Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MAC Cinderfella Dupe

Yet again I torture myself whenever a MAC collection is released by perusing blogs, forums and YouTube to see what "IwilldieifIdonotbuy" items everyone is all abuzz about.  So when MAC launched the Style Black I was determined not to buy the MES since I gravitate towards them regardless of price, color or current count in my stash. 
Well, I knew immediately when I saw a swatch of Cinderfella I had a dupe for it already.  The best thing is, I only paid $3.99 for it!  Yes, it's true!  Better yet I have a swatch of Jesse's Girl cosmetics.  Can you tell which one is MAC and which is Jesse's?  To be fair, I swatched each once on bare skin with no foil.  Quite naturally, MAC is the one on the right.  Less pigmented and visible as Jesse's Girl is on the left with the better pigmentation.
Sometimes it pays to be frugal.  Learn from my errors, I have more makeup than I will ever wear that is money not well spent.  Why?  MAC was "in" and it still is, but I'd rather use what I have and pass on the "scarcity" purchase.


kiyo said...

hey there,
which product from Jesse's cosmetics is it that you've got? ^_^||| Came across your blog while surfing for dupes!

Do mail me! charmainy@gmail.com

Thank you so much!!!

DJ Selchie said...

Indeed! I'm right there w/Kiyo. I went to the opening of Style Black when I was dead broke and couldn't afford Cinderfella, and I've been trying to track it down since @ various MAC stores- but it seems out. :(( If there's something out there on the market that's comparable (let alone better!) I'd love to know- kuz I've been -kicking- myself for not snagging that Cinderfella sooner. Which Jesse's Girl shade did you test/recommend here?

Thanks SO Much!

mari said...

i saw a video that used MAC cinderfella and ive been trying to find something like until my mother in law gave me an ELF eye palette in black called Drama and its amazing only .99 cents im not kidding , track it down!!!