Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NYX: Part Two the Cremes

(cherry, orange, milk and yellow)
I'm starting to want to take back my words about editing my photos.  In my defense, I had been washing my hands more than usual this week.  But damn gee, they're quite dry.  Oops! I guess it's true the camera captures the details, my hands look like they belong on the end of Snoop Dog.  Aw well, got to be able to make fun of one's self. 
 This brings me to today's review.  I previously discussed my opinion on NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, and displayed a few swatches.  This lot is from the same ideology (eye shadow base) and although these don't crease as quickly as the shimmers, they still contain mineral oil which is an emollient.  Emollient = CREASING no matter how dry your lids are.  They don't come off as easily either.  In the swatch, I had just tested the colors on my hand and went about for an hour and washed with gentle soap and water, no rubbing as if the swatches were on my eyes and there is still remnants of the colors.  I didn't notice until posting the pic on the left.  I am neutral on whether I see that as a plus, because I would need to use and oil based product (virgin olive, coconut, jojoba) in order to remove them from my eyes, and my eyes are so sensitive and my vision so poor I fear I'll have blurred vision.  That's my fault for being vain.
Used yellow as a base with 88 palette e/s
Overall, these are nice, much better in terms of eyeshadow base (not primer) and helping shadows maximize the efficacy.  In the above photograph, I used the "yellow" pencil (not as opaque but buildable) over a primer and used a random gold from the notoriously cheap 88 eyeshadow palette.  That palette is everywhere and everyone has it in their product line and all of us addicts have at least one in our possession.  This photo was taken at the END of the day (notice the chapped lips and glazed eyes) and there is no creasing and it was very hot today.  It was record breaking heat.  Look at my hands, face, lips, I'm practically breaking into tiny bits ☺
I got these on sale at ULTA cosmetics locally, and I believe they carry them online.  They were on sale, but they shouldn't be more than $5.00 at the most.  I can help you find a retailer if you wish. 

with flash and ash

I would recommend these if you don't already have a base, but to be honest, something with a semi oil based finish can perform the same, unless you are trying to manipulate the color of the eyeshadow.  White base, will brighten, darker base adds intensity.
(l-r cherry, orange, milk and yellow)


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