Wednesday, September 30, 2009

e.l.f. Brush Sale

E.L.F. is Doing it Again!
I have the Studio line of brushes, and though I haven't done a thorough review, I can say they are good to have if you need something and don't want to shell out ridiculous amounts of money for high end brushes.  If you are doing makeup for yourself and don't require a brush that will survive ridiculous amounts of washing and heavy usage, give e.l.f a go, they are quite nice.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MAC is seriously Crack!!!

I will admit it.  I have a problem when it comes to bandwagoning and beauty.  I seriously cannot stress how much I don't need one more beauty item to cross my path for at least ten years. So, why did I find myself at MAC after a hard day at work yesterday?  I went to the mall to find a pencil skirt and my go to F21 and, oops! How did I end up in the MAC store? What's more I had already seen the D squared and Style Black two days ago.  I don't believe in limited edition skin care and I never got the hype about the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator.  So.......Why am I stressed about leaving work today?  Because I bought the Limited Edition Volcanic Ash Exfoliator.  Not only did I buy one, I bought two, and then, I tried to leave the store, and saw the greasepaints, and....YEP, I sure did. 
Now I have to go and take the exfoliators back and I found that the L'Oreal HIP Color Chrome Eyeliner is BETTER than MAC's greasepaint.  I thought I was sligthend but then Scandalous Beauty also had impressive results.  (Always research and do your homework)  I loathe taking anything back to my MAC store.  I feel like I'm returning a dog to a shelter and it is causing me stress.  What's more, I've already rehearsed what I plan to say.  I am not an obligatory shopper.  I don't return things and agree to buy something else, I did retail, I know that trick.  For some odd reason, I cannot say "No!" to MAC.  I don't get it.  I am trying to wrap my head around this and have come up with nada.  I'm embarrassed by ridiculous amount of makeup I have, and yet, there I was and leaving with two bags.  Of course, I can tell myself, "You can use that for..."  Just like I found out Jessie's Girl has a better version of Cinderfella. 
What's worse?  The sales staff always correct me on the names, release dates or type of products.  I asked the girl if she was wearing "Gilt by Association" and she said, "It's guilty of association."  Yeah....riiiiight.  But she still got a sale from me.  They are hands down some of the daftest employees.  They are rude, arrogant, pushy, will make you feel like you are dating (get out of my personal space I'm not stealing) and yet, I buy over and over again.

Til next time.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Turn that Frown Upside Down

The things you can stumble upon in the drugstore.  I am doing my best to go the all natural route when it comes to aging, but I don't mind being superficial to feel and look better as long as one doesn't go overboard.  I will say I will leave it to people who don't know me to offer criticism on my appearance.  For instance, I am a self declared forum addict.  Sometimes, if the person posting an image is well liked, people don't feel comfortable critiquing said person.  Well, I get that, but what good are you serving other than hosting your own fear?
So why don't I chime in?  That the fastest way to have ALL of the e-thugs call you a: hater, troll, rude, obnoxious, jealous, and so on.  So, I just learn from other's mistakes and it helps me in that, I learn from the plethora of knowledge and b) no one is cyber bullying me or digging up anything they can to try and humiliate me in the spirit of defending their eharmony.  I fear if I begin cosmetic procedures, I won't know when to stop.  I have been researching and these people know their ish.  They can tell you how many cc's for saline, how many vials for fillers and how much botox can get you in a financial pinch if you want to be wrinkle free.  Some have had their nose, breasts and liposuction all in the same day!  I am impressed!  But, for now, I'm going the safe route and try as long as I can working with what I have.  *Yay me* 
The new CVS by my house just arrived and they have so many clearance deals I can hardly pass up on.  I am learning to scale back on buying for the sake of a "deal."  Seriously, it's the whole MAC cosmetics style of marketing.  You launch a product with the term "limited" and it produces the scarcity principle.  "Oh my gosh, if I don't buy this, there will never be another chance and everyone will have it but me and I need to have this!!!"  So, you all run out and buy the products en masse (Volcanic Ash Exfoliator) and the one's who don't get it get bit by the "I have to have this now, because I keep hearing how great it is and now I want it even more!!!"  When in reality there are two givens in life:  The Rolling Stones on Tour, and MAC's LE edition (whatever the product) will be reincarnated at another time under a new name at worst with a nano slight shade.
So I got these Frownie's I had heard about and thought I would give them a good go.  I know I tend to make faces whilst watching or reading (squint) but at night?  I have no idea what goes on then so...yeah.
I got the small, match box sized box which looks rather vintage in style.  Heck, it's Frownie's it is vintage, we have Botox and La Mer as we hit 2010.  You tear off the construction paper like sheets which have the sticky side (think envelope/stamp circa 1990s) and dampen it.  Stretch the area with the furrow as if you are smoothing it and quickly apply the damp sticky side to it and leave it there for at least three hours once or twice a day for maximum results.  I haven't stuck to this, but the concept and reviews are good.  The paper feels quite uncomfortable and the edges are sharp.  I'd like this more if it weren't such a coarse sheet, seriously you can hurt yourself with the corners.  The sheet will stay put overnight and I think given a strict regimen this would work.  I won't say it will remove wrinkles, but you will be training your muscles to not make the expressions which create lines. 
Do remember, smiling is so much better for you than trying to avoid wrinkles, so take this for what it's worth, if you come across it, give it a go for a few nights a week.  Let me know what you do for your skin.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Victoria's Secret wants you!

