Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rant: Boycott Asian Owned Beauty Supply Stores!

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So last night I pre-empted my weekly hair regime. I made friends! We played Cards of Humanity and I won, first time player *pops collar* so I got home late, and realised that the following day, I needed to get a product from CosmoProf. I went and snagged my product, realized it has new packaging, took a flier and left. I saw a beauty supply store, and as a result of online reviews, I wanted to check to see if they had a product in stock. They did, and the testers were chained to a anti theft device. It was a $2.99 product so I decided against the trouble; however, I heard a soft,  "Ma'am may I take your bag?" I didn't think anyone was talking to me, I was not carrying a huge bag, in fact, I had on a tank top, flip flops, and shorts. For me, that's naked, because I stand 160-163 cm and just over 7 stone. I had a small bag with shampoo, and one car key! I presumed they were speaking to someone with a knapsack or maybe an elderly woman. They were talking to me. I walked over and handed my bag as if I were under a spell. I was given a clip and I said that I knew what I had and they said it's to collect my bag. So I'm walking down the aisle and a woman appears from behind the counter and scares the piss out of me. "You needa herp?" I looked at her trying to figure out if she had a wand in her hand that made her appear and disappear. When I looked at her, I saw her looking toward the ceiling. This store had a security system like they were the Pentagon! They had flat screens, EVERYTHING had an anti theft tag and, I guarantee there was at least one eye on me at all times. I felt like I was in a dressing room trying on clothes in front of strangers. It was uncomfortable. I don't buy things anymore because I felt I had been better if I wrote a list of what I wanted and had the staff fetch them.
I was heated!  I opted to leave the store. They weren't going to disrespect me AND take my hard earned money!!! When I went to retrieve my bag, I said, "You expect me to trust you with my things; however, you don't return the sentiment." I wanted to picket the store, and tell every potential person to keep their dignity and not support them. But, I'm daft so if I realised this, didn't others? Why do we patronise shops like that? I mean being treated like an untrustworthy child who has a penchant for shoplifting in return for some hair? Please have more dignity. I am going to post some places like 3 Sisters or Sally's both of which I have no affiliation. I don't care if you research ways to make your own products, don't ever let someone take your money and treat you like a second class citizen, especially if, like me, you've got family who's fought for their country!
Furthermore, they will try to get you to shop by employing other ethnicities, mainly minorities, to work in the shop in order to "urbanize" the experience. Don't fall for it. No amount of hair is worth that!


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