Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Help, I got a job but don't have the money for attire!

9-5 basics
You work so hard to get a proper job and once you do, you realize, "Huh, I don't have the wardrobe to fit in.  I want to make a good impression." I got you! Here's some tips on building a work appropriate wardrobe not just for the working girl, but anyone. These simple suggestions will have you looking so professional without going into debt.
Starting from the top left working our way down we need at least one pair of black trousers. These can be found at and thrift store or consignment shop. Look for nice hemlines, good fabric and a working zipper. Next we have the "power blazer" I can go from staff to corporate just wearing a nice black blazer. It's good to have a purse, but it's also nice to have a clutch. You don't want to carry a 10 pound bag to have after hours mingles/mixers. It's also nice to not feel that weight if you are invited to lunch. The way you look, you'll be invited in no time. A white blouse is another timeless piece. There will not be a time in life that any of these pieces will be considered out of style. You make sure you get good fabric and take care of them properly and these will be staples. The white blouse is boring but with a statement necklace, earrings and arm candy, you'll have that executive feel. You can sport it with or without the blazer. Yellow pumps? YES! Avoid an all black shoe collection. There are so many ways to brighten up a wardrobe and these are shoes you don't want to last forever, they are for fun, imagine having lunch on a warm Spring day sitting in a patio? It's kind of nice right? Oh no, not a corset? Well, the corset is a bit more my taste, but you get the point. If you are going to be meeting people, you may be invited to a party, or to go dancing, who knows.  What I do know is you will need that one festive blouse that makes you feel sexy. Think of something that says "I'm a working girl, but I don't work the streets." Save that outfit for the times you aren't at work. Don't mix the two, it seldom has a happy ending.
Be sure to invest or find a comfortable pair of black ballet flats, or kitten heels. Don't make the purchase until you do the following: walk back and forth, pivot, stand on your tip toes and think of how much time you'll spend on  your feet. Happy feet are the best feet. I had my share of shoes that were either too tight, too high, or outright uncomfortable, the days seemed to be never ending. I had to soak my feet and remove callouses. That never looks attractive.  The cardigan is a great sample of an alternative look, but still timeless. Look at how many ways you can interchange these pieces. They mustn't be the exact articles; think of them as ideas of what to look for when you are bouncing from thrift store to thrift store. Stay tuned for a post on how to shop at thrift stores.

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