Monday, October 26, 2009

Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Rant

One  more day!!! I get a new computer and can blog it all out!  *Happy Dance* In some ways it's been cool not to access the world wide web.  For instance, I spend more time getting out and about and having a "real life."  Week one, I loathed going home.  No blogs to read, no forums to peruse, no YouTube, just silence.  By week two, I was reading all the books I had set aside, and by the third week, I was about taking pictures of people, places, and windowshopping.  The world is really cool when you look at it from the lense of a camera. I'm no photographer, but some of the simplest things become so amazing.  Like architecture, rustic buildings, squirrels, flowers and the elements have a different element to them.  You see them quite different.  In addition, going to cosmetics counters in person as opposed to blogs and forums is quite interesting.  There arae so many beautiful women of various ethnicities, ages, skin tones and I found so many different ideas and experimented with products I had never touched.  Well, big thumbs down for Giorgio, hiss, I'm so upset.  This is one of the leaders in the fashion industry so, quite naturally I would be interested in their cosmetics.  But, unforutunately they don't have foundation in my skin tone??? What the frack is that all about?  I mean, the last I looked it was 2009 and black women are some of the consumers which keep this billion dollar industry in the black (pun intended).  No matter what's going on in my world, I was told as a child to make sure if I only had one outfit, make sure it was clean and pressed and if I could not do my face right, to have one lipstick that would flatter me.  I think it's sad that both women quite pale, and those who are darker are hard pressed to find a foundation to match our skin tone.  We exist, our money spends the same, and guess what, we aren't diminishing in number, we are learning more about how to emphasize our God given beauty and we'd like to get in on the action.  I felt more sorry for the sales assistant who took me to Chanel and still couldn't match me.  I'm not very dark, but I applaud those companies who do realize they have a demographic who would love to purchase their products.  End rant!


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