the Hair

Happy Monday,
I am hoping you had a wonderful weekend. I know I was rather busy, hence the catch up on our blog. I decided whilst doing my weekend hair routine, I should capture a photo of my own hair to post for you all. Although I currently, have no followers, not to worry. I am feeling a bit uncomfortable about posting what a wet panther looks like out of the shower; however, how else can I let people know that one canhave Afro textured or 4B hair, with a relaxer and have length?
I have not had long hair all my life. When I was a little girl, my mother didn't have any clue as to what my hair needed for growth. I had the same length of hair no matter what I tried. I went natural, I had a curly perm, I have had every relaxer on the market, I went to the most expensive hair salons, et al. Not until I let my hair alone and learned to condition it did it begin to grow. Trust me when I say but for the love and grace of God do I have hair. I used a perm and wound up with bald spots on more than one occasion. I used to wash my hair with detergent like shampoos and neglect conditioning. I would color my hair jet black to blonde to blue black all in one week. I could have purchased a home for a family of five with the amount of money I spent on hair products. But, to any of you who may come across this blog, you can grow your hair and you don't have to spend a ton of money. In fact, I have used the simplest methods to get growth and as this blog grows, I will post my technique and the products which have benefit me most. So, now that I have proven the myth black women cannot grow hair or that our hair somehow stops growing and the rest is fake to be rubbish, I feel better knowing I can testify to that fallacy which has been instilled in our heads (no pun intended) for so many centuries.
With love,


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Much ado about Nothing

Today has been quite the hectic day, worked on some things for BCC. I must say, I watched the show Blush and was none to thrilled at all. Now I now why my parents were so adamant about me going for formal education as opposed to cosmetology school. I am still trying to think of a non biased way to describe this series for those who may not be informed about how makeup artistry is more than just taking a crayon and applying color to one's face. I was disappointed to hear Charlie Green say as it seems to minimize the importance of makeup artistry. Sure, makeup artists are not on the same level as law enforcement, military personnel or firefighters, but it does feel good to see the face of a woman who can look at herself and smile for the first time as a result of a makeover. I don't discount anyone in any profession, but I believe every job, regardless of what the title, education requirements, etc. can be beneficial to someone in the world for the better. Enough of me and my ever too sensitive gob. Time to work on something for the benefit of all things beauty.
Love yourself first,


Monday, November 10, 2008

Product Talk

Last Friday I was reading some of my favorite blogs from some other makeup and all things beauty addicts. One of the greatest challenges, for me, is applying my mascara every day. About five years ago I was obsessed with false lashes. I wore them so much I stopped taking care of my own lashes. As a result, I have been on the hunt for the "perfect" mascara. I have tubes and tubes, but I realise I still need to get my own lashes back in shape. I read about a few lash growth products and had zero luck with both Talika Lipocils and Ardell Lash and Brow, so I began to use Castor oil. Then I read this was not an entirely good idea. Oils getting into the eye can be a problem since our eyes don't naturally produce oil via our tear ducts. So I broke down and spent a ridiculous amount on this lash stuff. It claims to grow lashes in 90 days or refund your money.
I always believed that guarantees were there in hopes people would lose their receipt or forget all together about their refund. I will report report my findings and keep you apprised. I am hoping this is rated four out of five paws at least; however, let's wait and see. Have a beautiful day!


A New Week!

How can this week compare to that of the previous? Well, it can't so, we make the best of each day. After reflecting on the previous week's impact across the world, I present you with a challenge. "Who would you be, if you believed you could not fail?" I want you to really think of that. Don't let the strong holds of external programming get in the way, this is a question that will help you to become that person. To reach new heights, and strive to remember that, you can do it. If my neice can smile and say to me, "I can tell my children they can be whoever they want in life." I think you can do the same.
In keeping with our beauty tradition, I have always believed that I could never do makeup full time. I was told that I was too smart to waste my time doing makeup and that it was a "nice hobby" but there was more in life I should aspire to be. Of course, my parents were going to instill the need for formal education and all the sheepskin (degrees) I could get. They could not afford college and it was not something their parents had instilled in them to become. Well, I have the education, but fashion is my passion. For now it is something I do for recreation; however, I do hope to use my skills to benefit others. I am busy writing a business plan. There is power in writing and there isn't anything I can't do with the help of God and others. I challenge you to feel the same. Whether it's in beauty, finance, childcare or whatever, find out where you can contribute something no one else has to offer and do it.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Beautiful Friday!