Victoria's Secret is holding a casting call for new models to shimmy down the runway.  I meet zero requirements since I'm too short, too old, too curvy, too much junk in the trunk, etc.  But I really would think there is someone who can submit their application if not attend in person.
We all have dreams, and for me, I've never thought about modeling, but love clothes, makeup, hair and all the things which go on in the industry.
I have a love hate with Victoria's Secret.  I went to the store on Saturday, just to check out some of the makeup and the sales assistants were beyond rude, they were confusing.  I guess I'm from the old school because I don't get the ear/headset technology.  I know many stores use it.  But, whilst talking to the sales assistant I was confused since she was listening to the voice in her ear, speaking to them and answering me.  It got too "busy" to interact.  It was like the person we all have had on the phone who is talking to you and a person there and you say, "Call me back" and they assure you they are talking to you?  Beyond annoying and this happened three different times.  Can't they have the sales assistants with the walkie talkie not trying to do sales as well as interact with the voice in their ear?  It isn't just confusing, it's annoying and rude.  I could hear them discussing a potential shoplifter whilst trying to get me in a bra.  What the heck is that?  Deal with the shoplifter or size me, but I'm not about to have you get me naked and tackle your five finger friend in concert?  Seriously, who is the person who decides the store's layout.  You can't multitask successfully when a good sell takes eye contact, rapport and listening to what the customer conveys.
That said, who wouldn't love to be treated like an angel if only for one day?  You can go to Glamour for more details.  If anyone gives it a go, let me know and I'll be sure to vote for ya ;)

photo courtesy

Friday, September 25, 2009

Jimmy Choo For H&M

Christmas comes early for some this year.  November 14th is the date Jimmy Choo will release the H&M exclusive.  This is another high end designer does mainstream budget collaboration much like Issey M. did for Target many years ago.
I was following up on the WWD regarding the rumours of Jimmy Choo creating a line for H&M.  Well, I didn't have a press pass so I am forced to read bits and bobs like FEMA after Hurricane Katrina.  I intially though H&M would sell the shoes, but *nearly* the cost of the original line.  However, the designer is creating a line of shoes targeted for us who don't have the funds of our high end fashion lovers.
Remember, it's not about the brand name, it's the quality of the shoe as well as how you make your style work for you.  Don't waste time fawning over something you will wear one season but costs the amount of one month's pay.  Fashion is fickle and style is individual, we can't all afford to spend a few grand on a beautiful pair of shoes, jeans etc. Unless you are attending a premiere, or a brand is sponsoring you (which they do for many celebs) don't compare where you are to where you want to be.  To be honest, I've seen some of the shoes, and they aren't that impressive.
These are okay
These may work for some...
but my point is, you can find some really smart deals at places such as: Marshall's, Ross, Nordstrom Rack and Target which are made with good materials, have quaility craftsmanship and won't have you eating Ramen noodles until the next payday. 
Of course we love our Jimmy Choos, Christian Louboutins, Prada and more, but designers are not catering to Jane Q. Citizen when they think of their next season's shoe.  You are hard pressed to find Citizen Jane on the runway sporting Manolo's, it's not going to happen.  Maybe on Oprah, Ellen, or Tyra when they do makeovers, but on the runway?  No.
I am happy designers are looking to appeal to a greater audience, but make sure the quality of the product is worth the investment.  You can always find something classic on clearance made well, but if you want a shoe that looks like a cheap version of an orginal, your feet may pay the price.



Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have such mixed views on today's post.  I am sitting here and really thinking about blogging and it's funny that last evening I was watching someone promote their blog and the word alone sounds disgusting.  But, I was thinking, this person follows zero bloggers, has nearly 150,000 video subscribers, follows zero Twitterers and responds to....wait for comments.  Makes sense, her job is to earn a living via social networking and it is a lot of work gaining, maintaining and evolving with such a high status on the web.
So, I thought about my purpose.  I don't know what it is, so I stumbled upon a lovely videographer on ...YouTube (trying to quit the addiction) and she's amazing.
So, unfortunately, I am not using my own material to engage the few followers I have.  But, only part of my purposed for blogging is having followers, I am never going to be "that Blog" and thank the good Lord for that, but I do love the opportunity to learn and read other blogs.  They are so personal and I learn more there and at MUA than I do on any other forum. 
Shira J. is so cool!  I have such a love for her channel, though she's in dispose with her "baby daddy" right now.  Why?  She makes me think, makes me laugh, gets me to not take myself so serious and I wish I were more like her.  Without sounding stalkerish, I wish I had a friend like her I could interact with. I have always been a free thinker and love dialogue from people of all backgrounds.  My greatest compliment was when and Aryan (sp) Brother told me he would be seen at the mall with me.  He is who he is, but a black girl who took an interest in why he chose to be in the brotherhood and listened to his view whilst not judging him.  He's quite smart, and I did learn something from him whether I agreed with him or not.
Right, Shira J.  She is the person I aim to be in terms of self confidence, esteem and the ability to not care what people think.  Sure, I say I don't care about others' opinion of me, but that's rubbish.  In my brain it hurts when people are mean spirited, judgmental, and say hurtful things to or about me.  Shira has been there and done that, but she wants to help others.  So many people are doing things under the guise of "helping others" but there is a "what's in it for me after taste."  I respect the ones who admit it.  I want more viewers so I can be a partner and have some recognition and maybe money or perks in the process.  Or, I want to get a makeup line, be sponsored, get free stuff et. al.  Shira doesn't do that.  In addition, she addresses so many topics of interest, I don't know how she stays focused (at times she doesn't) but you can clearly see she is having fun, yet very passionate about people. 
Her channel has something for everyone.  I thought of Susan Powter when I watched her because Susan's blog talk radio personality is similar.  Susan is about not being stupid and Shira is about "Get Smart."  Her channel is about: spirituality, beauty, hair, nails, style, relationships, careers, education, dating, family, self esteem, race, gender, disabilities, and more.  She doesn't have a "studio" with high tech cameras, lighting, editing and so on.  She turns the camera on and the fun begins.  SugarFreeTV is an acquired taste.  You do have to have an openmind.  I included the clip I watched a few times.  She will ask the questions, and answer them, and the questions you think she won't (Shira, my hair doesn't grow, I have a nub, I don't have your hair texture) she has your back and will address it.  It's as if she's reading your mind.  What's more, she enjoys herself and it comes across and if the world were more sugar free we wouldn't have soldiers in other countries fighting but I digress. Get smart! :)


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thin Truly Isn't In....Oh Victoria...

