Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Back!

It's our fave time of the year here at Panther's Place. I love all things fall/winter, especially the one hour we "trick" the body to having. Sure my circadian rhythms will be off until spring, but it's okay.
So, to be honest with ourselves we been a bit down. My birthday was the worst yet, things are really getting worse for mum and I can't seem to shake this funk we got ourselves into. I reckon I must take some serious time and reflect on what's got us feeling lethargic. I know I should be eating loads healthier and I have some underlying things beginning to fester. Not to mention, I can't seem to get my blog where I'd like it. Being new is a part of it. I've been new my whole life being an Air Force brat, now I have a new job, making new connections, new friends, etc. People here don't like you until you prove your are likeable.
Last night we took a drive to two of the Halloween shops. This time of year, I can really work a face and the icing is the amount of products out is wicked. I can get the most amazing lashes, creme bases and vibrant colours right now. I spent less than $50.00 USD on my new love. I knew of him and had his pots, but now I've got his pigments and they were only $7.98 each! Who is he? He is none other than Ben Nye. Yep, I'm having an affair with him and forsaking all others. The best thing about him, he never fails to deliver. What you see in the pot/container, is exactly what you get on your eyes. For the price, I cannot complain. This weekend Eli and I will have a brilliant time making eyeshadows from the stack of pigments. A pressing we shall go! Well, that's enough for today, beautiful one, please be safe this Halloween evening, and remember that candy is great, but always in moderation, unless it's makeup! :) Cheers love!

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