Friday, May 28, 2010

Help I did Fake Tan and now I'm Orange!

Oh get over yourselves, it happens to the best of them.  Remember Nicole Kidman's makeup mishap?  It happens to everyone.  Unfortunately, in the rush to get that Victoria Secret bronzed goddess look, we leap into products we have no idea how to use.  Tutorials, and word of mouth can only go so far.  Let's discuss:
Why does this happen?  Applying too much of the sunless tanning product is most often the cause.  You only need about one or two ounces for your entire body.  Sure the directions may advise to continue until the desired color is established. STOP!  What they don't tell you is that the products are comprised such that even when you are done, the process continues for at least two hours.  In addition, many porcelain princesses pile on the dark or extra dark thinking it will balance.  Nope, the chemicals don't work that way, and your body chemistry doesn't read the directions on the bottle.  What works for Jane Q Fake Tan, doesn't necessarily work for Jen Q. Fake Tan.

MY HANDS! Relax, they too can be restored.  It's quicker, easier and faster to apply the solution with one's hands.  Unfortunately, you are marinating in fake tan due to the length of time it takes to apply properly.  Of course your hands are going to be orange.  Easy peasy let's look at some remedies, tried and true even for BRIDES!!!!

(You know you me)

Here are products good for the hands:
  1. Windex
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide
  3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  4. Toothpaste with whitener
  5. Lemons
For the face:
  1. Lemons
  2. Febreeze
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide diluted with water 1:3
  4. Time and Patience
Remember, the harder you are on your skin, the worse things will get.  If gloves don't work to apply the product, go to the craft store and get a paint brush.  The last thing you need is to panic.  That's the first thing people do, then they grab ridiculous items like bleach, vinegar, Goop, pumice stones, and try and sand blast the orange from their skin.  So...they have orange, irritated skin and that is not a pretty look.  I think the worst thing is those who are addicted and in denial, but that's another blog post all together.  Heck, even Amber Rose has made huge faux pas but that's part of her "shock value."

(yes, she did...)

Cheers lovers,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hair Extensions 101

Apparently, many people were upset with Cheryl Cole and L'Oreal over her commercial for their shampoo as told by NY Daily News. Whatever!  People really think those adverts on telly are 100% authentic?  If so, they should have no access to any advertising at all.  We are influenced, no matter how we hate it, by the things stimulated by one of our senses.  I don't get the hype about who's hair is real, fake, natural, etc.  Whatever makes people feel good radiates through there personality.  Salty people are usually unhappy somewhere, and take it out on others as self reflection is painful. 
So, lately everyone is doing the clip in extensions.  I don't know why but I'll outline three of many types of extensions/weaves for you. 

  1. Clip Ins: Most popular in certain circles.

  2. Sew Ins: Popular in ethnic hair predominantly.

  3. Fusions....
So first we start with the clip ins.  I defy you to turn on YouTube and not find a video about clip in hair extensions.  They are like the answer to world peace right now.  I don't think there's enough Remy or synthetic produced in the world to meet the demand for these wefts.  These are easiest to apply, requires a intermediate level of skill and can be done within minutes.  All that is required is your hair must match the wefts, unless you're going for a different style, clips (Sally's has them) and thread.  You attach the clips to the ends of the wefts, and center across the nape, occipital (mid brain) temples, etc. You can do a full head, half, or just clip in for added color (Nicki Minaj). 
Clip ins are fun!  There's more flexibility and, if done properly, minimal damage to the hair. 
I would not recommend clips for anything other than DAILY wear.  Unless you have very thick hair, over time the weight of the clips will wear your hair down.  In addition, if you aren't patient enough with them, in an attempt to remove them you may take some of your own strands with you.  I understand the point is to make thin hair appear thicker, but it's not a good method as thin hair, being less dense, doesn't leave much for the clips to adhere to. 
(clip ins)

