Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Beautiful Cherubs,
If there was any reason to slow my makeup addiction to a dull roar, it would be the service associates. I am really not into slagging people for simply doing their job; however, I really don't like some of the makeup artist or sales assistants can be quite rude at times. For example, the other night I made a record breaking haul. I felt badly enough for doing so, but what's more is having the sales assistant (SA) give me attitude. I know exactly what I wanted. Trust me, when this feline sets her sight on a purchase of said size, I have done loads of investigative research, poured over many swatches and read many reviews. I find it good form to know what I want and allow the SA to make a sale whilst still having time to work the rest of their prospects. I have even been known to stand to the side and wait for a transaction/sale to complete before asking for my items. I am a well versed shopper. In fact, I determine where and when my purchase will be, where I will park and how to navigate to enter and exit any mall area between the months of October through January.
What's more, I have, on more than one occasion, had to "enlighten" the SA about a product. Maybe me, Jane Q. Blogger, has the time to research beauty boards, get the buzz on latest launches, learn about ways to combat common cosmetic related issues such as mascara clumps, eyeshadow color payoff, brushes or not et al. Call me boring, or maybe I have too much time on my hand. However, I am interested in cosmetics as a non spectator which would behoove me to put in some research before I claim to be any sort of makeup guru. If being an SA pays the bills, get your hustle and keep it moving. BUT! I must say, if you haven't hit a computer, read an article or logged on to one of the thousands of makeup forums, don't argue with me as to whether or not an eyeshadow is a re promote, when I bloomin have last year's version in my arsenal!!! I cannot believe I allowed her to play me like that.
Another thing that irritates me to no end. "Why do some cosmetic companies choose one store to carry their product in?" *cough* Makeup forever *cough, cough* Where I live there is one Sephora in a one hundred mile radius. The employees in that store are not very friendly and the manager takes it personal when you return a product. By the way, excuse me if I can get 100% silica for 1/5 of the price you charge for a high end product that works the same but is more finely milled. What was I thinking?
As a result, it is my choice to not shop there and to make purchases online. Unfortunately, as I keep saying, I try before I buy. I went to have a go at the testers with the lovely (read sarcasm) SA right on my hip. I had a sheet of paper and pen to write down the products I would later buy online. Quite naturally, I am a thief. Let's talk in our ears and make sure there is an all points bulletin so no "live" product is stolen. While doing some swatching, I would jot down some thoughts on the products. No less than three associates asked me if I was a mystery shopper, writing a paper, or experimenting and new to makeup. I had it, so I calmly stated I had had a few bad experiences in their store and the manager told me, "You don't have to shop here and we have the right to refuse anyone from ALL of our stores." I didn't catch a case that night, I just refuse to give them my service.
The point? If you are a cosmetic company (Makeup Forever) please understand not everyone is a) close to a Sephora or, b) likes to shop there and that leaves a certain demographic who cannot purchase your products. Now, if you are not interested in selling to the average consumer at large, you are doing business at a less than optimum level, but that is your right as an owner. Rant over.

Be blessed, encouraged and most of all BE-YOU-tiful


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's your Monogram?

What are my lovely cherub faces selecting for their monogram? Haven't decided? Give us a few clicks to MAC and let us know what you decide. I am the first to growl about how much I loathe the monthly limited edition/product launch and in the case of Metal Urge/X re-launch, but this style somewhat suits me. I find it an overexpensive Kimmora Lee Simmons packaging, but I do think Posh Life and Monodromatic are quite lovely. Can someone tell me why the price has been raised to $22.00 USD for this?
THAT'S WHAT I SAY!!! Alas, I know my feline friends will be purring in their milk once they prey these packages. They will be pawing them faster than they can put them on the shelves. Well, after a nice lunch, the B.P. is feeling too sick to rant about MAC for the nth time. As long as there is a demand, the MAC/Crack addicts will do whatever it takes for their continual fix.

Be strong, stay beautiful

Monday, November 24, 2008


Welcome back and happy Monday! This is our first Monday of our First Thanksgiving together!!!

Black Panther is doing some research in the lab, and thus far, the results are good. I have a *slight* confession. I have the world's oiliest skin. I am not meaning the type of skin where at noon you "powder" or touch up, I am talking crazy oily! I have even gone to the derm, as I suggest anyone to do first, to do something about this. He prescribed me some products, but they slid right of *smiles*

Whilst researching a plethora of skin care boards, I heard that Milk of Magnesia aka MOM, worked wonders for oily skin. At first I thought nothing of it. I didn't know the demographics of the people who had tried this, and one must remember, anyone has access to the internet. Knowing their age, skin type, ethnicity, etc. all come in to account when trying to ascertain if something that works for one will work for the majority. On the other hand, what's another $3.99 plus tax compared to the Rolls Royce I spent on products already?

