Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Grow Your Edges Back!

It pains me to see people being counterproductive. For example, there are women natural and relaxed that are feeling bad about their edges. It's all well and good when we joke about having our "edges snatched" but take it from me, when your hairline has density behind your ears, it's quite humbling.
Let me share a few things so others can learn from my trials and tribulations.
  1. Stop laying the edges down. When you Spackle your hair down and brush it so it's intertwined with your skull and then tie a wrap around it so tight your brain is seeping through your ears, you are cutting off circulation. It's very hard for the blood to flow from your heart to your head when it's so constricted. Try getting one of those hand massagers
    for massaging temples!
    you can find them in the skincare aisle or any chemist/drugstore.
  2. Stop with the heavy pomades on your edges. The hair at your nape is softer and breaks easily. Much like the skin on your face, it gets clogged. Be gentle and use a lighter oil. Pumpkin oil is good for hair loss. There's also Castor, Coconut and several other oils. Use what's best for you.
  3. Be aware of the cleansers you use on your face. We aren't born with a perfect circle for a face so it is worth noting that our temples are subjected to the harsh ingredients used to wash our face. This doesn't require a regimen of concealing your hair with a shower cap to wash your makeup off or cleanse your face, just be aware and look for dryness or brittle spots that may be a result.
  4. Be patient! Watching and stressing about your thin hairline will only cause you stress. Watching grass grow would be faster because we get very obsessed and anxious about our hair. Protective hairstyles, hydration, circulation, nutrition, and a few weeks of tlc and your edges will grow. If mine can, so can yours and I was a hot mess. I still have a long way to go, but straight edges and kinky hair? Right.
    I have baby hair and side burns....oy!

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