Monday, April 12, 2010

MAC Dupe: Grease Paint Sticks

I hate dumb people. Ignorance is one thing, because no one knows everything, but people who are just dumb abhor me. I'm on hold with MAC inquiring about a color from the Art Supplies Collection. The girl who answers tells me, they don't carry Grease Paints. Really? Considering the display was there this morning I find that strange. She puts me on hold, and here I am. The reason for this post is not to promote this even though I love grease paints. I have several and I'm doing a CP for a reader who is being charged an insane price. Unfortunately, there are some colors which are exclusive to this collection which I don't have in my makeup collection at all. Not under any other brand especially Urban Decay who has loads. I've looked.
Fortunately, L'Oreal HIP offers the exact same product for less than $3.00 USD. They are revamping the line at most stores, so in places like Walmart, they are clearanced which means Dollar Store here they come! In the top left is the MAC Grease Paint. It's lovely no? Glides on creamy, and makes a great base, or liner. I cannot attest to smearproof because anyone who guarantees any product not to smudge or transfer is foolish. We all have different levels of ph in our bodies as well as oil production so, for me, the paints are always primed if used as a base, and I don't use them as liners on clients ever. Notice that it has an attached sharpener? Well, that liner is pretty useless, you lose loads of product unless you freeze it first. Now look at the crayon from L'Oreal.

Notice the difference? Me neither, and I have them both. We've seen what the black swatches look like so, they are both solid black with no shimmer, glitter or duochrome. I hope this post has saved you a bit of money, or at least been informative enough that you will consider this when you cry in your tea over the "limited edition" unavailability which will no doubt be in CCO's. Remember Hello Kitty? Yep, in my CCO going on six months now.


naturalnchicmakeup said...

wow I didn't even know L'Oreal had these! Thanks for sharing with us. Now I'm definitely going to out for a hunt on these.

The Beauty Thesis said...

It's spooky how similar they are! Check dollar stores and Walmart clearance! xo