Right! The first time, I applied a very sparing amount and, as usual, by the time I got to work I was searching for a Kleenex to pat and blot. I considered taking it back; however, I was embarassed to purchase it in the first place. What would my reason be for returning it?? Exactly!

Last Friday, I tried it again, using a square cotton pad and used a liberal amount. I let it dry and dabbed my foundation on over it. It worked! I did have the oil production still, but nothing like I had previously experienced. Again, when I say oil, I mean oil. If I could create a mechanism for transferring the oil from my face into a container, gas prices would never reach above $.50 beyond the second coming. This is real talk. I could really help the environment and make a difference in the world but I don't know how to notify OPEC or Obama, so for now, I'll keep using MOM.

Be advised this stuff must dry and when it does, it will leave a white cast. In addition, please be very confident in your foundation color. I don't know that this is a forgiving enough process where you can go a shade lighter or darker with hopes your finishing powder will counter act the difference. I realize it's worthless without photos, but as a new blogger and having zero followers, I figured what was the point. This way when I do convince someone to have a look at this, they'll have plenty of catching up to do, and by then I may even have a youtube account, eh?

Be true and stay beautiful,


Friday, November 21, 2008

Temptalia is the Lioness at the gate!!!

Beautiful you!
I am so excited to have finally sniffed out a trail which provided all things confirmed regarding the speculation about Hello Kitty and MAC teaming up for a collaboration. I was on a forum about all things beautiful so I could read reviews about an item I plan to purchase to supplement my hair story disaster. Fast forward to the photo and after searching the MAC website, still nothing. So I sniffed a few lions, tigers and bears then oh my! Temptalia does it again. I went to her website Temptalia. I found this among other things and am preparing to explain to my supervisor why I am getting all poltergeist with my computer. Please cherubs, I encourage you to devour her website as it is an all inclusive beauty portal. I'll still be here when you get back.

Purrs and kisses,


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nano did not work for us

Nanoworks by Pureology is a hair masque I had read about and it appeared to be somewhat of a cult favorite on many beauty boards I followed. They had it at Ulta and I finally got the nerve to grab it. It was about three weeks ago, I had just given myself a touch up. I still had my holy grail products and since I'm being prudent, I refrained from my product junkie ways. I cannot count how many half used hair products are under my bathroom sink.
Well, last Friday night, whilst beginning my usual hair regimen I decided to break out this product. In my mind I envisioned myself having locks transformed equivalent to Rapunzel. See below:

But instead I looked like the following:

I was devastated! My hair was in dreadlocks. I had gone from smooth silky hair, to hard hair with so many snarls and tangles I thought I was going to have to shave it off. I don't think my hair is my life; however, it's sad when you can't donate it to Locks of love because of the condition the hair is in.
What was the Panther to do? I sucked it up like a true feline and cried. I grabbed my go to holy grail products and attempted to detangle. For an hour I slowly detangled the hair working from the bottom on up. It was horrifying to see how much damage I did to my hair. I'm surprised the hair could be salvaged, but it was. I do need to have a proper trim though. I fear the ends may spontaneously combust and catch fire if I don't.
Let this be a lesson to you all, if it isn't broken don't try fixing it. That's money I could have saved for something that does need work, like bills, car repairs, text books and shoes :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dame Edna Everage


Whilst perusing the net to find out about the Hello Kitty! and MAC collaboration, I did find out more about Dame Edna and her collaboration with our favorite cosmetic line. Although I have yet to get the color stories and product information, I am sure if you visit Specktra, you can get all the information about MAC your beautiful heart can find. Have fun with your addiction to all things beautiful, but remember, it's an addiction and you have been warned :)

Stay beautiful,


Metal Urge

Hiya Cherubs,
Today is the day you can go online and order your Metal Urge products and have them hopefully before you spend time with your family one week from today for Thanksgiving!
Don't forget to type METAL for free shipping :)
B.P. will try to pass on this due to the heat still exuding from my last haul. Ouch! I can say that I wasn't as strong when Metal-X came out last year and caved on all the colours. I didn't have as much trouble with creasing as some and I do have very oily lids. Have fun beautiful and remember to be wise with impulse buys.



