Saturday, January 17, 2015

Beauty: Repurpose your Products!

I wish there was a way to discern whether or not products work prior to purchase.  There are samples such as those in magazines, or offered when purchasing online. Sephora do this often; however, there isn't time enough for you to judge the quality and efficacy with a pea sized amount
Recently, I saw an advert on telly about the "beauty graveyard" which is similar to the "products I regret purchasing" for everyday people.
I'm struggling with dry hands right now and it seems that nothing I do is enough. I drink loads of water to the point it's disrupting my sleep; however, I've been using Vaseline, nursing creams, water resistant lotions, etc. They work, but I don't like that my hands look old. I know it's shallow and superficial, but I have long, thin fingers with visual veins, I am happy to have hands, but they look like they belong on someone else's wrists.
I was looking at a quite popular bloggers photos where she was showing her beautiful and luxurious handbag; however, I didn't realise that the hands holding the Celine, were hers! I was shocked as she's quite young, but her hands looked like they were those of the Queen.
Back to the point of this post. I have so many skin care products that made promises to plump, hydrate, minimise pores, eliminate sag, and I've got cleansers which proposed the same.Why not use these on my hands?
Think for a moment, they are mostly meant to be good for the face so they can't be too harsh, and if they are supposed to be meant to assist with the superficial problems with my face, why not try them on my hands?
So many people are using the fillers, injections, etc, but they aren't doing anything to their neck or hands which are tell tale signs of sun damage, dry skin, aging skin and other issues in the beauty realm.
I'm going to give it a go tonight by exfoliating my hands and then using one of my skin creams on my hands and checking back in a few.


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