Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Product Review: Nature's Garden & FOTD

Excellent packing nothing spilled!
I'm finally accepting that the economy simply sucks!  I have endured more in the last year, than I have in the last ten.  There's been nothing but change!  Even my forums are reloaded and I am an avid lurker.  *Some forums are best left for seasoned participants* I am a self confessed nose.  Not nosey, nose.  I sniff EVERYTHING!!! If I grab something, whether or not its' edible, I take a whiff.  If it pongs, it's tossed.  Nothing that smells rank is kept.  I don't play roulette with my stomach, if something doesn't smell fresh, it's tossed.  Same with anything on my face.  I went to The Body Shop  to purchase more Satsuma oil to keep in my burner.  The staff told me they know longer had it, and to check back around the holidays.  Right... I'd been watching beauty vlogs about soap making so I deduced there must be somewhere people are able to get fragrances, oils, scents, flavours, etc. to make all these body treats.  I was right.  I found Nature's Garden and though it's called Nature's Garden Candles it's so much more than candles. 
Buttercream Cupcake, French Vanilla, Strawberry Passion & Satsuma
 I loved this transaction!  This was an arbitrary transaction, I was searching for Satsuma and they were one of the e-tailers who carried it.  I didn't know what to expect, but I browsed through the site and it was so informative, I felt like I wanted to make soy candles.  I learnt a lot, but this was meant for the home.  I like having fragrances in the restroom, kitchen, auto, etc. for various reasons.  Sometimes I need it to relax, think of a cold winter night, sipping tea, burning sweet fragrance and reading a book, watching telly, or time with your partner.  That's me.  The staff was so kind, I inadvertently left out numbers on my debit card and the owner called me straight away, and sent me confirmation.  Today, I came home to my package and this is after UPS missed me by one day.  It hasn't been a full week!  What I didn't know was there is a ratio of how much scent is used for various material compounds, as well as the true level of fragrance.  I've bought those .33 oz vials at drugstores and they have no scent, this site let's you know how strong the scent is.  Mine were (medium and strong) I am so happy with my purchase.  Part of me wants to make crafts and order more stuff, but I don't really have people who are interested, but I can donate them to a shelter so who knows.  If you are into bath and body type things, this is a great item to get for way less than you get at department stores.  I wish I could tell the former places (the ones we all go to) to suck it! But I am a believer in karma.

I almost tossed this out I was so happy!
I don't know if it's sad or pathetic, but I get so excited to get things in the mail.  Even though I ordered and pay for things myself, it feels like a present!  I have more bad experiences so when something good happens, it feels like God is showing me a sign to hang on.  Corny? Yes!  But it gets me through the tough times.  
Look at that mug! I NEED Photo editing software!!!

I felt the need to include a picture, I have to get over myself.  Many people see blogs with the writer's photos as narcissistic, but guess what? How can I show anything if it's not utilized?  Like the shadow for this day, look!
Green shadow, brown skin, dark brown sad eyes

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