Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fab Finds for Less: EcoTools

I always hate those girls who can find a deal crossing the street.  "Oh, is that a Unicorn for sale?  I'll take it!"  Then they report back about how they went to the same store you just left and they found the golden ticket, even though you were just there and didn't see sh*t!  What Ross, TJ/TK Maxx do they live near?  I went and they paid me dust.  I'm sick of not being her.  So, finally I went to Ross and found a smart deal for less than $7.00.  did I need this?  No!  I bought it to brag even though I have no one to brag too but myself.  I needed to validate myself somehow and since all the girls on MUA brag about the stuff they find and proceed to ignore my posts, I come here and let it all out.  This time, I left it alone. If you're reading, you get to find this too, and I hope you can find it.  This is the brush set from Eco Tools, but it's not like the one's in the roll at most drugstores.  It has it's own stand up box.  I like it, but I'm not going to lie, I won't use them it just looks good.  These brushes are so damn soft they scare me.  I feel like I'm violating them if I use them.  Or, I might use them, like them a lot and then not be able to find back ups.  I have a propensity to hoard.  When things get low I get really, really nervous.  I will stalk a store looking for something without feeling insane. 
I found this in the area where they have their conditioners, and bath products.  Each store varies, but they had this.  Too bad the people who work their don't know sh*t about the stock.  I asked why they had this and I got

Kanye Shrug

But I can't blame them.  It would suck to be that on top of products and items in a store like that.  People like me bugging you and you're just trying to get paid.  Seriously, so I just appreciate my blessing and keep it moving.  I used to tell people on forums, but they don't interact with me, I am a thread killer so this is my safe haven.  I love these brushes, and I'd recommend them for those with sensitive skin who don't like that itch ish that makes you feel like you're having an allergic reaction.  I haven't seen them so they may have been a trial run that was a "fail" which equates to "win" for us beauty lovers. 

seeing is believing some lie on the "net"

Okay, more to come, the weather is changing, my diet is a work in progress, but I will always be here for you.  That won't ever change.

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