Monday, December 22, 2014

Playing with colours!

Don't you just love Instagram? I mean where else can you go to feel like you live in a fishbowl? I used to be very motivated by what I saw. Now, I look at these girls and wonder, "Where the hell are you going looking like that so early?"
I see more thirst from the attractive women that it concerns me. I don't like getting all made up unless it's a special occasion, but I'm talking about girls with their "girls" out, dresses the length of baby tees and spiked heels. I will never purchase Christian Louboutins! When a certain caliper of people are sporting a brand that's when I know it's time for me to keep moving. It's like when Ross and TK Maxx began carrying Marc Jacobs and Yves St. Laurent. It feels ratchet.
After watching a bunch of over caffeinated self entitled beauty gurus on the Internet. It's always fun to see someone complain about not receiving free gifts on time from public relations brands. It's interesting how people can be so selfish during a time of year that we are meant to be celebrating the birth of Christ.
So, I played around with some indie brand lip lacquers. I would not recommend them, but I will notify the person that there are a few tweaks, but the packaging, and colours are really nice. It's a difficult time to be starting a new makeup company but I do enjoy playing. She didn't send it to me, she wanted me to try it and host a party. I'd love to but I'm out here on my own and haven't made any friends. I was thinking about what I would have started as a small business right now. There are so many things I enjoy but I cannot keep up with all the new palettes, lipsticks, new brands, hair extensions, and boutiques. What would you do if you had an idea for a small business? Beauty? Hair? Clothing? Share with me...


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