Friday, September 17, 2010

Product Review: Sofina Perfect UV Lucent Sunscreen SPF 50

great finish right?

I have been experimenting with some of the products I ordered for my skin.  I have heard about this Sofina Perfect; however, it was "Sofina Lucent" I was searching for and didn't realize there had been a name change.  I wanted a sunscreen that wouldn't add to the oil situation I already endure.  I can't stop my quest for the product that will help mattify my skin.  I had been using Shiseido, but I can't find it and am not sure if it's discontinued.
I ordered online from bobodave because he offered free shipping and since he's in Hong Kong, I thought that was brilliant as international shipping can get quite costly.  To be blunt, shipping can make or break my decision to order online.  I was quite impressed at how fast the shipping was.  It sailed through customs and although I had done research, I envisioned a larger bottle. 
I prefer this packaging over Shiseido's as it has a dropper type tip.  That's a good thing because this stuff is like water.  I applied it directly to my face thinking it would be similar to lotion.  It slid down my face faster than I could retrieve it and didn't stop until it rested on my shirt.  No worries, I get ready in my pyjamas.  It has a ball which helps mix the product when you shake it.  Everything about the product is in Chinese so I didn't read the directions, this was a decision based on reviews of the product on a skin board.  It retails for $17.20, which is much less than MAC SPF 50 Prep and Prime and Shiseido SPF 55.  With the Shiseido, I find when you wash it off, there is this wretched scent that hits you like a baseball bat, but this doesn't which surprises me as they seem to be identical products.  It goes on really well, I put it on after my moisturizer and my skin looks matte, smooth and foundation (for oily skin) didn't skip when I applied it. Many times oil free foundations tend to dry as you're applying it but this went well.  As far as keeping the oil away?  Sorry but while it's better than many, I still had to blot by 9:00 a.m. just 3 hours after applying.  Is it the product or me?  Probably me, but that was sort of a let down since I read about people who are oily as well not needing to blot until after lunch when they touched up their makeup.  Lucky girls, no joy for me. 
Overall, I don't regret the purchase, but I can't say it's going to keep the oils at bay since that wasn't my experience.  Again, the transaction was very smooth, this company has a Facebook, blog, and maybe a twitter, they have other products as well, which confused me as not only is there a name change but there are tons of other which might cause problems so I've included the one you want to pick if you decide to give this a go.  I would recommend this product for girls who aren't very oily, and it can be used as a primer, but don't expect it to act as a virtual sponge in preventing oil production.  Stay gorgeous!

This is the one recommended for oily skin



Top Blogs said...

I am new reader this product is for oily skin can you please recommend a good sunscreen for dry skin.

Sexyhair said...

Great review! This product is worth trying for. By the way, I like your hair.

ChrissyDee said...

I'm on the hunt for a good mattifier and hear good things about Murad and La Roche-Posay but have yet to try either.

I've been put off buying a LOT online because of shipping. Some companies/sellers really take the piss!

Thanks for the review love xx

The Beauty Thesis said...

If you need any requests, I'll do my very best to research and report back :) xo