Sew ins are really popular in the Afro textured community.  You can attach partial or a full head of hair with this technique.  You begin by braiding your hair, in cornrows, around your head at the places you will attach the weft.  Then you take a needle (Sally's or any beauty supply store who sells hair) and thread and attach the weft to the hair.  This is a tricky technique if you are new to extensions.  Most hair dressers are familiar, but there are people who are weave specialists who can make you do a double take. 
I like sew ins, because they don't slide down, become unhinged, feel uncomfortable, and, (if done properly) don't harm or manipulate your own hair.  You can design the cornrows in ways to blend your own hair so that you have a natural part, thus making it less obvious you have extensions.  Or, you can do a full head and attach a closure, it all depends on what you are trying to achieve.  I have heard horror stories of people getting their hair and the thread confused which wound up in the person's hair getting cut instead of the thread.  Choose your beautician wisely.  You can wear this style a lot longer than clip ins, depending on the rate of your own hair's growth.  As your hair grows, the extensions will need to be redone.

(sew ins)

FUSIONS!!!!! oh my goodness...I feel myself getting ill writing about this technique.  I've used the red to emphasize the threat level for this particular method.  It requires a HIGHLY SKILLED stylist.  Do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions.  How do I care for this?  How do you remove them? Will this cause damage to my own hair?  How long have you been doing this? Would this be sufficient for my length, texture, etc.? Hell, ask them if they would do this process to their mother, sister, daughter.  Whatever you need to feel comfort because I have yet to see a person's own hair benefit from this process.  There are several ways to infuse the hair to your own.  Some do it strand by strand (Hollywood or high rolling) or there are the "pinching" which is shown below.  You take tiny sections of your own hair, which are clamped together with the extensions throughout the head.  This style looks the best, it's the Rolls Royce, but the maintenance is a bitch.  You really have to follow instructions on the care and maintenance.  It is also important to have a patient, highly skilled stylist remove these from your hair.  As your hair grows, these will need to be re done, but it's very aesthetically pleasing.  It's similar to comparing lash extensions and false eyelashes, one looks natural and requires gentle treatment AT ALL TIMES, while the other is more forgiving and less natural.


Again, I've been there and done it all, and had it done for me.  I love to experiment and try new and innovative things with my appearance.  I don't really take myself too serious, there is no paparazzi following me, I'm not being ambushed for a makeover by anyone, and nothing I've done has been permanent.  If I totally fuck mess up, I can shave it off and start over.  I don't advise doing so, but heck, Britney made it look fun!
(smiling at least)

Good luck! If you have questions, by all means ask me, if I don't know I'll find out.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Target, Payless and others...

Yep!  I am so tired of how companies are advertising their "amazing" designer products, only to have this item is currently out of stock!!! I "get" that you're collaborating with high end designers in an effort to allow us beer budget fashionistas a shot at "brand names."  I don't understand the point of having some of the largest vloggers/bloggers/You Tubers, etc. promote your products if you don't plan to have enough merchandise for at least half of their followers/subscribers, etc.  You apparently want to reach a large audience with little or no costs for advertising compared to adverts in magazines, commercials and so on.  I blogged about how MAC does this.  It's the scarcity factor.  You hype something up, leak swatches, and items to certain Internet celebs, then you slap the word "limited edition" which makes people want it more, "just in case."  Which does three things. 
  1. Creates a frenzy of people who are giving their first born for something they don't need or already have.
  2. Drives the price for the item up on ebay for a ridiculous price. (You could buy an original for the same $$$)
  3. Frustrates consumers who want to purchase the products locally, only to find out after driving hours to various stores that only a few were sent and the rest would be available on line.  Which means.
  4. Item is currently out of stock!  Contact stores for availability.
This has happened to me twice which is two times too many. First I read a popular blog and saw these:

Cynthia Vincent for Target

Lovely aren't they?  Well, back in April, I was on a wild goose chase thanks to Target's sucky website which told me there was "limited availability" in a few stores in my vicinity.  Great right? Wrong!  Not one store had ANY C.V. shoes.  None at all.  They aren't amazing.  But, for me, I was in a spring mood, wanted to incorporate yellow into my wardrobe, and it was my mum's favorite color.  I don't like wedges that have the cork around it, nor do I like the thread ones so this would suit me perfectly.  The stores near me never received these at all.  They eventually got sandals, but not wedges.  Thanks Target, Cheers very much!

