Friday, September 17, 2010

Boys!! Can't live with em Can't fathom life without em!

Getting Past Rejection:

operation 6 pack activated
So, rejection...happens to the best of us, I've learnt there are some it never happens to.  Well, this post is dedicated to anyone who's ever been rejected.
So, there's a bloke I had my set on.  To be honest, there are a few.  But one decided to chirpse out of nowhere.  He's an attractive lad.  Tall, dark and handsome but I wasn't smitten at all.  He begins to e-mail me sweet comments.  This led to him asking me a plethora of questions, and giving me his "mobile since I don't have friends in the States."  Well, I am horrible at calling men, so I gave him mine thinking okay we never chat at work (I know, I know) have lunch or take breaks together, he's bored and I'm as well.  So, I get a sweet text, and over time they get progressively flirtatious.  Well, I'm no fool, I've been around boys all my life, I have all older brothers and my dad is the leader of the pack when it comes to dogs.  I don't take compliments literally, I read Steve Harvey's book at the request of my father.  So, what happened?  I fucked slipped up.  In my defense, the boy is sexy as hell and his imagination would make Jodeci blush.  WOW!
So, I raised his sexy and added my own twist.  The boy fell back hard.  WTF?  He talked a good game but when I called his bluff, he choked?!!!! I give him credit, he spoke a good game, pursued me (never happens) and seemed like a freak :)  I didn't want to be his girlfriend, friend with benefits, I was bold and said we couldn't be friends because I don't fuck my friends.  He changed at that point and things went south.  He was so up/down, black/white, hot/cold etc. So, I asked him if he was bipolar a Gemini.  I really wondered if he gave his phone/computer to someone and the person at work was him.  I'm laughing as I type, so this is good.  I never even asked him questions about himself, his situation, nothing.  I don't really care as I'm not into a boyfriend right now, too much going on and he knew this, as well as that I won't be in the USA long.  So what young 27 year old "Leo with Virgo Rising" <~whatever that means, doesn't want to shag?  This guy!
I know a lot of ladies would be grief stricken, but guess what?  It's a dude!  There are plenty more, and now I have some ideas on seducing the next guy as a result.  I'm flattered he felt he couldn't play me.  Maybe he's gay and thought, "I find her cute maybe...Oh no, she's way too much I thought she'd be easier."  He does have a lot of men who like to "train" him on assignments.  I am not hiding my head in shame, stuffing my face and watching chick flicks, I'm upping my game! My body is my date and it needs likes a lot of attention.  If I stay on track, I'll be fit by summer, six pack, toned and ready for fun!  It's no big deal.  I would have died a year ago, but since I've made a decision to live a little, I look at the positive.  I didn't die, I have his texts so he can't file a charge, he's not alpha enough and it was fun to have a distraction.  Dude might be married or catching feelings, it's all good. 
Your homework:  If you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend, find someone you fancy and simply smile.  If you're bold say, "Hello."  You're not asking them for a date, marriage or their first born. (maybe dude had a kid???) It will make you feel good about yourself, I promise.  You must remember eye contact also.  If you have someone, read this I promise you won't regret it.

Stay sexy!

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Nymphette said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!!! Some men are just intimidated by a strong, beautiful woman... on to the next, on, on, to the next one xoxo