Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rant: Daytime Emmy's 2014 Debacle

Only thing missing is the yellow brick road
Advertisers have been using social media to its benefit since they figured out how to reach a larger audience for 1/32 of the price of buying ad space, commercials, billboards, radio, et al. There has been a rise in using social media "brands" to market products and services. This was an issue several years back when the FTC made it a law to require transparency when products were sponsored or given as press samples. It's rare that full disclosure happens, but it's a nice gesture.
This past week was an excellent example of what happens when you cut corners, to save money by reaching a larger audience and new demographic. Whoever thought getting "millenials" to do anything professional should observe the debacle that was the Daytime Emmy's on June 22, 2014. Apparently, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences posted a job opportunity to host the red carpet "Seeking Millenials (ages 18-35), there was only one job requirement: “Must have strong entertainment news background and/or VERY [emphasis theirs] strong social media following (300,000 followers minimum).”  Brittany Furlan, Lauren Elizabeth, Jessica Harlow, and Meghan Rosette were selected to be this year's hosts. The problem is that had the selection process been a bit more clear and the "mavens" social media platforms researched, it would have prevented the train wreck.  Brittany's response to the debacle "Jokes aren't dicks, stop taking them so hard" and Ms. Harlow is tired of the talk "At least we gave y'all a show you would never forget! and seriously? It's been 24+ hours. This is still at the forefront of your mind? There are children starving & dying!
Lauren and Meghan have been wise enough not to post on the subject. It never works to acknowledge a mishap. Olivia Pope and Associates could not have fixed this one. I don't fault the ladies for this, I blame the National Academy of Television of Arts & Sciences for a) selecting a demographic that is not the average demographic for many soap operas and daytime television. Millenials aren't big on watching soap operas because they are living their own. It's all about them right now and their lives. What's more, their audience doesn't follow them for their professionalism or lack of. They watch them for silly skits, makeup, shopping, dating and relationship advice. End of!
So, that said, I find it sad that no one from NATAS has issued a statement. It's going on 72 hours and nothing, not a tweet, not a press statement, not even a simple apology. The level of offensive statements was astounding, the lack of respect for a craft that predates many viewers, and the ageism for the requirements was ridiculous. The median of most daytime viewers is 53. An 18 year old's social media following is not likely to entertain that of a 21 year old let alone our baby boomers, so that was a set up for a fail. Did they fail to ask  any questions with respect to experience in red carpet or even professional expectations? Any rehearsal? Nope, they wanted the audience of these girls for a mere $1000 each.
What a big eff you to those who are majoring, experienced, or educated in media relations who would appreciate the opportunity to host. How hard is it to greet someone, ask who their designer is, give compliments, ask, "what they are nominated for, and find out what tricks their character or what viewers can expect next season?"
Who thought Kathy Griffin was a good idea? I've seen her stand up and that tells me, you may want to see if the ladies from The Talk, or The View would be willing to help out. I wish their was a bit of respect for the families for those subjected to the gaffe such as Tyler Christopher was considered, being that he's married to someone who bore his children and supports his craft and the character(s) he's portrayed daytime and nigh time not to mention, rebuilding after the fire in So Cal took his home. I think he had a blog about it, but I'm not sure. Admittedly, I don't keep up with celebrities, but I did want to see the show in memory of Jeanne Cooper.


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