Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Colour Craft

Hello Gorgeous,
Sorry for my absence, won't dare bother you with excuses, but I must remind you IMATS 2009 is in less than one week! I am very excited and nervous at the same time. Excited at the opportunity to build my skills, network and learn new techniques and get information about questions I have not gotten answers from and would love a seasoned professional's insight. I even wrote them down, as I have a client who contacts me constantly (bridal nerves) and sometimes I'm questioning my answers as I say them aloud.
I heard about a website called BJOOTI.NET, and though it's not in English, the information via photos is nothing short of stellar. Look at these:

I've never wanted to sample a lipstick so bad in my life. I'm not going to include the color story, because most of you have been to Christine at Temptalia.com and witnessed her ability to obtain insider trading information as it pertains to forthcoming MAC launches.
I am intrigued by this collection solely because I love MSF eyeshadows. They remind me of pigments in solid form. They can handle being applied wet whilst not turning into hard form unlike regular shadows.
If you are wondering the price tag for this whole set? I stopped when I was at $700! Eek!

Meow for now felines,


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