Thursday, December 2, 2010

Save some $$$

Not bad for 1st timer!
  It's so close to Christmas, and although I'm really not keen on the shopping and gift giving/receiving, I do enjoy festivities.  Unfortunately, times are quite tough and I find myself to be more skint (broke) than usual. Not good!
I find myself to be rather conservative with my spending but these bl**dy sales get me!  So, what I do is along the lines of "Robbing from Peter to pay Paul."  In other words, since I spent money on myself friends and family, I can't splurge on my eyebrows.  Oh sure, I lied and said I was growing them out, and did all the tricks to conceal them and considered waxing them myself.  I went to Sally's purchased the wax, but when I got home, I envisioned myself with no eyebrows and returned them. Twelve dollars isn't much for threading in California, but I tip in order to ensure there are no "accidents" so I did what I always do.
I have to admit I haven't been keeping up with makeup and hair online as much, but when in doubt, there are two places I count on in a pinch.  Google and YouTube always have an answer for me.  Soooo I watched some videos on threading.  Can't be that hard can it?  Well... I think I did well; however, I will definitely need more practice.  Threading seems cleaner than waxing, in my opinion; however, I'm quite new so time will tell.  Here is what I created:

Nothing a bit of brow powder can fix eh?
For a newbie, I reckon I did rather well.  I don't think there's a high level of difficulty, but the difficulty lies in the ability to control the "thread."  In my case, I grabbed a bit too much from the tail of my brow.  Because of it's natural curve, I had trouble separating the hairs.  Next time I'll either tweeze or keep working on my precision.

The lesson?  Never doubt yourself!  I wouldn't advise doing all your primping on your own, but there are ways to save money and have fun in the process.  I quite like pampering nights at home, but it may not be for everyone.  I don't think gel nails would be smart for me, but who knows given enough time and desperation. 
Let the holiday season begin.  More tips to come!

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