Friday, June 19, 2009

Why we love the U.K

Hello Gorgeous,
We raise our paws to our friends in the United Kingdom today. They have Topshop, Selfridges and the most gorgeous bangers and mash, but they also have.

Gosh cosmetics!
My favorites from this brand=eyeliner. I have seen swatches on other blogs and salivate at the notion of using this creamy, smudgeproof excellence on my waterline, as a shadow base and more.
We also love

Why can't we have a Barry M counter in the USA? Well, we don't and if you're like me, you are desperate enough to find swatches, cross your fingers, pay the shipping, have patience with customs and hope your order is to your liking. Well done Barry M.
We also can't get

Sleek!! What? Yes, we want Sleek here in the USA. Have you seen the Acid palette? I encourage you to watch Pixiwoo, she's not just beautiful, not just smart, not just a makeup artist, but she's informative, knowledgeable and has a CV that I would love to follow. Sleek isn't even interested in applications for distributors in the US. We still <3 you!
The holy grail of all reasons we envy our British brothers and sisters *church bells*

Illamasqua, life is not fair!!! I always knew this, but this line has driven it home like A-Rod on the mound. Illamasqua knocked the makeup industry out of the bl**dy ball park when they developed this line. Matte eyeshadows that apply like butter. Yes! A dream come true, as my dark skin looked ashy on most mattes, and I found them to be chalky.
So, that is why we love the UK and with that, God save the Queen kittens,


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