Then, I saw another You Tuber/blogger showcasing another designer collaboration, this time Payless Shoe Source.  I had never bought from them because my mum has this thing about inexpensive shoes leading to hammertoes, bunions and a bad back.  I remember Starr Jones having something to do with them and, more recently, Christian Siriano

not bad for Payless?

This is an Alice and Olivia inspired collaboration, and I find these shoes to be so cute.  After church and before visiting my father, I scooped up the dog and hit a few of the stores nearby.  First store, the clerk new nothing, but in her defense, they had no advertising about, such as posters, displays, etc.  So, I went to a mall store, if it's in the mall, the odds are they are more likely carrying them, or have knowledge.  No joy!  What?  The girl was kind enough to make a call and tells me:  "Designer inspired shoes aren't carried here, but you can order online."  She smiled, and rather than punch her, I asked where they were.  She shrugged, and said "Not in stores unless you want to drive to San Diego."  She couldn't guarantee they would be there, but that is the closest store who "sometimes" gets the designer stock.  Great...

So, in the stores defense, I can buy online.  Many people do since they live in remote areas.  Unfortunately, online shopping is fucking ridiculous.  I cannot see what I'm buying up close.  I like to look at the details, the very fine details in how merchandise is put together.  Anything can look good online, but up close you can see the way something is put together, feel the material and determine the investment.  What some people like or find acceptable others may not, (i.e. Hot Miami Styles). 

I get that business is business, but gas prices are shooting up and there is no sign of it slowing down.  I don't find it fun to spend an afternoon driving from store to store.  Don't even start on public transportation.  Is it too much to ask that companies make enough of an item they know will be well sought after?  The mark up they get is insane!  Do you think it's costing them the same price to make they charge to sell?  Of course not!  How does it feel for us to be like rabbits having carrots hanging above our head as we watch videos, read blogs and scour the Internet looking at products given to a chosen few?  Is my money not they same as the selected few?  If it's because the people you are "gifting" have a huge market for you, then why not accommodate forthcoming sales.  I guess there are places like F21 and Sheikh ready to pick up the fall out and have a dupe ready and in stock. 

P.S.  After contacting some of the owners of said shoes I've learnt they were rather cheap looking and are in fact made with poor craftsmanship.  Karma?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fabulous Finds for Frugal Fashionistas!

Thank God for sucky days!  Today, I woke up at half one o'clock.  Talk about unproductive.  The day before, I was on a roll, cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc. then I sleep my Saturday away... By the time I did laundry, it was evening as I showered and took the dog out.  Here I am watching J. Bieber with Tina Fey on SNL feeling bad about my weekend.  I do have a good deal to write about...Behold!!!

 This made my whole weekend!!! I am getting into falsies, as I try out this generic version of Latisse (I'll report my results, if any).  Since I'm preserving my lashes, no Castor oil, no other lash serums, I'm using falsies in place of mascara.  Here's to hoping these falsies actually work. 

They are very natural looking for false lashes.  I found them at the .99 cents store and am so proud of myself.  They came in various styles, lengths and I'm so excited in playing with them.  These are as good as my expensive ones.  I buy the Red Cherry ones, and these are better!  I also, tried the NYX one's recently; however, they are a bit flimsy so I can layer them with these lovelies.  I  love finding deals.  It's bitter sweet.  Having no friends makes me wish I had someone to share my treasures with, but maybe someone can find these as a result of reading this.  I hate that we see all these people who seem unaffected by the economy, whilst others struggle to search for a job.  Not to mention that nasty oil spill, gee whiz are things bad on the coast.  Makeup makes us feel good, and when you look and feel good, you're sure to shine. 
If you aren't fortunate to have this store near you, buddy up and find someone like you and swap!