We made it Cherubs!
We had an historic election, several sales to choose from and to think a week ago we were painting faces, and dressing up for Halloween. What a difference a week makes. While trying to refrain from all things beauty, it's still an amazing time for the USA. Regardless of who won, they would have been the oldest male to win, or the first African-American. I find both to have done well and should be proud regardless of the results.
So, for a recap there are still two deals and steals to consider as well as

so don't forget to stock up. I plan to organize my house this weekend, catch up on my list of things to do and spend some quiet time reading. I have a coupon for Borders for 30% off and I love books as much as I love makeup. I think my imagination is triggered by reading, thus giving me ideas for my many looks. Please have a safe weekend, and believe in yourself and stay beautiful

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Face your fears

B.P. was ashamadely absent yesterday. I might add that it was due to reasons of my own making. Unfortunately, though I may be old in years, my behavior can be quite juvenile. Spiritually, I think this gal has run her gamut of self destructive behavior. I learn something new about life and myself everyday. Today, I am taking steps to not take myself so serious. I guess I feel I have a lot of "shoulda, woulda, coulda's" and for a woman at my age, I feel I cheated myself out of so much. I do get sad this time of year and I envy people who have a good supportive family. Well, I have to play the hand I was dealt, I have been independent for a long time, and I had no idea how much hurt and anger I carried within. Watching reactions from last night's election results did remind me that ANYTHING is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard enough! Well, I may be one of the oldest makeup gurus on the planet, but I won't let that insecurity keep my talent hidden.
This morning, as I was leaving for work, I attempted to take a photo of me and my little Eli for this blog. Well, dogs are not too keen on having their mum leave let alone posing for a photo. It became frustrating so, rather than be late, I left. Today, I challenge you to do something you fear. We all tend to be in our comfort zones, make a step toward crossing one thing of your bucket list. I believe in you, so you should to. Stay beautiful, xx

Dear President-Elect:

it would behoove you to speak with Santa or me in reference to your lovely wife First Lady Michelle Obama's Christmas list. We cougars, panthers, lions, and kittens feel the limited edition Nordstrom Exclusive Enchanting Vermillion Fashion Eye Kit would be a great stocking stuffer. The First Lady can carry her all inclusive eye essentials in the lovely red portable pouch which is perfect for those unexpected snapshots while attending engagements with her husband, President Obama.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Beauty from Within

I am so happy that Halloween is over! As much fun as it is to watch people play dress up and eat candy, I really don't enjoy much about Halloween. As a youngster I loved the idea of dressing up, costumes, candy, et. al; however, my generation, like most, was plagued by all the minutia about crimes committed on innocent trick or treaters.
I think having two older brothers was a blessing and a curse. I always had protection, but I also had live in bullies. They did not like having to take me about on all their excursions. But, my silence could be bought. They used to be quite thuggish. Rather than get really dressed up and creative, they wore things that didn't require much thought, "football player, karate kid, etc." and they didn't have cute candy carriers, they used pillow cases. They never got as much candy as me, this kitten was a panther at an early age. Working the prowess and always remembering the correct niceties such as: please, thank you, may I please? alwasy got me an extra dose of the sugar in return. The thugs aka my bros were usually frowned upon for being "too old to trick or treat" but they always had me as an excuse to troll around and wreak havoc. I didn't have any trick or treaters or parties to attend. I stayed in browsing makeup sites, depotting eyeshadows and watching some video rentals. I really am trying to get out of my shell. In fact, I am working on the proper cam to add some fun to this blog. I am really impressed by my fellow bloggers, mostly RenRen. She is the most precious woman doing faces online. I saw a tutorial and e-mailed her and she responded quite nicely. She is really impressive and I am not easily one to put others on pedestals. No, I'm not arrogant, but I'm cautious with my words, people really throw adjectives around so much they lose their efficacy. I cannot tell you how often someone calls a product "amazing!" or says "love" or "pretty" to the point of when is it authentic? But back to Ren, I have found her humble, sincere, fierce with beauty and very appreciative of those who seek her advice. I highly recommend you tune in to her channel. You will learn a lot about a lot and have fun in the process. Beauty=fun here and if you can't have fun with yourself and your looks, you've lost half the joy of living.
The month of October was breast cancer awareness, but I am making Thanksgiving the month of health in general. I want everyone reading this to be in good health and I know we love food, but join me in a challenge to try to cut out some of the not so good stuff and try to incorporate water, walking and weaning ourselves off some of the delicious foods we will be indulging in. Get healthy, get happy and stay beautiful!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Back!

