Monday, August 2, 2010

What is it about PINK ?

freaking adorable!
I'm an old bird.  I am far too "mature" to admit this, but something in the color pink makes me stupid.  I can be shopping, and the color jumps out at me, and then I'm in a sort of spell wherein whatever the item is, I want it.  I've purchased pens, scissors, notebooks, things which mean nothing all because of my love of the color pink. It's embarrassing, but my Post It notes, phone case, laptop, nightgown, slippers, mobile, track suits and more!
I can't say it's really a spell because I do have some sense when it comes to cars, clothes and bedding.  If I find it sexy, the color is always black, but little trinkets?  I don't know why.  I ask myself this often and even though there are other women who are in the same pink boat, which normally is a deterrent.  If everyone has something, I usually am turned off.  I'm happy to wear my wide leg jeans even though skinny jeans are all the rage.  "Who gonna check me boo?"  But, I cannot get myself to switch to another color.  I've tried and it just.won'

Nope, I wasn't raised like a spoilt "princess" with a Pepto Bismol room adorned with faeries and stuffed bunnies.  On the other hand, I wasn't a tomboy so I'm not overcompensating.  In fact, I have sense enough as I stated to know when I've crossed the line from "cute" to fucking ridiculous gaudy (Katie Price and Peter Andre's wedding).  It's not brought on by my obsession with makeup either, it started before then as well.  I really felt it was a phase but I'm embarrassed now that I'm learning to socialize more and the comments regarding how much pink I have or how I gravitate towards things of said color has become bl**dy embarrassing, but I can't stop.  Today, I saw the cutest compact (ew even the way I say that aloud) and it was that color, so I didn't buy it.  I lied at break about where I was going and bought it! What?! Yep, told a lie to go get it because I didn't have the balls get it earlier.  Eek!  What next?  I can't have them over.  This obsession with beauty, hair, shoes, nails, may be what kept me isolated.  The fear of being rejected for my "hobbies" and further judged.  At least I can blog it all out....♥

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