Blessings to all,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MAC + Disney = Venomous Villains!

I love teasers...I guess because in high school blokes thought me to be a tease.  I loved to be found attractive, but didn't want to actually "put out."  Some things never change...I digress...Let's get back to the important stuff like beauty, makeup and MAC.  I have been unimpressed with MAC for some time.  I try my best to not be "another one."  Right now, everyone and their dog is talking about this video.  Me?  I'm completely bandwagoning neutral about it, but whenever people start buzzing about a MAC collection I get stupid curious.  I've not written about the Back to the Beach as it would be hypocritical of me.  I am not a fun in the sun kind of girl.  I am with the vampires.  Keep me as far from the sun as possible.  I don't like anything about the sun.  I don't like bikinis (horrified), beaches (sand, dirt, silly drunks and narcissistic girls), or the weather (heatstroke).  I still don't comprehend bronzer on me.  I'm dark already, so why do I need to look like I had some "sun"? I have used it on women who have lighter skin than me, but I've had sun, a good bit of it.
The reason this collection interests me, is an appeal to the villains.  I love naughtiness!  Come on, there are no good girls, just bad girls who got "found out."  I also think MAC can really resurrect their sleeping collections of late with the options for these.  There hasn't been a collection with bold bright colour since "C-Shock" and I still kick myself for sleeping on that one! 

(see the potential?)
I'm thinking they can really do well with the purples on this if they get it right... I see potential for some bright, bold, looks, in reds, teals, blues, purples, orange, yellows, and icy white.  But if MAC does re promotes of : canary yellow, basic red, aquadisiac, gesso, orange, and parfait amour, I will never buy anything from them again.  If the shadows are hit miss in terms of pigmentation? Done!  I don't think they need a "collection" to reformulate their eye shadows pigmentation (matte2, Madame B.).  Just raise your game, like you do the prices.  Better product=more sales and you wouldn't have to keep thinking about innovative limited editions to over hype.  I truly hope MAC goes back to what they were before Estee Lauder, but that's another post all together.  Cheers!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All About Going Natural

It's that time of year again...I want to go natural so bad my teeth hurt.  Seriously, it's that bad.  I feel like shaving my very long mane.  I worked very, very hard growing my hair this length...but having it texlaxed doesn't feel right to me these days.  With so many people making great strides these days, I feel like I need to challenge myself.  Well, why not continue with the work out, body makeover?  Because that isn't a goal, it's a lifestyle change.  I am changing the way I think about food and the result will be to become more "fit" and healthy in the process.  Feeding my body instead of my cravings.
I guess I am sort of bandwagoning.  I feel left out, I'll admit it.  Everyone is going natural and they are embracing their hair's natural texture.  To be fair, my mother didn't encourage me to do anything to my hair.  She was fine with taking care of my natural hair, and pressing it out for church and special events.  What happened?  Social brainwashing.  I wanted my hair to be like the images on video queens.  That was the era I was raised to watch, video vixens were the "it" girls.  I liked the naturals like Angie Stone, Lauren Hill, Eryka, Whoopi, but they were so dang smart I was into superficial so they fed my need for knowledge, but they weren't in my face like Halle, Meagan, Beyonce, Nia, etc.  It could be on me, maybe I wasn't focused on the "right" issues.  But, I was shallow and into beauty.  I was doing makeup and these were some of the images I was looking at to inspire some of the looks I could create.  Not that the others weren't doing the same, but they weren't everywhere I looked.  So why now?  Same thing, but I'm scared.  Not of the "big chop" I've been bald, that doesn't scare me in the least.  I can work a protective style to acclimate to anything.  I know now my hair can grow as long as I treat it properly.  But change in corporate settings isn't always well received.  My fear is, as a black female I'm very blessed to have a job in the field I do.  I've been made redundant and living on unemployment was the worst experience I have ever endured.  I hated every day of my life then.  I never felt more hopeless, worthless, and desolate.  I am still recovering from that which is why I allow some of the bullshit  stuff my boss does to get a simple side eye. I don't want to give my employer power reasons to eliminate me.  "They can't do that!  That's discrimination!"  Please, I see it everyday.  I am so depressed.  I watch Kimmay Tube, Scandalous Beauty, and read countless journals about others' transition and miss that.  I feel left out.  I know it's not easy, but there's a sister hood in the natural community and no matter how long, healthy etc. my hair is, I miss experimenting with chemical free hair.  I'd still color it, but watching a transformation and trying new styles is like clothes.  I like to change my style and switch it up.

