Saturday, December 6, 2014

Finally Friday!

I'm getting through the dark side....*peeks* I just hope the coast is clear and there isn't something ready to run me over.
I'm using this time to really dig deep into myself. What is it about me that attracts mean spirited people? I am a highly/hyper sensitive person. I'm a magnet for opportunists. It's the same as if I were this beautiful peacock with an inordinate amount of beautiful feathers wondering why people where attacking me. Duh? They want a feather!
I figured there are some steps I need to do and if you are a highly sensitive person, join me!
  • Don't watch the news for awhile, see if your energy increases on the positive as opposed to the negative.
  • Choose your company wisely. If you realize that someone only talks to you to dump their problems, take a stand. I recently told my brother's partner that it was putting me in a bad place to listen to their problems. Him being my brother and having someone speak ill of him didn't feel right and if it doesn't feel right (Olivia Pope) then, it's not healthy. Simply say, "I'd rather not be privy to this, it is a bit of a downer and couples can sort things out better if they talk to each other."
  • Realize the world is, has, and will never be fair. It's good to practice kindness, and treat people as human beings, but injustice will exist in some part of the world no matter what. Take that problem to God in a beautiful gift wrapped box with a pretty bow and LEAVE IT! Your creator has something for you and that is where you're meant to be focused. It's not possible to solve every one of the world's problems, pick an issue get involved, but realize you are contributing to be part of the solution, not to take on the issue.
  • Nurture yourself. If you have to be sad, journal. If you need to vent, therapy. But don't stay in the dark too long, or you'll get comfortable and it's hard to get out.
It's frustrating that sensitivity is seen as stupidity or naivety when it's quite the opposite, most don't catch on to as much as we do. When my boss walks by I can sense her mood, not a good thing, but it can be. It lets me know to stay out of her way and not to own her stuff. She brought her package with her and that means she's chosen to go against the current. Ultimately, we can't control the world and ulcers, tension and frustration aren't good for us. It's not about thicker skin it's about heightened awareness of surroundings. In the animal kingdom, we'd be the survivors!


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