It's our fave time of the year here at Panther's Place. I love all things fall/winter, especially the one hour we "trick" the body to having. Sure my circadian rhythms will be off until spring, but it's okay.
So, to be honest with ourselves we been a bit down. My birthday was the worst yet, things are really getting worse for mum and I can't seem to shake this funk we got ourselves into. I reckon I must take some serious time and reflect on what's got us feeling lethargic. I know I should be eating loads healthier and I have some underlying things beginning to fester. Not to mention, I can't seem to get my blog where I'd like it. Being new is a part of it. I've been new my whole life being an Air Force brat, now I have a new job, making new connections, new friends, etc. People here don't like you until you prove your are likeable.
Last night we took a drive to two of the Halloween shops. This time of year, I can really work a face and the icing is the amount of products out is wicked. I can get the most amazing lashes, creme bases and vibrant colours right now. I spent less than $50.00 USD on my new love. I knew of him and had his pots, but now I've got his pigments and they were only $7.98 each! Who is he? He is none other than Ben Nye. Yep, I'm having an affair with him and forsaking all others. The best thing about him, he never fails to deliver. What you see in the pot/container, is exactly what you get on your eyes. For the price, I cannot complain. This weekend Eli and I will have a brilliant time making eyeshadows from the stack of pigments. A pressing we shall go! Well, that's enough for today, beautiful one, please be safe this Halloween evening, and remember that candy is great, but always in moderation, unless it's makeup! :) Cheers love!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lemon-Aid good for the eyes?

I thought I might have a go at a product by Benefit called Lemon-Aid. It's described at a "miracle-working soft-yellow correcting cream that instantly hides redness and discoloration on your eyelids." Unfortunately, I'm addicted to tutorials on youtube tutorials and this has been a long standing cult fave of many a guru. After work I deposited a much awaited refund and went to Sephora to purchase this highly promoted product.
Well lovely, today was my first day of trying it on. Although the reviews gave it 4 out of 5 stars, it only gets one lippie from us. I did my usual wash and prep routine, applied a light layer and applied my eyeshadow and by 10.00 a.m. my perfectly cut crease had slid to my lash line. What's more, I could feel it as it began to crease. I think my error was in my expectation of a product to do what is was not intended for. Had I done full research, I would have queried those gurus to find out if they had dry skin or problems with their shadows creasing. Instead, I spent half a tank of gas money to learn a valuable lesson. I may try to swap it on makeupalley or use it over my regular crease proofing base. Just goes to show not all products work equally and it's better to try something first (they do have testers) before shelling out loads of money on something I cannot use. Maybe I can return, but the lesson has been learned.
Stay beautifulxx

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Extra, Extra!

I could not wait to tell you how awesome it will be to attend a makeup artist convention on the West Coast today I was browsing some of my fave sites and found this today!!! Time for me to start saving my pennies, which means no more hauls for this lovely! Hope to see you there!

