Tuesday, October 27, 2009

St. Ives Body Polish

One more day until I have my computer.  I find the times I "sneak" on tend to be less fulfilling than previously.  Yesterday after work I went to a craft store to purchase items to make gifts for the upcoming holidays.  Holidays aren't the same not having family round, but I think it's not about what I want, but what can I contribute.  I will have fun baking, making cards, jewelery and other things for friends, so I'm still happy.  I joined a group for socializing and they kicked me out for not being "social enough" but, oh well.  So whilst out perusing, I went to the chainstore and was looking to initially buy a sea salt scrub.  I will write about the difference between the salt v. sugar scrub later.  But, I purchased two numbers, and St. Ives was one of them.  I have liked many of the products I've purchased by this brand.  Way back when I was young there was a peppermint mask or something like that I would use on my hair and it smelled and felt really nice and it had this tingle to it.  I graduated to other brands; however, every so often I buy something in their line like a face wash or whatever happens to be on sale.  I tried this polish and was first thrown off at the contents.  It's solid, which is unlike the runny, oily stuff you dig out with your hands.  There is no oil at all.  It's the texture of a sandcastle.  It's unique to me, since you have to dig it out literally!  A little goes a long way.  But, what I really like is that it doesn't make me itch, and there is no oil.  (I have a phobia that I will slip in the shower and bust my head open)  I do follow the instructions and apply to damp skin, but I don't use it on my typical areas of concern.  Women tend to overlook a few areas which are our age giveaways.  Our hands and neck are often overlooked when we think of skincare.  I exfoliate both and find that it keeps the dryness less visible in my hands.  As for my neck?  I have not been a sun goddess and always wear sun cream so I don't have signs of sun damage and I'm religious about including my neck when I do facials or moisture treatments. 
The pros:
works well, is inexpensive, does what it claims
The cons:
Wish the tub was a bit larger
This is an easy 8.5 out of 10 point product
I would recommend it to my friends, I would repurchase and no skin irritation or residue

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