Monday, April 26, 2010

High End v. Low End Cosmetic War: Competition Continues

<~~ If this is how you have it in life, and shop like this, I'm not hating on you, but this post won't speak to you.  See the red square in the top right?  Hit the "x" and keep it moving.  The rest of you thanks for reading and I hope this little post is informative and will help save you a few $$$ or, if you have a sick twisted sense of humour like me, you will giggle to yourself at just how far companies are going to get you to leave your coveted high end products and give their brand a go. 
I guess when I see this, I think of the boy likes girl, but girl likes the other boy (who's a jerk) so he is going to come up with a strategy to get her to notice him and all his attributes, and then the fairytale stops.  Well, the consumers have a lot of potential suitors these days.  Many companies are vying for you to allow them to be your new suitor.  Did you hear about that NYX sale?  I did a little late, but I was perusing the site and couldn't find the sale, because I was over thinking stupid.  I clicked on all these links, but no bundles.  Then I find their link to "Sneak Previews" and voila!  I see items that remind me of a familiar high end brand.  It's not unusual, but cos I'm silly,  for some reason this was really blog worthy to me.  I'm still smiling as I type.  Just look at my half arsed lovely attempt at photo editing.  Hey, at least you know I'm not photo shopping my pics, haven't figured that out yet what you see is accurate.


I could have sworn I've seen that somewhere NYX.  Oh!  I remember, it was here.  Who would have thought?  Gee, Anastasia costs $21.00, I wonder what NYX will charge?  Remember, that marker they were advertising a few months back?  Didn't seem suitable for me, but it looks a bit like:


Wow!  NYX is really paying attention to what's on the market these days.  I thought the only company who had their ear that close to the makeup community was Coastal Scents.  This is quite impressive to me, since so many high end brands haven't realized the economy is a large part of why people aren't throwing money around like footballs.  Seriously, how many body parts need a primer?
So, then, I got really nosey and....yep, another one :)

Brow lift by Benefit too!?

 NYX went hard this time around.  I give them a standing ovation for this one.  The products aren't scheduled to launch until June, but if I were Benefit or Anastasia I'd be thinking of some serious promotions.  After all, Leslie of Bare Escentuals used to be just about foundation, and now Bare Minerals has all the same things every other brand has such as, mascara, lip gloss, etc.  Even Bobbi Brown had a "moment" and left her neutrals to give the bright colors a go.  It was an epic fail, but she evidently had been paying attention to what was selling and that we can only work the "warm" tones for so long before we want some color.

Thanks for reading!

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