Real Essence of Beauty

As a freelance makeup artist, the one thing I have not been able to drive home enough is today's topic. I have those commonly asked questions each time I do a makeover/under. "What is the best...?" Or, "What foundation do you prefer?" The one that is a guarantee, "How can I make my face...?"
Well, it all starts with your own essence of beauty and not any brand or tool to apply makeup. Your essence is what makes you beautiful. Cliche' as it may sound, we do create our own unique "look" or have some phenotype that makes us different. I don't like my nose, long for sultry lashes, and wish my pores were smaller. My nose is a gift from my grandmother who went to be with God. My lashes may not be long, but they have a wicked curl and I can always add falsies, my skin is something that brings me to the crux of this post.
Beautiful, it is your responsibility to take good care of your body, but you really want to put your best face first. Our face tells people more than we think. It's the first thing we notice. It tells our story and holds people attention during conversation. Yes, beauty is skin deep and it's not all about appearance, but no matter what our circumstances it's always important to do things that will keep your skin it's best. You don't have to give up soda, chocolate, etc., but you do need to include more water in your diet. Start small, include a glass with whatever you snack on and if you still want a soda have one.
I absolutely loathe drinking water. So, I made a list of ways I could incorporate it into my day. I even spiked the water with lemon, lime and other things to trick myself into liking it. I still don't like it. I have no sugar based drinks in my home. This forces me to drink water because I don't like being thirsty and I can only drink so much soy milk, tea and coffee without getting sick and/or thirsty. I have relapsed and driven to the store many a night for a fix, but I make it a point to have a bottle of water on my desk each morning. Pretty soon I will drink it all, but it has yet to happen.
Cleansers! Keep your canvas clean love. I am blessed with great skin, but the down side is...oil. My organic moisturiser could give Rudolph's nose a run for the money during the worst snow storm. I keep napkins with me at all times. I did try blotting sheets, but they didn't feel clean. They stuck to my face and I had to use no less than ten at a time then I still found a napkin or paper towel so, I am sticking with the napkins. When I am in a store or washing my hands I grab a few extra and keep them in my car, purse, desk and touch up throughout the day.
As for makeup, I cannot express how important washing off your makeup is. It's not just hygienic, but it's really good for your skin. Even those who have dry skin should do this, and no matter how late, tired, or lazy you are, you can stop in the loo and take a few minutes to clean your face and get that old mascara off.
While on the subject of makeup, clean your brushes, or throw out some of those dirty sponges. How many times have you seen a woman take out a compact and put that puff on her oily nose and back into the compact? Nice! Don't do that, and don't touch up the oilies without removing it first. Remember to blot next time. A client who was preparing for her sister's wedding wanted me to do her makeup. I asked her the essentials and inquired about what she uses for foundation. She then proceeded to tell me about her "awful breakouts." I asked her to bring the products and when she did, I immediately looked at her kabuki brush. "How often do you clean this?," I asked knowing her answer already. "Oh, I don't clean it, my makeup is mineral." Huh... So let's just say, we did an overview on brush cleaning and she was mortified by the colour of the water and the length it took to clean. I didn't follow up on her skin, but I drove the message home about the effects of dirty tools.
Please remember, if there is a way you can do so, money is rather tight these days, see a dermatologist. I don't mean to take the joy away from makeup, I'm a junkie too. But, there are so many things a dermatologist can do to help you to look your best. Whether it's your skin's moisture level being too high (oily) or too low (dry), acne or rosacea, they can best determine the method for you. Plus, no matter your ethnicity, you can get skin cancer and early detection is the best for a speedy recovery. That concludes today's tips!
Stay beautiful!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beauty Bargain

I found something of interest for you. I noticed a similarity between two products and thought I might share. I noticed
at from the Red, She Said Holiday Collection. They are a mineralized eyeshadow limited edition. But I also saw
at The MAC brand runs approximately $14.50 depending on your location and the one from Avon is $4.99, but also for a limited time. I just purchased Danger Zone and find the payoff to be less than I anticipated, but I do want to compare so I plan on trying the Avon duo as well. I shall report my findings as soon I receive it. Stay beautiful!

New Girl on the Block

Black Panther? Are you sure? Yes, I am sure it's 2008. That was the conversation in my head when I was deciding on the name for this blog. Even though there was a foiled assassination attempt on presidential hopeful Barack Obama today.

Well, not that anyone is reading this blog, but I have long thought black panthers are the epitome of sexy. As a black woman, I cannot think of a better mascot to emulate all things sexy, sleek, fierce and beautiful for this blog.

This blog is designed for a target population. I want women in their 30s, 40s and beyond to be represented somewhere regardless of their color. I have been enjoying the blocks, tutorials and assistance of many who have helped me with makeup technique, tricks, applications and the like for years. Kudos to you all and I can only hope to accomplish what many of you ladies and gentleman have done.

The thing which I found to be difficult and often times extremely embarassing is I can be their mother. I love watching tutorials on of many talented makeup gurus. I wish I had the same opportunity at their age. I can't cange my past so as I embrace middle age, I find I cannot use the same techniques and/or style of makeup. I look absolutely ridiculous trying to duplicate some of the looks that I am inspired by. This blog will hopefully help another woman find a way to balance the needs of maturing sking and look beautiful at any age.