Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Girl on the Block

Black Panther? Are you sure? Yes, I am sure it's 2008. That was the conversation in my head when I was deciding on the name for this blog. Even though there was a foiled assassination attempt on presidential hopeful Barack Obama today.

Well, not that anyone is reading this blog, but I have long thought black panthers are the epitome of sexy. As a black woman, I cannot think of a better mascot to emulate all things sexy, sleek, fierce and beautiful for this blog.

This blog is designed for a target population. I want women in their 30s, 40s and beyond to be represented somewhere regardless of their color. I have been enjoying the blocks, tutorials and assistance of many who have helped me with makeup technique, tricks, applications and the like for years. Kudos to you all and I can only hope to accomplish what many of you ladies and gentleman have done.

The thing which I found to be difficult and often times extremely embarassing is I can be their mother. I love watching tutorials on www.youtube.com of many talented makeup gurus. I wish I had the same opportunity at their age. I can't cange my past so as I embrace middle age, I find I cannot use the same techniques and/or style of makeup. I look absolutely ridiculous trying to duplicate some of the looks that I am inspired by. This blog will hopefully help another woman find a way to balance the needs of maturing sking and look beautiful at any age.

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