Hmm...I finally know the reality of bitter sweet.  I saw an advertisement for Mrs. Beckham's line of shoes and fell head over foot in love with the styles. They have the elegance, class, design and height I love so much.  They sell them in the U.K. as ASOS as well as all things to be a fab fashionista.  BUT...seeing the photos of Victoria really trouble me.  She's dreadfully thin and she's wasting away pound by pound and I can't say's I blame her. 
I struggle with my appearance and weight as do many women as well as men.  But eating disorders don't just threaten your life, they destroy it.  The food obsession becomes so strong, one can't stop and the more you resist, the stronger the desire to "control" the "diet" becomes.  Victoria, a self professed, control freak has all the makings of an eating disorder waiting to happen.  Sure, she's always been thin; however, when I first saw her, she was a bit heavier and had such a lovely look about her.  Eating disorders are so confusing because you strive to be thin like the super models and celebrities, but then the addiction kicks in and you've lost control of the ability to discern between wear the diet stops and the eating disorder takes over.  Sadly, there is nothing one can do to merely suggest a person "stop dieting" as her vision has distorted and she's not as "thin" as others say, she just wants to lose a "few" more pounds, and believes that cutting back (out) food will help "tone up" and you can clearly see her skin is falling off her frame due to muscle atrophy.  What's more, it's causing her to look older and she's such a lovely girl.  It truly saddens me when celebrities, or anyone, thinks they must be a certain size to be beautiful.  Unfortunately, it seems as if they all go through it at some point in their careers and shrug it off to "I've been working out with a trainer."  That's become as laughable as the "We're just friends..."
We can only hope that she's able to get the help she needs.  If anyone can beat this she can, and if you or anyone you know has gone a wee bit too far in their diet, there is help and there is hope.  I really like for people who are dealing with a friend, family member or want help from an eating disorder.  You can contact me as well. 

p.s.  The shoes were fierce aren't they? :)


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A week in Review

I think back about all the things which transpired in the last week and it makes me physically and mentally sick.  I have found out more about my inner strength, ability to forgive and my perseverence through hard times.  A car accident, both parents in hospital, a hacked e-mail account, an imposter posing for "dates" and having to listen to people I don't know accuse me of things I didn't do whilst looking at my face which has two blackened eyes and give me the piss!  I got so down, all the things I enjoy I began to rethink.  I love to blog since I love to write and I can look back and see where I was in my life at certain points.  I am not receiving anything, nor am I competing to be the next best thing, I just have a place to vent, share, discuss, learn and participate in the evolution of me.   I am not perfect, but I am wonderfully flawed and beautifully imperfect and I love that most about myself.  I don't want to be anyone else, but me.  I love trying new things, creating new styles which reflect how I feel and experiencing things which bring me joy, sorrow, and challenge me to think.  A thesis is a compilation of ideas and experiences which support who I am.  I love beauty in all it's forms.  I can be superficial and think something at New York Fashion Week is amazing, but that doesn't mean I can't buy clothes at a consigment store.  I love to experiment with makeup, but I like being able to wear none, touch my face and work on my skin.  It's all a part of learning, growing and maturing.
I don't know much about astrology, but it seems like this past week was one of Mercury being in retrograde.  I can't say for sure, but it's been strange.  I saw a squirrel get hit by a car and I was devastated!  I wanted so badly to turn my car around and help him, but due to the location it was not feasible, and he may have attacked as he was in so much pain.  No one should ever see something like that, but I am quite proactive.  I researched about squirrels and why they run into traffic.  It's suicidal but they do it.  I guess Chester died from internal injuries since I went back and he was gone *sad* but I know this happens a lot.  I am the sensitive type, I can't look at any carcus on the pavement which has been hit and to be honest, I sped up to the guy that hit the squirrel, but he was oblivious. 
The incidents of the week had me see things for what they are and not as I want them to be.  Things which used to control a large part of my energy are less important.  I'm wearing an outfit to work I wore two weeks ago.  That would not have happened, as I love to dress and change my looks often.  I thought it was due to my love of style and creativity, but not wanting to wear clothes more than once and I'm not a celebrity tells me I need to check my ego (easing God out) and think about things that will matter in the long run.  No one cares what I wear, so doing it for me is one thing, but have an ego about it is something I learned.  I am quite humble, but I guess there is more than life after MAC, Christian LaBoutin, Canons, Ikea, shopping, big cities, etc.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

MAC Fall Architectural Cosmetics Fall 2009

MAC FALL 2009 Architectural

I know I love makeup and I've heard it called, warpaint, spackle, instant pretty, and heard it takes a blow torch, sandblaster etc. for some of us heavy handed to get it off, but I never heard of makeup being architectural.  On the other hand, since it is "art" it would suffice to say it's not too far off.  Well, I didn't know about this collection since I've been so obsessed with Style Black so, I was happy to stumble across the following article:
As cosmetic brands continue to shift towards the ‘green movement’ with plant, flower and fruit-inspired products, MAC has taken a completely different approach.
Coming this fall, MAC will introduce its Fall/Winter colors that were inspired by architectural design and shades. Even the shapes and steely packaging are an expression of this idea and are sure to shift the trend in the industry.
The new Fall/Winter colors from MAC will be available September 17, 2009. 
Lipsticks: (LE)$14.00USD/$16.50CAD

