Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blogmas: Gratitude

What would your tomorrow look like if you only had the things you were thankful for today?
I ask myself that and it never fails to remind me of what I really need(ed). In 2010 lost my job, 2012 my mum, 2014 my dog, and my job....dignity not too far behind. I guess I have to be more specific when praying and meditating because I am manifesting a lot of things that are not what I want. I wanted a companion, and the Meetup group I joined was quite sinister. I don't know if there's something about me or maybe I am hypersensitive but I don't like groups that think it's okay to gossip. It's like a pod of cows sitting about giving people the piss. How is that a social for singles? Maybe that's what people are doing being that it's hard for a pimp.
I decided to add vision board to the list of things to help me get back into me. I never knew how difficult being an adult and making friends would be.
I did have an epiphany though. You know those videos you see online and aside from the ones that are viral, that have a lot of views. It's because of perverts. I was looking at a playlist of a particular vlogger and her highest viewed video was her get unready with me/night time routine. Who needs to know how to wash, brush and go to bed? Well, apparently the tags make h*rny individuals come to fetch a shower scene. I seriously think social media has destroyed my belief in mankind.

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