Saturday, August 28, 2010

Healthy Alternatives that taste good!

 Yesterday, I purchased a drink from what I thought was a healthy snack alternative due to the extreme heat.  I went to Jamba Juice because the line at Pinkberry was too long, and I'm lazy and watching people make decisions when I'm hungry is a bad combination.  So, I grabbed a brochure on the way out to find my Protein Berry minus banana extra strawberries had more calories than a scoop of ice cream! GAH!  I would have thought there was less than 110 calories which a serving of Pepsi has.  So, now I know why my ass isn't shrinking.  I capitulated over this for a long time.  I spent a good $5 spot each time and am already addicted. So, I found the ingredients, and made a low calorie, low fat, alternative and you only need a few items.
    • strawberries
    • soy or whey protein
    • soy milk
    • orange juice

I started with a scoop of this soy protein at the grocer, and placed it at the bottom of my blender, because the protein has to be blended, it will disgust you to no end, if you don't blend it properly.  *Disclaimer:  You can modify any of the ingredients to suit your specific needs.  I didn't have any low fat soy milk, so I used what was available. 

Add frozen strawberries, if you don't have a very high grade blender, get the ones that are sliced and buy them in bulk, it's much cheaper.  If they aren't frozen, you'll need ice.  I've found if you use frozen, it tastes better, and colder.  
Pour milk over the strawberries, you'll need it to help blend the protein and strawberries.  Not only did I goof and get regular soy, I purchased Vanilla, which is going to be counter productive, you don't want this sweet, but I'll tell you how to remedy that.

Blend it until it's a smooth yet thick consistency.  I like mine very thick so I can use a spoon.  It gives me the feeling of eating as opposed to drinking because I'm on this water issue.  I think eating healthy is part mental.  Sometimes we need to feel like we're eating, i.e. carrot sticks or popcorn to feel like snacking on junk.  So, because I have vanilla, I put a splash, of orange juice and that took the sweetness out but added more calories.  If you do use orange juice get 100% not concentrated, it will be better for you and less calories by way of sugar. 


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