Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kat Stacks v. men and women

I must live under a rock, because many of the "household names"  out there aren't familiar to me.  Enter "Kat Stacks Bitch!"  I heard that and thought it was a spoof of Rick James or something.  Unfortunately, the title is one of the blonde on the left photo courtesy of Google.  I am admittedly gobsmacked.  I don't have a heaven or hell to put anyone in, so I don't judge.  Well, this girl has some serious game.  I don't hate, envy or feel insecure about myself because of her.  She makes me think about things I try to forget.  You know the "one" girl/woman your man is curious about, then he gets sucked in and he gets caught?  She's that girl.  I cannot wrap my head around this soap opera.  She's not fake, what you see is what you get, and then some, but They fall hard.  If it wasn't enough to know about her previous scandals with well known artists, they keep calling, texting, tweeting her knowing, the minute they slip, which they will, her wrath will have them and possibly their career by the balls.  That cell phone in her hand?  It's worth millions!  If it could talk? That's fine, she speaks for it.  Why do men do that to themselves?  What is it with people that the worse something is for you, the more they have to have it? Even as she was blasting Soulja, she was being hit up by other men and their wives!  Really?  Did you not see this?  Seriously, I felt violated watching it, and I don't even know who this guy is.  Why do men do that?  *shrugs* I cannot understand it, but I guess Adam "it was that woman!" ran it first. 
I'm sad about it.  This girl doesn't have to look for men, they come to her.  From a female standpoint, I should be scared to death of women like her.  There are some lines I cannot cross in the bedroom.  I.just.can't.  But, judging by this interview for her it's not personal, it simply is.  She has learnt that men cannot be trusted, and doesn't see them as lovers, rather conquests.  This girl is everything I'm not.  I don't curse, look, party or play like her.  Does this mean my partner will, in the back of his mind, have some fantasy she can fulfill?  Sure, don't trip on her.  Well I didn't want to but I read about this woman who intentionally failed to tell men she had sex with she is HIV positive.  One of my biggest fears, is having that disease because my partner cheated and BOOM!
I don't care how her life plays out, she's grown and she lives with herself and her choices and accepts the price.  What worries me, is that there are so, so SO many young girls who want to be like her?  This girl was stripping at age 15 to survive! Why would anyone want that for themselves?  They have so much ahead of them and to have to live that sort of life is sad.  But it's not just the music industry, this happens everywhere.  For example, whilst perusing comments on social networking sites, if I had a pound for every girl who wrote, "XXX, you are my idol, I want to be like you, you inspire me," I'd never live long enough to spend it all and I can spend money without leaving the bed. 
It makes me wonder what's happening with kids and their parents.  Maybe we are just like other generations, but this is the one I'm in so, I need to up my game and bring solutions and not problems. Or, maybe it's just life.  People get sucked into things until they figure out on their own, those things are not what they appear and people aren't who they seem.

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Nymphette said...

Well said love, well said.