Monday, November 3, 2008

Beauty from Within

I am so happy that Halloween is over! As much fun as it is to watch people play dress up and eat candy, I really don't enjoy much about Halloween. As a youngster I loved the idea of dressing up, costumes, candy, et. al; however, my generation, like most, was plagued by all the minutia about crimes committed on innocent trick or treaters.
I think having two older brothers was a blessing and a curse. I always had protection, but I also had live in bullies. They did not like having to take me about on all their excursions. But, my silence could be bought. They used to be quite thuggish. Rather than get really dressed up and creative, they wore things that didn't require much thought, "football player, karate kid, etc." and they didn't have cute candy carriers, they used pillow cases. They never got as much candy as me, this kitten was a panther at an early age. Working the prowess and always remembering the correct niceties such as: please, thank you, may I please? alwasy got me an extra dose of the sugar in return. The thugs aka my bros were usually frowned upon for being "too old to trick or treat" but they always had me as an excuse to troll around and wreak havoc. I didn't have any trick or treaters or parties to attend. I stayed in browsing makeup sites, depotting eyeshadows and watching some video rentals. I really am trying to get out of my shell. In fact, I am working on the proper cam to add some fun to this blog. I am really impressed by my fellow bloggers, mostly RenRen. She is the most precious woman doing faces online. I saw a tutorial and e-mailed her and she responded quite nicely. She is really impressive and I am not easily one to put others on pedestals. No, I'm not arrogant, but I'm cautious with my words, people really throw adjectives around so much they lose their efficacy. I cannot tell you how often someone calls a product "amazing!" or says "love" or "pretty" to the point of when is it authentic? But back to Ren, I have found her humble, sincere, fierce with beauty and very appreciative of those who seek her advice. I highly recommend you tune in to her channel. You will learn a lot about a lot and have fun in the process. Beauty=fun here and if you can't have fun with yourself and your looks, you've lost half the joy of living.
The month of October was breast cancer awareness, but I am making Thanksgiving the month of health in general. I want everyone reading this to be in good health and I know we love food, but join me in a challenge to try to cut out some of the not so good stuff and try to incorporate water, walking and weaning ourselves off some of the delicious foods we will be indulging in. Get healthy, get happy and stay beautiful!

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