Monday, August 23, 2010

NYX: Part One has been all sorts of bad, and I've neglected doing my hair and makeup and .... weight loss.  Stress sucks!  I have had the worst year since last year, but I'm determined to get my mojo back.  I started by getting my eyebrows threaded.  Aside from the eyes, these photos are not false.  THIS is exactly how shitty bad I look.  I'm thinking of plastic surgery.  My breasts are so gone they look like I've been nursing twins!  One day at a time.  I wanted to review and post photos of some of the products I've been hoarding collecting over time.   I don't have the face or voice for YouTube, so I can share my bits and try to contribute HERE!!!  I scored these ones at  ULTA cosmetics for a buy one get one free.  I think they cost about $3.99 plus tax.  It's not a bad deal if you can catch them, but they are not good if you use them alone. 
They go on like silk, they are so creamy.  As a result of the emollients, they will crease like Vaseline and they don't hold eye shadows if your eyes get wet.  I shed a tear or two thinking the base would prevent creasing.  It's as if there was never any shadow and they crease and if you try to reapply eyeshadow, it's with the crease still there.  Best thing, start all over, or don't use these if you plan to be anywhere near vapor or water.  I know a lot of people rave about these, but I don't reach for them.  I like them, they add a bit of "punch" to any shadow (especially those misses lacking pigmentation) or pigments, but they need to be kept cool if you plan to use them frequently.  In fact, if you want to sharpen them, freeze them first.  Also, some are depotting them?  Meh, I have paint pots, cream eye shadows, paints, etc, and I don't reach for them and it's easier for me to use the stick form than my fingers or brushes.

I don't know my shade in MAC but if I could it'd be NC47

Again, the pigmentation is amazing for darker skin tones, so even if you choose to use them as an eyeshadow alone, I'd highly suggest you use a very good primer, (UDPP) underneath and blend a bit into the skin.  Straight from the pencil is how I swatched these in natural light with no flash and I did NOT do any editing or manipulation to the photo.  I want these to be as close to "real" as possible without being worthless.  I'm tempted to do some touch ups, but I think that would be counterproductive if I'm trying to show images of products.  I reserve the right to change my mind, as I notice my colors are deeper than they are looking at my hand.  It appears to have a bit of a shadow. 

Electric Blue, Mountain Green, Pure Gold, Purple Velvet
The above photo is more accurate than the swatches, I took these on my patio so they are a bit more clear than when I simply stood next to the window pane.  I would recommend these for anyone who wants simple, inexpensive, and quick bits of color.  I don't recommend these if you live in warm climates like Florida, but for the price, I say get them either on sale, or use the weekly coupon.  Good luck!


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