Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Don't throw out that loose powder yet!!

I love discoveries! I have been meaning to toss out all my loose powder mineral foundations. I hate, HATE the process. I like everything quick and simple and the tap, shake, buff is not for me. I don't knock the final results but I seriously cannot stand having to have a separate brush, use the lid, and then the brush gets dirty so it has to have a separate case away from the other makeup. I was watching something and I guess I've known and seen velour puffs in the casings, but never put the two together.
It's quite simple really. Rather than toss, swap or sell an otherwise good foundation, use the velour puff, which can be found for less than a dollar at any store with makeup. The puff sits atop the tray and all you do is shake the container to get the foundation on the puff. Then roll the puff onto your skin. You roll it especially if you have large pores. I learnt this from watching Goss Makeup on Youtube. Or, be simple and just apply the way you would a solid foundation. This works on any type of those foundations which have sifters. Hope this saves you. Here's a visual if you learn by seeing. xo

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