Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pores no more?

Hello Cherubs,
I feel compelled to discuss the topic of pore size. I loathe my pores. In my field, I'm exposed to some of the most breathtaking aesthetically pleasing people all day long. To be quite honest, this tends to take its toll on me over the course of the week and that's why on weekends, I don't blog. I give myself that small part of the week to not think about trends, upcoming collections in clothes, jewelery, makeup, shoes, bags and so on. It's too much and I really admire people who are truly comfortable in their skin.
I have been reading a lot about products and their claims. I've mentioned the goal of marketing is to get you to buy product(s). No matter how catchy, implied, colorful, etc. the ends don't justify the means if you don't buy the product. Sometimes that means one must make someone feel inadequate. For instance, if I want to sell a skincream to you, I'm going to tell you how your skin will improve if you use this cream. I'm going to you someone with the most amazing skin and tell you they use the product and they too had (insert whatever skin issue) too until they found (insert product name).
One of my big concerns if the skin on my face. It's oily, sometimes it's dry, I have large pores and I have spent a small house on creams that offer promises to get rid of my large pores.
Stop! You cannot change the size of your pores! Say that again to yourself and if you aren't convinced, do research on a forum, website or search anything pertaining to dermatology, skin, and not products. If you click on a product, it's going to "sell" you into believing there is a remedy. There isn't, there is just gimmicks all over to convince you there is a miracle in a bottle, jar, elixir, etc.
Why? Pores provide the natural oils to keep your skin hydrated. The amount of sebum your body produces is directly related to the size and appearance of your pores. Over active oil glands will swell the pores and once this has occurred, you can't erase what's been done.
What then? You can shrink your pores temporarily by unclogging the oil and particles (build up) which cause them to stretch. Their are toners, and astringents which can remove the buildup, but get something with alpha hydroxy, salicyclic acid, retinoids, and BHA can all help to minimize the appearance temporarily. Again, the pores will swell as they become clogged by dirt and bacteria, oil within the pore begins to accumulate, causing the pore’s diameter to expand thus the increase in the look of the pores once again.
Microdermabrasion can help those who have large pores as well as old acne scars, but it will not eliminate your pores completely.
This post is not meant to dampen or challenge the effectiveness of treatments, but to educate you all on your skin before you waste money hoping for a miracle.
Remember, we all have flaws, and you can survive with large pores in society, many faces who have covered magazines have had imperfect complexions. To read more, click here and find out ways to make the best of your skin. All hope is not lost, most people don't see your flaws they see you and really, as long as you're keeping a regimen for your body, mind and soul, the size of your pores will become less of an issue.

Stay beautiful!


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