(not my texture but nice)

(business appropriate)

(we won't be needing your services...)

My style of makeup and clothes are somewhat tolerated due to my background in fashion and makeup.  I don't think the transition and eventual journey will go well.  I guess it's cowardice and a lack of faith in God on my part, but maybe this is another phase.  I feel like I shouldn't have to be in this position, but I guess EVERYONE is required to make a compromise of themselves when working for someone else.  But times are really hard, and if an employer wants a face or "image" which reflects them, they have the right.  If I ran a business and felt body art or whatever didn't work in say a child care environment, I'd select employees accordingly.  Loves, choose decisions wise, but don't let them consume you.  Look at how many people are making their dreams possible on blogs, YouTube, and hard work.

Monday, May 10, 2010

You Complete Me!

Never say those words!  Seriously I find the downfall of so many people in the world is seeking validation.  You've seen it!  Think about how society is right now.  You are classified as: a follower, a fan, a subscriber, a _____.  Come on!  I'm more than that, and that's what I have to comes to terms with.  We seek people to validate us.  The reason we seek validation is that we are missing something within ourselves.  Almost all addictions are the result of an emptiness.  Usually we have an emptiness in our heart, but don't want to admit it.  Therefore we turn to outside resources to fill those voids. 
Unfortunately, when our expectations of someone fails us, we immediately get "butthurt."  It's natural to wonder why don't people like us, want us, love us, etc.?  But the truth is, we either a) feel we don't deserve it, b) are afraid of being hurt or c) convinced ourselves something is wrong with them/us.  While the answers may be either one or all of the above, it scares me that so many people are seeking validation in the wrong person!!!!!
I won't name any names, as this isn't a name and shame post.  There are people on the internet who can get people to pay their rent, mortgage, et al.  While, many times, I understand the need to want to help a fellow human, what do we really know about these people?  We know "who" they show us online.  We "know" the image they portray, and usually we decided they are good, loving, people who like us back.  Recognize these traits:
  • They are Christian, say sweet encouraging things...
  • Are sweet, pretty, bubbly, ...
  • Fell on hard times, but has always been so kind...
  • Has a huge following and everyone loves them, rates them, follows them, ...