  • Faultlessly F/W - Blackened blue violet (Amplified Creme)
  • Hipster - Burgundy frost (Frost) (Repromote)
  • Red Full-Stop - Bright neon coral (Lustre)
  • Our Pick - Cement taupey grey (Satin)

Lipglass: (LE) $14.00USD/$16.50CAD

  • Runway Fave - Grey toned neutral light pearl (Frost)
  • New Berry - Deep plum (Cream)
  • So This Season - Deep blue violet (Cream)

Quad: (LE) $36.00USD


  • A Warmer White - Pale green grey (Satin)
  • Tone:Grey - Mid-tone grey (Satin)
  • Waft - Dark blue grey (Frost) (Repromote from Smoke Signal's Gentle Fume quad)
  • The Right Smoke - Rich blue with white pearl (Frost)

Fragrance: (LE) $20.00USD/$24.00CAD
This will be in the form of a roll-on vial.

  • Asphalt Flower - Violet and iris petals with a sheen of vanilla and patchouli. (Repromote) 
What's getting scary to me, is that when I see certain collections, I think of people who would look amazing in the collection. This one screams of the talented Pixiwoo duo Samantha and Nicola Chapman.  Those girls are so talented as makeup artists, but I wonder why they aren't models...I guess when you are beautiful, talented and quite successful within your own right, you don't really need to rely on your looks solely. Lassies like me, that's all I do knowing full well no amount of makeup is going to make me look like a model nor a celebrity, but that's why we all have different talents, right?  So, now I need to decide how I'm going to get back on the "no-buy" wagon after this and Style Black.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Congratulations Miss Lady!

If I'm honest, things have not been good for me.  Externally, I'm the happiest person at my job.  I love my job, but there are issues that really are beyond my control and the reason I blog, I don't have social skills.  I am too bloomin insecure to believe in me at times.
Well, this isn't my story, it's Miss "Couture Sister's."  I can count my subs on two hands and all of you who read this blog are so special to me.  Why?  Because you give a damn, even if you don't read this or I'm just another blog on the loads of blogrolls you subscribe to, it means a lot. 
I digress, I was browsing my every growing lists of forums I frequent.  I am addicted to those as well, because I learn about people, culture, life, relationships, and so much more.  Today I was bored and visited Specktra if I'm honest, I haven't been there much.  I think the forum is so different because when I first joined there were people who have since moved on and are taking on other challenges.  They are doing well for themselves, Julia, Tiffany, SonRisa, Marlena, and so many more have huge YouTube followings, others are running their own blogs, forums, etc.  They are twittering from Fashion Week, traveling the world and taking their passion to higher levels. 
I read about Miss Couture Sister's new job at Sephora and was moved.  I won't post her story, but it's amazing how courageous some people are in following their dream and it inspired me to think about how I need to start believing in my dreams and live them rather than chase them.  I have to live and believe in me and I want to thank Couture Sister and Congratulate her on her new job!  You deserve it, and this is just the beginning of an abundance of opportunties to come.  The road to a journey starts at the first step, remember that when you feel discouraged, and I'm hoping you will continue to reach for all your goals and dreams.
Here's to you!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Unicorn found a Pot of Gold