Monday, November 17, 2008

Luxe for Less

I am so happy to have a great steal. Cosmetics are hurting my pocket book; however, what good is a beauty column, if I can't share tips, tricks, techniques and the like? I had a major haul at MAC and this one needs to keep my going for quite a long time. I am beginning to think there is something quite addictive in the packaging or something. I spent the most I have ever spent on anything short of car repairs and still want more.
Nevertheless, I love the #35 lashes by MAC, but they are quite expensive. So, I have been on a hunt for a comparable pair and came across a no-name brand at the beauty supply store where I get odds and ends I can't find at Sally's. I found these and they come quite close. The greatest thing about them is they sell for $.99each!!! I can taper them to be just like the #35; however, I think I'm going to take them (#35's) back and compare them to the brand with the word Cherry in it and see what they have.
Stay tuned,


Here is the Hair

Happy Monday,
I am hoping you had a wonderful weekend. I know I was rather busy, hence the catch up on our blog. I decided whilst doing my weekend hair routine, I should capture a photo of my own hair to post for you all. Although I currently, have no followers, not to worry. I am feeling a bit uncomfortable about posting what a wet panther looks like out of the shower; however, how else can I let people know that one canhave Afro textured or 4B hair, with a relaxer and have length?
I have not had long hair all my life. When I was a little girl, my mother didn't have any clue as to what my hair needed for growth. I had the same length of hair no matter what I tried. I went natural, I had a curly perm, I have had every relaxer on the market, I went to the most expensive hair salons, et al. Not until I let my hair alone and learned to condition it did it begin to grow. Trust me when I say but for the love and grace of God do I have hair. I used a perm and wound up with bald spots on more than one occasion. I used to wash my hair with detergent like shampoos and neglect conditioning. I would color my hair jet black to blonde to blue black all in one week. I could have purchased a home for a family of five with the amount of money I spent on hair products. But, to any of you who may come across this blog, you can grow your hair and you don't have to spend a ton of money. In fact, I have used the simplest methods to get growth and as this blog grows, I will post my technique and the products which have benefit me most. So, now that I have proven the myth black women cannot grow hair or that our hair somehow stops growing and the rest is fake to be rubbish, I feel better knowing I can testify to that fallacy which has been instilled in our heads (no pun intended) for so many centuries.
With love,


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Much ado about Nothing

Today has been quite the hectic day, worked on some things for BCC. I must say, I watched the show Blush and was none to thrilled at all. Now I now why my parents were so adamant about me going for formal education as opposed to cosmetology school. I am still trying to think of a non biased way to describe this series for those who may not be informed about how makeup artistry is more than just taking a crayon and applying color to one's face. I was disappointed to hear Charlie Green say as it seems to minimize the importance of makeup artistry. Sure, makeup artists are not on the same level as law enforcement, military personnel or firefighters, but it does feel good to see the face of a woman who can look at herself and smile for the first time as a result of a makeover. I don't discount anyone in any profession, but I believe every job, regardless of what the title, education requirements, etc. can be beneficial to someone in the world for the better. Enough of me and my ever too sensitive gob. Time to work on something for the benefit of all things beauty.
Love yourself first,


Monday, November 10, 2008

Product Talk

Last Friday I was reading some of my favorite blogs from some other makeup and all things beauty addicts. One of the greatest challenges, for me, is applying my mascara every day. About five years ago I was obsessed with false lashes. I wore them so much I stopped taking care of my own lashes. As a result, I have been on the hunt for the "perfect" mascara. I have tubes and tubes, but I realise I still need to get my own lashes back in shape. I read about a few lash growth products and had zero luck with both Talika Lipocils and Ardell Lash and Brow, so I began to use Castor oil. Then I read this was not an entirely good idea. Oils getting into the eye can be a problem since our eyes don't naturally produce oil via our tear ducts. So I broke down and spent a ridiculous amount on this lash stuff. It claims to grow lashes in 90 days or refund your money.
I always believed that guarantees were there in hopes people would lose their receipt or forget all together about their refund. I will report report my findings and keep you apprised. I am hoping this is rated four out of five paws at least; however, let's wait and see. Have a beautiful day!


A New Week!

How can this week compare to that of the previous? Well, it can't so, we make the best of each day. After reflecting on the previous week's impact across the world, I present you with a challenge. "Who would you be, if you believed you could not fail?" I want you to really think of that. Don't let the strong holds of external programming get in the way, this is a question that will help you to become that person. To reach new heights, and strive to remember that, you can do it. If my neice can smile and say to me, "I can tell my children they can be whoever they want in life." I think you can do the same.
In keeping with our beauty tradition, I have always believed that I could never do makeup full time. I was told that I was too smart to waste my time doing makeup and that it was a "nice hobby" but there was more in life I should aspire to be. Of course, my parents were going to instill the need for formal education and all the sheepskin (degrees) I could get. They could not afford college and it was not something their parents had instilled in them to become. Well, I have the education, but fashion is my passion. For now it is something I do for recreation; however, I do hope to use my skills to benefit others. I am busy writing a business plan. There is power in writing and there isn't anything I can't do with the help of God and others. I challenge you to feel the same. Whether it's in beauty, finance, childcare or whatever, find out where you can contribute something no one else has to offer and do it.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Beautiful Friday!

