Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Bachelor: Chris Soules...

I hate myself for participating; however, there "might" have been a viewing party. For all the seasons, there has yet to be someone of colour to be holding the roses.
To be fair, the producers have stated a lack of interest. I don't buy it, but I do think they are avoiding the pink elephant in the room. Is America ready to see an Asian, South Asian, Black, et al Bachelor/Bachelorette? Probably not, hell there was Flavor Flav right?
The show is absolutely ridiculous. I mean people go on telly to meet their husband/wife on a reality show? That alone tells me I wouldn't be interested. Seriously, even if the opportunity arose and I met someone having drinks and a chat, I don't think it would lead to an engagement. These men and women are like dogs in heat. You have the alphas, the terriers, king of the jungle and the other creatures of the wild.
I could not stop staring at the current season with Chris Soules. He's the farmer from the mid-west, who resembles a cross between Matthew McConaughey and Tim Tebow.
The women were about as interesting as a can of paint, but I was so interested in the drunkard. I'm sure they didn't eat all day, and then with the red carpet and almost Hollywood premiere party nerves were probably high. A wee bit too much champagne and I'm pretty sure she feels like a nob. What a way to make a first impression, but she got a rose.
Isn't it amazing how big and white their teeth are? Like piano keys all bright and shiny. Their hair and those gowns are a nice touch. I just don't follow the process. They're locking lips and professing their love and don't know a thing about the person. I am geeked when I see them rejected in the limo sobbing uncontrollably for not making the cut. It was the first night, surely there are other chances to meet someone and fall in love over a drink right?
I'm doubtful this crop will turn into marriage but it's fun to see how it folds. I seem to lose interest after the premier; however, I rarely find the contestants interesting.


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