I cannot believe I let MAC dupe me not once, but twice! I fell in love...maybe lust, but I do still love the theory when I look at it.  I saw "Beauty Marked" and thought I heard angels sing.  It is like no other color I have and I have a lot of shadows.  If my shadows were all turned to cocaine, there would be enough to last every addict and their mom until the second coming.  I loved the sparkles, and the incomparable pinot noir shade of burgandy with silver reflects against the black backdrop.
Unfortunately, the color is black.  Not even a good black, a slate black.  No burgundy, not even a tinge of purple, or plum.  I thought I got a bad batch; so, I went and purchased another. Same thing again.  So, I bought bases in: black, purple, burgundy, pink, silver, white, et al in order to find the "right" combination to make it work.  Bullocks!  I am not paying that sort of quid for something I have to "tweak."
I have been looking for a color to match the infamous Beauty Marked for a long time and I finally found it.  I was at the Galleria one day, perusing the cosmetics and fragrances, when I saw the Bare Minerals Boutique and a lovely sales assistant/makeup artist named "Jessie."  He was so divine.  I saw him and could not resist playing with his pigments.  I was always a bit intimidated to go into the actual boutique, as all of the lids are away and it's wall to wall open jars of pigments.  I keep imagining someone sneezing or a big wind, and it makes me uncomfortable.  Much like when I was a wee girl and mum would say, "Don't touch!" anytime I looked at items in the store.  Flashbacks!
Roll tape, and I see a color that looks like my coveted Beauty Marked and I asked to have it immediately upon swatching it.  It was my Beauty Marked!  All this time, and money spent trying to fix her and she was waiting for me to find her.  Then it happened, he told me it was out of stock and gave me a hint of a sample.  I didn't even use it because I was afraid I would never have it.  Scarcity factor in full effect.  He gave me his card, took my name and number and promised to call me when it came in.  So, I immediately called every store which carries Bare Minerals in the state of California.  Well in my region and fifty miles surrounding.  Nothing!  Well, I found it at their sight and it was in stock and it was everything for me to not purchase two.  When something is that hard to find, there's usually a reason, and discontinued was all that I could think of.  But, I only got one, and I'm loving it. 
This is a swatch without base also.  I used the "sample" and took what was on the finger above and swatched her on my arm.  Love at first sight!  I can use this in so many ways, this is something I can't believe anyone hasn't been enamoured with.  Well, considering how hard to find it is, I understand, but I'm not in the "scene" of beauty writers, bloggers, reviewers, editors and hadn't heard about it.  Oh well, it's our secret *wink*

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grant me the Serenity

To accept the things I cannot change and the money to accept the things I can.  I accept that I am a makeup addict.
I am going to have a big birthday next month.  It will be a year of blogging, and will mark that I can be consistent with at least one hobby and I am so proud of myself.  I am thinking about being consistent in something for the forthcoming year as well.  It's all about me, since I have to live with me, all my flaws, mistakes, etc. are constant reminders that I am not perfect.
So, with my acceptance, I am admitting I am obsessed with yet another palette.  The thing is, I already have a great version of said palette. See that photo?  I have the six eyeshadow palette and individuals (large) of the other six shadows, plus six more in different colors, 12 pigments, and over half a dozen mattes.  I cannot remember the last time I used this palette or any of the other items from Ben Nye.  Not because the products aren't good.  They are stellar, this is a line established for theatre and clown makeup.  It's amazing!  The pigmentation is great, payoff is amazing and I don't compare it to any other brand per se; however it's a great palette for darker toned women.  It sucks that I have to categorize women, but there aren't many products which chocolate girls can rock without layering products.
I am tempted though...I have received e-mail from Beauties-Factory I had ordered the Manly palette some time ago, so the seller still sends me sales and product information.  I mean they have all my addictions in one place: nails, eyelashes, makeup brushes, eye shadows, rouges, hair!  What's a girl to do?
Admit she is an addict!
So, for $29.99 (I got a deal) this bad boy is en route to my home, to have a cozy space made for it next to it's other orphaned family of pretty colors.  Sometimes, it's okay to give in to temptation.  I will now, seek assistance, the final step in admitting I need intervention.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Great Deals!

I went to Ross today on the quest for a winter wrap to wear in the office since today was the close of summer here in the USA.  I saw a few cool shoes, but passed on them since they weren't anything over the top.  For me, that means, it has to be incredibly different than what I already own, and my black pumps are morphing into the same look right about now.  I cannot believe I found the most pigmented eyeshadow palette for less than $3.00 USD!  It's so yummy I can't wait to play in it.  For some odd reason, it's easier for me to "pop the cherry" of cheap products rather than the upper or high end products.  It's like wearing your new school clothes before school.  I'm twisted, but it's just me and I accept that I have no rhyme for that reason.  Behold:
Zee price:
Check out the pigmentation:

Inspiration FOTD

I am finally figuring out this camera and it's quite fun.  I see why they call it cam whoring.  You have to take so many photos in order to get a good few.  Especially, if you are taking it of yourself, that's double duty.  Well, this model has been very inspirational to me for a good long while and in the spirit of alternative looks on the runway and trends for A/W 2009, I wanted to replicate someone, but I was lazy.  This is just before bed and it's one product.  Black lipstick from Jordana for .99 (no cent key) at the drugstore.  My skin is dry, my brows aren't done and I could really use some mascara, but hey, it's a simple look.  Lazy girl guide to making runway to everyday.  No! I actually lied, as I would not wear this look even to a club.  It's actually boring, but the model is just lovely, and whilst some people are good at mimicking Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, or whatever celebrity is in, it only serves harm for me to do so.  I may get a glass of wine and get to feeling myself and have a go, but ....right now?  Not a good idea, I can't be responsible for making anyone's eyes bleed :) I need to learn Photoshop or some editing program, and work on my skin :/


Monday, September 7, 2009

Stila Kitten v. MAC Bare Study

I guess it's true a picture is worth a thousand words.  Or, $22.00 in this case.  I compulsively had to have Kitten Smudge pot to add to my never ending no pan in sight liner/base/paint-pots, etc. 
Well, I was on MakeupAlley doing some research and someone posted the question about Kitten being similar to Bare Study.  I ignored it, so I thought, but in the back of my mind, I realized I couldn't shake the similarities and realized I had a similar color in Benefit's creaseless creme shadows as well.  Sure enough, the only difference is that Kitten is a bit more pink champagne as opposed to gold champagne.  Unless you are an absolute fundamental Stila fanatic, you do not need this shadow/liner/base if you already own Bare Study by MAC.  I don't know my color in MAC but here is a swatch.  Hope this is good for someone :)

Make it Work!

Hello Friends,
I have been guilty of lying on the street for lack of  a better term.  I'm the type who cannot accept compliments at all.  I own up to it, and fully admit it; however today I'm giving 100% truth.  The outfits I wear are never really planned out nor do I spend time on them.  I am inherently lazy to the nth degree.  I cannot stand getting up to iron; although adding simple touches like ironing, hemming, fixing loose buttons can made a piece go from drab to fab, I don't do it.  I don't spend a lot of money on clothes; however, I do have loads of pieces which are classics as well as some "throwaways."  My throwaways are clothes I purchase from F21 and don't expect them to last me long or may be considered "trendy."  For lack of a better word, they were inexpensive and not made the best in terms of quality; however, they are fun and you can have fun with clothes on clearance racks.
I digress.  So, at work people make statements about my clothes or whatever, and I lie and say I got them really cheap or they are hand me downed from someone, or I got them at Ross.  I do shop at Ross, but I get creative with clothes and will do something ridiculous like wear a brown maxi dress with dayglo orange heels.
The scary thing is, I didn't plan this outfit, I grabbed the dress because I was running late and didn't have the time to iron, and the shoes?  Well, I can't account for that, but it worked.  I got great compliments and to be honest, I was embarrassed once I arrived at work sitting there looking down at the clown shoes which looked like rejects from a WHAM! video.  Oh well, here's to making it work, wear what you wear and don't care and the attitude will give you the confidence to carry it off.  It's not just _______ who can "get away with it" you can too, if you believe it!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Addiction!

Confession time!
I have read somewhere that when you give up one addiction you pick up another.  You know those people who quit smoking but start chewing gum or eating M&Ms uncontrollably?  That's sort of my life.  I pick up hobbies like Angelina Jolie adopts kids.  As soon as I settle into one, I pick up another.  Let's see, I make hair bows, customise my clothes, and shoes, obsess over hair styles, makeup, drawing, crafts and ... nail varnish.  I fell off the wagon.  I had stopped collecting polishes and kept my toes done and clear on my hands, but I've been bit!  I hauled all of those at the right in one sitting.  But, they were on sale!  A store called Long's has to clear out, so their loss=my gain.  That's the only thing that's been opportunistic of me.  The stores are shutting down in this town left and right.  I see people holding signs about liquidations on every other corner, and while it used to depress me, now I find myself with a "What can I gain from this?" attitude.  I'm taking notes of things I've been meaning to buy but haven't gotten to yet and I've almost sealed a deal on a chest of drawers :)

Relaxed Hair Health, Yes it's Possible!

