Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Year New Me: Day 1

Whatever! I know it's damn near May and I'm calling this post New Year, New Me, but gotta start somewhere right? Right!  So...after being painfully envious of all the women I am about to see prancing around in their bikinis, short shorts, and micro minis in a few days, I decided to be pro active.  I'm not saying "I'm so fat, I need to lose weight!" at all.  I am definitely not one of those, but I know being healthy is about more than what you eat and how much of it.  I don't like to exercise.  I don't like to sweat.  So why the sudden change?  Because I don't like it, doesn't mean my body doesn't deserve better.  Exercise is more than weight loss and burning calories (you could do that with sex ya know).  I really need to be healthy for me.  I give lovely compliments to people all day everyday because it makes them smile and makes me happy to have people not always giving me the side eye.  So I wrote down the food I ate in two days and was alarmed.  I don't eat a lot, but what I do eat is not benefiting my mind, body or skin.  I don't drink enough water to replenish what I use so I'm surely dehydrated.  I don't get enough protein to build muscle
which means I burn sugar and not the fat (see the arrow that says lift?) so all the squats and lunges will burn sugar but not target the fatty tissues, nor will I build muscle.  I can drink coffee/tea in the morning, have a protein bar or two during work and then Lord knows what after work.  What I'm learning is that it is true we are what we eat.  I'm caffeine and sugar all day everyday and that's why I'm a spastic mess who is tired so often.  I'm not giving my body the right fuel to go on and I'm not eating the right way to have my few little lunges, leg lifts, etc. to make any difference. 

See the picture above how tiny my upper body is?  You can see my ribcage and my arms are quite small.  Who knew when I stand up it would look like there was a midget in my back pocket?  Yes, I said it!  But, women who are heavy set get all the flack from the media, but us girls with the junk are just as guilty we just carry the evidence differently.  Today, I join with my friends who struggle with food.  Why do you think you struggle?  I know my reasons:
  1. I am intimidated by the gym.  I go there and immediately feel insecure.
  2. I am not motivated.  This weekly post will force me to be accountable.
  3. I like my junk food.  Not fair to treat my body bad which makes it feel bad.
  4. I give up too easy.  It's a lifestyle change not a diet small steps to change nothing serious.
  5. I am never going to be _____!  But I'll be a better me even if I look the same I'll feel better, it's true!
So those are my top five.  I'm not expecting to look like I should be on the cover of a fitness magazine by fall, but if I force myself to do something more than what I did today.  For example, if I didn't leave the couch and tomorrow I walk around with the dog, or dance for 30 mins it's more than what I did today.  Progress!  I'm committing to not giving up on myself and getting to the point where I like what I see in the mirror and I know it will make my life different in so many ways.  I'll be more confident, happy (naturally) and won't cringe when I see a mirror.  This is day 1.

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Anonymous said...

You are so funny but def too hard on yourself. You can lift weights, not break a sweat and burn calories while toning. Work with a trainer for maybe a month to learn how and what to do when you visit the gym. Good luck.