Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Product Review: Zenni Optical

A few weeks ago I was listening eavesdropping on a chat between two people about glasses.  This girl said she had these zebra frames that only cost $8.00!  My ears perked up, and I scribbled down the name, but had written it wrong.  So, I kept trying different words and the search engine suggested the word "Zenni."  Bingo!  I tried it, and found the website and looked around.  I wasn't sure but I didn't mind trying something for $8.00 because if something's good, I'll stick with it until it either discontinues or gets shut down.  I found some frames that I thought would be cute and placed what I thought would be a simple order.  I don't know my measurements, face shape, etc. so I just picked the default or "average" sizing.  Seriously, for the amount it would be no big deal if I didn't score a deal so...
Unfortunately, I ordered a blank frame on accident.  I never said I was smart good at optical dispensing or online orders  anything.  I called the company, who's in Northern California and they offered to refund the amount with no problem.  WIN!  I would have married him through the phone.  You were willing to refund me on my word?  That never happens.  They always take 30 days, a dispute, forms, and a note from your mom to give you your money back.  It didn't take long and they came !!!!

(not bad for $8.00 a pair)

If you are the type who are into labels when you were frames, pass this site, unless you need a spare for driving, reading, watching television or not being "found out."  It's not always cool to have your friends find out you are frugal, peer pressure.  Me?  I used to be ghetto fab stylish and buy all those several hundred dollar lenses.  Unfortunately, I lose, drop,
break, forget, everything things at times.  I'm really not happy to wear glasses.  Not because I'm vain.  I tried contacts and they were too much work.  I'm just absent minded busy and on caffeine the go, so I was happy to get these.  I wasn't paid, and I completely recommend this company if you are broke like me want to save $$$.

sophisticated lenses :)

 blind and miserable without :(

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