Recently I had a discussion with a friend regarding natural versus relaxed hair.  I won't go into the debate, that would take another post; however, I can tell you how I care for my hair.  I've posted pics of the length ad nausea so, I'll just get to the details.
I wash and deep condition my hair once a week. 
I wear my hair in a protected style and only massage my scalp.  No other manipulations are done to my hair.
I use a set of products which has taken me more than twenty years to "discover."
I state I have relaxed hair, but I have to admit, I am one of the small percentage of women, whose hair does not completely straighten.  I have accepted this, and know a few others whose hair is the same.  I can put a relaxer on my head, comb it from root to tip (coarse/super) and it won't get my hair bone straight, I've even applied heat.
I have done EVERYTHING with my hair, blonde, black, blue, bald (yep), natural, braids, weaves, wigs, lace fronts, "natural relaxers" et al.
I think I've spent a fortune on hair products; however, as a child my mother didn't know how to care for my hair, I abused it, I had poor health for a good long time, and I truly believe God is taking care of my hair and I'm just the person physically taking care of it.  I have never had hair past my shoulders, I've had to get shots to stop stress induced hair loss and seen a dermatologist for alopecia.  I got shots in my scalp and if you are interested in what they were I would be happy to provide that information.  Currently, I use a bit of cinnamon and peppermint oil to stimulate the blood circulation in my scalp.  It's what works for me.
Of the six products, the most important for my is the Affirm Fiberguard Sustenance: it gives me the BEST slip ever, better than I received with Nexxus, which I have as a backup.  Aphogee has stopped the breakage, it is vital to my regimen, and I have to use it more than the recommended six week intervals.  Keracare shampoo for dry and itch scalp is the only shampoo which cleanses my hair and scalp without tangling it in the process.  There may be better, but I've used a lot and none work as well as this.  I depend on Joico for the Cuticle Sealer to seal and normalize the pH levels in my hair (apple cider vinegar smells too strong), the Kid's Organic Moisturizer is a back up detangler if when detangling, my hair is having a bad go.  I  will give reviews for each product, but this is my "arsenal" and it is possible to grow afro textured hair to your waist if you learn what works and how to care for your hair. 
For those who wonder about shedding, here is how much I lost this past week.

Also, I neglected to mention I also monitor the hair in the shower to gauge if there is an excess there as well.  I keep a journal in order to discern what's working, the amount of growth achieved, and the products used.
Hope this helped someone!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Storing Eyeshadows...

Hello Beautiful Ones,
I had one heck of a Friday.  I got a lot done, I shook off yesterday, I thought but I decided to voyage to the local CCO.  I grab the pup, the bag, keys and set sail.  If you didn't know this about me, I happen to be a hard a$$ on the outside and it's true, the tougher the shell the sweeter the filling.  Traffic was crazy, and a couple times I did have to mash the brakes and check the pup, but sure enough, someone behind me was rear ended and so was another car.  The car in the middle attempted to flee, and then failed and I saw him get out.  Scared the p*ss out of me, and judging from his car, he had to have been in shock.  He wasn't just rear ended he was side swiped as well.  Why did he want to leave??? My imagination went in to overdrive, then all the thoughts occurred, should I have stayed?  I didn't see anything, but gee the guys were hit, what to do?  Then the...I wonder if he's in trouble and wanted to leave but realised his license number was probably written down.  Why?  I do this to myself all the time.  My brain never stops.  I can't remember the drive to the CCO, I was just praying to God for mercy.  I had a feeling something would happen, and of course, another one.  I kept thanking God for it not being me, but feeling guilty about it.  It's Friday, no one should be subject to this sort of weekend start.
Ah well, didn't do much damage at the CCO, the Golden Gate Bridge was closed so I decided it was best to trek home and call it a day.  Got a lot of my chores done, but am working on organising my makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories and fragrances for fall season. 
I know some people have difficulty organising their large shadows.  I order these from Ni'xie and they hold ULTA, MUFE, and Stila eyeshadows quite well.
I took a bit of time organising my small sized shadows, and though the pictures don't tell I put the color category on the sticker, so my browns are coordinated and labeled and so on with all the colors.  It's not a clear lid, but this helps and I got the container at one of those dollar type stores.  I know a lot of people prefer using blank CD cases, but I have not had good luck with those, and if I'm honest, I need some sort of order as I get really strange about my organisation set up.  I hate to say it's OCD since so many people suffer horribly, but I do admit to having unhealthy obsession about storing my makeup and so forth.
Thank you for reading, this is my place to be superficial.  Until then ...