Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello Sex Kittens!

The eyes have it!
Felines, it sucks that we have to learn the hard way that embracing our natural beauty also means, accepting some of our flaws. Well, flaws or not, we're quite blessed if all we have to worry about is concealing our flaws.
Some people have gotten confused when they come to me about their goals when trying to conceal the area under the eyes. Short of a lower blephorplasty, there is only so much makeup can do to hide under eye imperfections.
First, it's important to differentiate between darkness, under eye bag and under eye hollows. Darkness is the easiest.

See the purple area underneath the eye? That's what is referred to as "dark circles." I wish this were my only problem. Largely genetic, the way to conceal this is bar far the easiest. You will apply your foundation first. This way you have a good grasp of what if anything is left to conceal. Depending on your foundation's coverage, you may be fine. If not, you will select a corrector based on the opposite on the color wheel to neutralize or "cancel" the color out. For this little guy, we want to use either a light or dark yellow depending upon the intensity of dark under the eyes. Behold our color wheel:

The other complaint is under eye bags. These are caused by many things such as aging, hereditary, sodium, diet, allergies, etc. Unfortunately, they are a bit harder to conceal as they are fat pockets or fluid stored beneath the surface of the skin. Behold:

I know, it looks bad, but there are some people who have reported success using over the counter things which contain caffeine, tea bags, and creams catered to shrink the size of the pockets. If this is really troubling you, speak with an ocular specialist about it before spending boat loads of money on creams with false guarantees. Companies prey on the insecure and desperate. Also, be careful when concealing this area, do not be fooled into using an eye concealer two shades lighter than your foundation. Remember when Black Panther told you some posts ago, light draws attention as in highlight you want to use the same shade or one shade darker with setting powder. Never, ever go light here.
Next we have my issue. Under eye hollows. Yuck! I know we all have something, but when I look at mine, I have a love/hate relationship here. I get that I will never be perfect, the image above? She's been photo shopped! She has no pores, lines, wrinkles, etc. That is the image used to make us humans feel inferior in an effort to get products off shelves. She doesn't exist. Take this to any photographer and they will reiterate this. Hollows? Here:

Like that? Yeah...lovely. I look tired when I'm refreshed, and look deathly when I'm tired. So what can you do? Hollows are tricky. Some times hollows are accompanied by darkness and bags, so you have to call for back up and cross your fingers that you don't look like there is cake batter under your peepers.
What causes hollows? The same, genetics, allergies, fatigue, stress, eyestrain, weightloss, you name it.
You will conceal these but only to a point. Whenever you keep your head down and eyes look up, you'll see your "friends" looking back at you. I joke that I wish I could inject air in there to give my face fullness. I haven't considered having fillers yet, but I'll never rule it out. Concealer the same shade is what you'll use, but it should be the same color as your foundation, but you want to make sure it's budgeproof as well as not too oily as it will settle into lines and separate. Again, application is key as is a slight dusting of finishing powder.
Keep the questions coming, and if you wish to have a tutorial or photos, please let me know.


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