We made it Cherubs!
We had an historic election, several sales to choose from and to think a week ago we were painting faces, and dressing up for Halloween. What a difference a week makes. While trying to refrain from all things beauty, it's still an amazing time for the USA. Regardless of who won, they would have been the oldest male to win, or the first African-American. I find both to have done well and should be proud regardless of the results.
So, for a recap there are still two deals and steals to consider as well as

so don't forget to stock up. I plan to organize my house this weekend, catch up on my list of things to do and spend some quiet time reading. I have a coupon for Borders for 30% off and I love books as much as I love makeup. I think my imagination is triggered by reading, thus giving me ideas for my many looks. Please have a safe weekend, and believe in yourself and stay beautiful

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Face your fears

B.P. was ashamadely absent yesterday. I might add that it was due to reasons of my own making. Unfortunately, though I may be old in years, my behavior can be quite juvenile. Spiritually, I think this gal has run her gamut of self destructive behavior. I learn something new about life and myself everyday. Today, I am taking steps to not take myself so serious. I guess I feel I have a lot of "shoulda, woulda, coulda's" and for a woman at my age, I feel I cheated myself out of so much. I do get sad this time of year and I envy people who have a good supportive family. Well, I have to play the hand I was dealt, I have been independent for a long time, and I had no idea how much hurt and anger I carried within. Watching reactions from last night's election results did remind me that ANYTHING is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard enough! Well, I may be one of the oldest makeup gurus on the planet, but I won't let that insecurity keep my talent hidden.
This morning, as I was leaving for work, I attempted to take a photo of me and my little Eli for this blog. Well, dogs are not too keen on having their mum leave let alone posing for a photo. It became frustrating so, rather than be late, I left. Today, I challenge you to do something you fear. We all tend to be in our comfort zones, make a step toward crossing one thing of your bucket list. I believe in you, so you should to. Stay beautiful, xx

Dear President-Elect:

it would behoove you to speak with Santa or me in reference to your lovely wife First Lady Michelle Obama's Christmas list. We cougars, panthers, lions, and kittens feel the limited edition Nordstrom Exclusive Enchanting Vermillion Fashion Eye Kit would be a great stocking stuffer. The First Lady can carry her all inclusive eye essentials in the lovely red portable pouch which is perfect for those unexpected snapshots while attending engagements with her husband, President Obama.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Beauty from Within

I am so happy that Halloween is over! As much fun as it is to watch people play dress up and eat candy, I really don't enjoy much about Halloween. As a youngster I loved the idea of dressing up, costumes, candy, et. al; however, my generation, like most, was plagued by all the minutia about crimes committed on innocent trick or treaters.
I think having two older brothers was a blessing and a curse. I always had protection, but I also had live in bullies. They did not like having to take me about on all their excursions. But, my silence could be bought. They used to be quite thuggish. Rather than get really dressed up and creative, they wore things that didn't require much thought, "football player, karate kid, etc." and they didn't have cute candy carriers, they used pillow cases. They never got as much candy as me, this kitten was a panther at an early age. Working the prowess and always remembering the correct niceties such as: please, thank you, may I please? alwasy got me an extra dose of the sugar in return. The thugs aka my bros were usually frowned upon for being "too old to trick or treat" but they always had me as an excuse to troll around and wreak havoc. I didn't have any trick or treaters or parties to attend. I stayed in browsing makeup sites, depotting eyeshadows and watching some video rentals. I really am trying to get out of my shell. In fact, I am working on the proper cam to add some fun to this blog. I am really impressed by my fellow bloggers, mostly RenRen. She is the most precious woman doing faces online. I saw a tutorial and e-mailed her and she responded quite nicely. She is really impressive and I am not easily one to put others on pedestals. No, I'm not arrogant, but I'm cautious with my words, people really throw adjectives around so much they lose their efficacy. I cannot tell you how often someone calls a product "amazing!" or says "love" or "pretty" to the point of when is it authentic? But back to Ren, I have found her humble, sincere, fierce with beauty and very appreciative of those who seek her advice. I highly recommend you tune in to her channel. You will learn a lot about a lot and have fun in the process. Beauty=fun here and if you can't have fun with yourself and your looks, you've lost half the joy of living.
The month of October was breast cancer awareness, but I am making Thanksgiving the month of health in general. I want everyone reading this to be in good health and I know we love food, but join me in a challenge to try to cut out some of the not so good stuff and try to incorporate water, walking and weaning ourselves off some of the delicious foods we will be indulging in. Get healthy, get happy and stay beautiful!