This may be all well and good, but the other thing in common?  They are all human.  Humans fail!  We do it all the time, and it pains me every time I see someone manipulate people into gaining subscribers, followers, etc. under the guise of "helping" them.  I was floored last year when someone put a "donate" button so they could go attend the International Model and Talent Show in Los Angeles last year.  They would be able to do more "videos" with the products and knowledge.  Now it appears people want their subscribers to send them things.  Really?  Why?  One person stated it was because she "entertains people for free online."  Another needed money for legal fees, and the list goes on.  Some people think, "Hey!  It's a good concept if you can do it."  Really?  There's a distinction between can and should.  For instance, say you know you can "work" someone into giving you something you want.  Does that make it right?  Maybe I believe that what goes around comes around and that hard work, determination and perseverance will be its own reward, but I'm a silent minority.  I guess if I branded myself, promoted myself, strategically placed my photo with tags, I'd be one of "them." But why would I do that?  For me, money is great, but it's not everything.  Greed is a gateway to a self destructive lifestyle.  It becomes an addiction, we compete for more, crave more and turn into something/someone we don't recognize.  Sure, I don't have a "posse"  but the talent I pride myself on, is that I truly care about people.  Sure, caring doesn't pay my rent, it doesn't market well and sometimes you get screwed, but nowadays, people like me are quite rare. 
In short, be careful with your heart online and in the real world.  People are people and many have ulterior motives.  It sounds negative, but I've been shown this to be true many times.  Don't see people as having the key piece of what lacks within yourself.  It's great to be encouraged, uplifted, motivated, or inspired, but no one is better, smarter, prettier, etc. than you.  Are you thinking, "Why have teachers, pastors, friends, partners, etc. then?" 
All relationships are give and take.  Even the smartest professor will learn something from a student.  The best relationships are when both partners are happy with themselves first, and in order to give you have to have had received.  We don't owe anyone anything.  "What has been so freely given..." Yes, that!  There will be costs which need to be covered, life isn't free, but don't go throwing your money around unless you have it to give.  More importantly, don't throw your heart around so freely either.  It's a precious thing, and nothing is worse than watching a person suffer with a whole in their heart.  Love, Laugh and Live, but be cautious, there are so many predators.  The answers for all you are looking for you already have.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Product Review: Hourglass Veil Primer

Hello Kittens!  I hope all is well.  Me?  Of course things are miserable great in my world.  I had such a cute day at work, all in pink.  I'll post the outfit at another day tomorrow maybe?  So, I tried another primer.  This primer was touted up there with the gods of makeup for brilliant.  Back story:  I have huge pores, sensitive skin and hate foundation.  I told the sales girl at Sephora about my background in cosmetics, my experience with every primer on the market and my desire to have less shine by the time I turn the bathroom light off to leave as I currently do.  She and a few cast mates assured me this product would work.  Apprehensively, I made the first mistake in shopping for cosmetics.  #1 RULE
I spent $52.00 for an ounce of crap product.  It was one of the worst I have tried.  I seriously have tried Milk of Magnesia, Bare Minerals, Medi Matte, Smashbox, MAC, Cornstarch, Fyrinnae and none of it works.  I just need to sandblast my face and wear blotting sheets all day. 
 It is lightweight, doesn't smell, doesn't itch and is not heavy at all.  It's not a gel consistency but rather liquidy. It does NOT have:
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances 
- Synthetic Dyes
- Phthalates

It didn't work.  I was oily and felt like the SPF 15 was worn off by the time I arrived to work.  At least with Shiseido SPF 55, I knew there was enough protection from the sun and it was sweat/waterproof. 
The packaging is not conducive for sun creams.  Pumps are okay for foundation, but thumbs down for anything else.  For $52 you need to be able to use ALL of the product. 
pores galore!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Jizz Lips? Really?

Soo...all my little beauty forums are talking about "Jizz Lips."  I honestly didn't know what this term meant.  That said, I got the link to the video where a popular You Tuber and guru posted about "Jizz Lips."  Honestly, I didn't want to watch it for selfish reasons.  I know that it makes view counts go up which equates to more $$$ for the partner.  About the thousandth time I heard, "Whatever, my bills are getting paid while you sit and watch and hate...blah..blah..."  I cannot stand an idiot  individual to think a dissenting opinion is equal to hating on them.  I wish that term would die a painful death, but it is what it is.  So, many people were offended and/or felt they were targeted.  The bitch in me says, if you think it's about you then it probably is.  The part of me who thinks any platform that is used to insult rather than educate is posting.  Just because an arrogant pompous jackass says something doesn't make it true. 
On the other hand, we all have room for improvement.  So, let's think....Jizz Lips is disgusting, and no woman body should be spoken or referred to in such a derogatory term.  Even people who get paid to perform lewd acts don't deserve that.  We don't judge unless we walk in one's shoes here right? Right!   I know I have made enough fashion, beauty, life, etc. faux pas to fill a library.  So, let's say you really like that look but it's a bit extreme.  For instance, Lady GaGa for Mac gives me the "powdered doughnut" look.  The fix?  I need a dark base to balance the extreme harshness of the opaqueness.   How?  I can line my entire lip with a darker liner, fill in my lips and apply that atrocious color on top and keep it moving.
In defense of those who like the look, it's quite editorial and can be pulled off.  I don't think Latoya Luckett gets much criticism

jizz? silver?

"giiiirl *shakes neck*"

I have to say, I loathe when people pull their "ghetto fab" card and attempt to "school" black women.  It's quite insulting to think in order to get a point across to black women you have to be ignorant.  Speak to me the same as you would a non black woman.  Thanks.  We don't all have the "hood" mentality. Really it's beyond old.  We ALL have a professional demeanor and our "relaxed" demeanor.  Regardless of your ethnicity, you speak differently in business than you do with your friends shooting the shit breeze.   Granted, some looks are strictly for editorial and you wouldn't wear them for a corporate engagement. But we know what those looks consist of.  I must give credit to an artist I really admire.  Her name is Eily and she has a YouTube channel, although I haven't been up to speed on if she's, in fact, still on their. 

GORGEOUS not Jizz!

In short, whenever someone says something you either don't like or disagree with, consider the source.  Many times people don't think and just act, which in turn we react which just makes things messy, feelings get butt hurt and no one wins.  I believe most people don't intend to offend, but when they do, it's usually based on something they need to deal with and are projecting it onto others.  Again, I care not what most gurus care about how I choose to look, many of them aren't flawless and have room to grow i.e. a guru speaking about eye makeup but has bad skin, or weight issues, doesn't need me to say, "You may have great skill in (insert technique) but you could lose a few pounds or work on that breakout."  It serves me no purpose other than for them to shut up or notify all their "e-friends" and I get cyber stalked and bullied. 
Believe in yourself, know your worth and remember: Confidence will take any look to another level and at the end of the day, if you love you, you are way ahead of most people!  *blows kiss*

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fab Finds for Less: EcoTools

I always hate those girls who can find a deal crossing the street.  "Oh, is that a Unicorn for sale?  I'll take it!"  Then they report back about how they went to the same store you just left and they found the golden ticket, even though you were just there and didn't see sh*t!  What Ross, TJ/TK Maxx do they live near?  I went and they paid me dust.  I'm sick of not being her.  So, finally I went to Ross and found a smart deal for less than $7.00.  did I need this?  No!  I bought it to brag even though I have no one to brag too but myself.  I needed to validate myself somehow and since all the girls on MUA brag about the stuff they find and proceed to ignore my posts, I come here and let it all out.  This time, I left it alone. If you're reading, you get to find this too, and I hope you can find it.  This is the brush set from Eco Tools, but it's not like the one's in the roll at most drugstores.  It has it's own stand up box.  I like it, but I'm not going to lie, I won't use them it just looks good.  These brushes are so damn soft they scare me.  I feel like I'm violating them if I use them.  Or, I might use them, like them a lot and then not be able to find back ups.  I have a propensity to hoard.  When things get low I get really, really nervous.  I will stalk a store looking for something without feeling insane. 
I found this in the area where they have their conditioners, and bath products.  Each store varies, but they had this.  Too bad the people who work their don't know sh*t about the stock.  I asked why they had this and I got

Kanye Shrug

But I can't blame them.  It would suck to be that on top of products and items in a store like that.  People like me bugging you and you're just trying to get paid.  Seriously, so I just appreciate my blessing and keep it moving.  I used to tell people on forums, but they don't interact with me, I am a thread killer so this is my safe haven.  I love these brushes, and I'd recommend them for those with sensitive skin who don't like that itch ish that makes you feel like you're having an allergic reaction.  I haven't seen them so they may have been a trial run that was a "fail" which equates to "win" for us beauty lovers. 

seeing is believing some lie on the "net"

Okay, more to come, the weather is changing, my diet is a work in progress, but I will always be here for you.  That won't ever change.